Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 32

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 31


Once we were a safe distance from the auditorium, I stopped and collapsed onto a bench. Jeremy collapsed onto the ground.

“What’s your problem,” Jeremy huffed out, “was it really that bad?”

I couldn’t think straight. I focused on my breathing before answering him, “Yeah, it was pretty bad. I didn’t know I had become so terrible at speaking in front of people who are not in the swimming world. But also why did they have to do that. I wanted to be known for my swimming abilites, not my academics. If I could I would drop the second major and just focus on swimming.” I dropped backwards onto the rest of the bench and threw my arm over my eyes to shield them from the sun.

“Yeah. I can understand you, but is normal for the school to take pride in the acedemics; they are a school afterall,” Jeremy had stood back up. “Are you good now?”

“Yeah.” I sat up and stared at Jeremy. I was still pisssed at him for poking fun earlier, but I know that is just his personality. ‘Let it slide.’ I gathered up my backpack and threw Jeremy’s at him. “What’s next?”

“Lunch. Moving dorms. Then the pool,” Jeremy started to head to the cafeteria.

‘The pool.’

Lunch was fantastic! Not as good as mom’s food though. But the cafeteria was huge; there were three levels of seating and different food stalls. It seemed more like a mall food plaza than a school cafeteria.

Moving rooms was also not too bad. Jeremy and I were still roomates. Also, thankfully the school roomed us with two other swimmer freshmen. Having roomates of different sports would have been difficult. Jeremy and I were the first in the room so we picked the two beds lining the wall side of the room. We are used to being in close
quarters, that we thought we would give the new guys their own choice on the other side.

“Getting into a loft bed after a long paiful practice is going to be the pits,” Jeremy said as he climbed the ladder and first tested out the bed.

‘True.’ I started to organize my desk and put my clothes away when the door flew open and in walked four guys. They looked a bit older than us, but maybe they were freshmen.

“So these are two more freshmeat,” one of the guys said; he had black hair and piercings on one ear. “These two don’t look like much. Right guys?”

The rest of them chuckled.

‘Yep. They were older. Hazing. It’s just the normal cycle of any sport.’ I know it was the wrong move, but I just ignored them and sat down on the desk waiting for what they wanted. Jermy followed my pursuit and sat quietly in bed waiting for the rest of the smack talk.

“What? No respect for your upperclassmen?” the guy who had started all this looked baffled at the lack of response we gave him.

‘Don’t respoond.’

The guy started to walk into the room but the other guys with him held him back. “Let’s go to the next room, Bryan,” one of the taller guys said as he dragged so called Bryan into the hall. The last of them closed the door behind them.

“Man, you could have cut the tension in this room with a knife,” Jeremy thudded back on his bed.

‘Like any school…’ I just shrugged my shoulders and continued to unpack.

“Your confindence is going to get us in trouble one of these days,” Jeremy said to the ceiling. “But I like your style when dealing with those types of jerks.”

I smirked when he said that. ‘This might not be the pool, but it is still my turf.’

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