Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 27

Life Of Two Beat Friends: College CHPT 26


It was eleven o’clock at night. Jeremy was already snoring beside me in the queen bed. ‘We gave up on sleeping on the floor.’ We were both beginning to feel the workout this morning.

Lily never came home. Coach and Mrs. Coach told us that she was in her reblious stage early; When she wasn’t at school, she was off doing things with her new friends or at other’s houses.

I was just laying there in bed thinking about what happened at dinner. We had all sat down for the farewell meal, and Jenny excused herself. I was hoping that we all could be at least well mannered and have one last meal together, but I guess she is going to need more time. Maybe guys are more forgiving; whereas girls hold grudges. ‘Unknown to me.’ But as I layed there I thought about the days to come. One more day with Mom and Dad. Then college begins Monday. ‘My life will no longer be my own…’ and I was out.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

‘Whoever’s alarm clock that is better turn it off; I’m not about to get up. It feels like I just fell asleep.’ I heard movement around the room. ‘Fine,’ I sat up in bed. “What?!”

Crash! Whoever was in the room just crashed to the floor. “Dude. You scared the crap out of me,” Jeremy drugged himself up from the floor! “You were so still, that I thought you were already up. Man, my heart is going crazy.” Jeremy switch on the overhead light, flooding the room with a bright light.

“Argghh…” I draped my arm over my eyes. ‘That was too bright and too early.’ “Why are you up already?” I searched for my phone.

“It’s five-thirty. We have to leave the house in fifteen mintues,” Jeremy picked my phone up from the floor, and shoved the screen in my face.

True to what he said it was five-thirty. ‘Crap!’ I scrambled up and shoved my belongings in my bag. Changed into my flying clothes and then stood waiting for Jeremy at the door. “Really dude? I got ready in five mintues. How long is it going to take you?”

“I’m sorry; I’m not crazy fast on land like you. You looked like a tornado just now,” Jeremy laughed as he continued to gather his belongings.

“Knock, knock,” suddenly heard on the door.

We looked at each other, before I went to open the door. There stood a tangled mess of Jenny. She was not a happy person.

“Can you please remeber you are visiting and to keep the noise level down. Some of us need to sleep,” was what she blurted out before returning to her room.

‘Yikes. Not a morning person.’ I silently closed the door. I looked at Jeremy and he was panicking to pack his stuff while being stealthy at the same time. ‘I guess that works.’ I scooped up my bag about to leave the room, when Jeremy silently waved at me. I looked back and Jeremy was just still and shaking his head. “What?”

“I’ll be done in a mintue. Don’t leave me with the scary grump monster next door,” Jeremy continued to panically pack his belongings.

Just as I was going to give up and leave him, Jeremy finished and followed me out the door. We proceeded to the staircase to quietly walk down the stairs.

“What are you two doing,” Coach almost yelled at us as we made it to the first floor?

“Shhhhh!” Jeremey yelled at Coach.

“Excuse me?” Coach was amused but also annoyed at the remark.

“Sorry! But you are going to wake up the grump upstairs. We already got one scolding. I don’t need another,” and Jeremy walked quickly past Coach and into the kitchen.

“I didn’t know Lily came home,” Coach quizzically looked up the stairs.

“No. Not Lily. Jenny. I never knew she was not a morning person,” I said following Jeremy.

“That’s news to me as well,” as Coach too looked for breakfast.

Finally on the plane. Northern California airport is better than LAX, but man, I miss Montana’s airport. One security line. Six gates. I never thought I would become less of a people person after living up in Montana so long. I guess its only going to get worse as years go by.

“So,” Jeremy leaned over. We were on a smaller plane so Jeremy was the only person next to me, “How did your talk go?”

‘I really just wanted to sleep on this short flight,’ but, “If you could call it a talk, it went nowhere.”

“Ouch. I was hoping you would at least get to pour your heart out. It’s an understanding she hates my guts, but I thought she would be somewhat understanding to you,” Jeremy dug out some snacks from his bag.

“Yeah. I had hoped so too. But nope. She sees me as someone who first abandonded her, and then betrayed her,” I stole a few pretzels.

“Abandoned I get. You left. Not to leave her, but from my understanding girls are more sensitive. But why betrayed? Because you left?” Jeremy continued to munch as he talked.

“I befriended you,” I huffed out as I just looked forward.

“Oh, right. Yeah. You betrayed her by maturing and growing up; while she hit rock bottom and had life changing moments.”

Why did Jeremy have to say everything so logical. I know he is right, but for some reason, him saying it sounds so smug. “Yes, I matured, you matured, and she emotionally crashed.” ‘Which didn’t sound any better.’ “But I had hoped to have a converstion with her to maybe bring each of us some closure. But nope. After I told her we are going to agree to disagree about you, she left the room.”

“Wow. Your conversation went worse than mine. I felt like crap because of my past self, but she was making you feel like crap for your present self. Tough, bro,” Jeremy swung his arm across my shoulders and again offered me more pretzles.

“No thanks. I just want some water,” my mouth was parched, especially after all that salt.

Jeremy again dug out his hydro flask.

‘He thought of everything.’ “Thanks.” I took a long swig of water. ‘Much better.’

“No problem. Happy to help,” Jeremy put the bottle back after I was done.

We sat in silence a little bit.

“Is it just me or are both of us losers on this trip?” Jeremy broke the silence.

“Yeah. We both lost. You died on the run. I almost drowned. You got chewed out by Jenny. And I lost my future with her. We are definately losers,” Jeremy nodded as I listed these off. “I can’t find one good thing that happened on this trip. It seems like a fail.”

Jeremy sarcastically did his deep thinking face.


Snap! “I got it! You found out what you needed to work on. I realized that I am still somewhat lazy in sets. Your coach is getting to coach again. And what did Coach say about your feelings for Jenny?”

‘True. All those things can be seen as good.’ Especially about Coach. I’m sure he is so excited to coach again. I thought back over what Coach said yesterday, “I didn’t actually tell him I have feelings for her.”

“What?! You could have gotten your future father-in-law’s approval ahead of time. Clueless. Your are clueless,” Jeremy shook his head at me in disbelief.

Remembering what was said, “Well he did find out that Jenny likes me, and he said he is all for us being together. So maybe he just assumed it is mutal.”

“Nice! That’s another big achievement. Approval from a future in-law,” Jeremy slowly nodded in smug approval.

Sure. I’ll take what I can get.’ Okay I was about to fall asleep during our talk, “Dude, I want to just sleep. You…”

“Say no more,” Jeremy grabbed his earbuds from his backpack and straightened in his seat and patted his shoulder, “this shoulder has your name on it if you want.”

I laughed. ‘There’s no way I’m doing that.’ “Thanks, but I good,” I relaxed into my seat. I was out in minutes.

As we landed, I woke up with my head on his shoulder. ‘Figures.’

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