Life As A Mama #26

Our breakfasts are usually normal…
She ate most of Daddy’s food yesterday so I gave her that today!! Oatmeal, strawberry yogurt, and milk.
I always make Elizabeth’s food first so that mine is nice and warm when I go to eat it. Toasted peanut butter honey toast!! Yum!
The hubby is happily eating while watching his morning news…Elizabeth is copying daddy and eating like a big girl.
You must always get your milk last so it is ice cold when you drink it!! 😎
Back to the table…?
Please…Not today…😩
At least she is eating! I guess I’ll let it slide…
Round #2!! Drink milk, and get a second half cup to enjoy ice cold milk….
New warm one hers…half eaten one mine…

I have to look at it from this view point…she ate half of the 1st and all of the second…😮 Her tummy is full!

Yesterday Daddy’s food was hers, today it was my turn. I guess this is what I get for laughing at the hubby having to share his food…haha

Maybe tomorrow we all will get to eat our own food…maybe…or she will decided both Mama’s and Daddy’s food is delicious and needing to be shared…

Enjoy you Wednesday ❤️

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