Life As A Mama #26

Our breakfasts are usually normal…
She ate most of Daddy’s food yesterday so I gave her that today!! Oatmeal, strawberry yogurt, and milk.
I always make Elizabeth’s food first so that mine is nice and warm when I go to eat it. Toasted peanut butter honey toast!! Yum!
The hubby is happily eating while watching his morning news…Elizabeth is copying daddy and eating like a big girl.
You must always get your milk last so it is ice cold when you drink it!! 😎
Back to the table…?
Please…Not today…😩
At least she is eating! I guess I’ll let it slide…
Round #2!! Drink milk, and get a second half cup to enjoy ice cold milk….
New warm one hers…half eaten one mine…

I have to look at it from this view point…she ate half of the 1st and all of the second…😮 Her tummy is full!

Yesterday Daddy’s food was hers, today it was my turn. I guess this is what I get for laughing at the hubby having to share his food…haha

Maybe tomorrow we all will get to eat our own food…maybe…or she will decided both Mama’s and Daddy’s food is delicious and needing to be shared…

Enjoy you Wednesday ❤️

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 20

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 19


I had the most relaxing sleep I’ve had in a while. The last couple days have been full of emotions and stress; but late at night, after talking to Dad and finishing my homework, I passed out. I had turned off my alarm, but alas…

“Wake up, Son!” Dad had burst through my door. “Coach Brown texted me and told me to get you up and to kill you before the barbeque.” My dad spoke too quickly, “I think I am a little too excited to torture my son, but I am.”

Ugh. Of course Coach wasn’t going to let me be.’ Sitting up in bed, I see the whistle in Dad’s hand. Gesturing to the whistle, “You…need that for something particular?”

“Your Coach said to blow this when you are being lazy. He said when you hear it he is giving ‘the look‘; I’m sure you know what that means,” as Dad spoke he twirled the whistle on his finger.

Swinging my legs off the bed, “Yeah, almost every athlete knows ‘the look’. You sure you will be able to be unmoved watching me die at your command?” I say completely sarcastic and just being a turd.

“Of course not. I am excited to watch you suffer…” Dad winked.

I just imagined Dad doing a bad guy maniacal laugh after saying suffer. I’m sure you all stopped and said ‘Mwhahaha’. Not wanting to hear the whistle first thing this morning, I get up and grab my suit and exercise clothes, and then follow my dad down to the kitchen.

Seeing as Dad was itching to go, I just chug a breakfast essential mixed with milk, and a banana because I know I am going to feel this workout.

I think this is the first time I hate that we have a pool. It’s just a standard backyard pool but doing this workout is making it seem like it is competition sized. Also, Dad is totally loving being the boss; he is actually worse than Coach at the moment. He is currently sitting in the hot tub, a lemonade in his hand, eating some chips. Chips…chips sound good, actually any food sounds good. If I had known this workout was going to last about three hours I would have eaten more for breakfast. Finishing round number six of ten, I flop my body onto the concrete, breathing heavily.

“You good, Son?… You are nearly there,” Dad said between sips and chips.

Instead of answering, I just raise a thumbs up, but instantly regretting because my arms are on fire. Still breathing heavily, I just eat up my entire two minute break before the next round. The set that Coach came up with is killer. I’ll sum it up as easy and as clear as possible. Sprint one lap freestyle, explode out of pool, twenty push-ups, another sprint lap butterfly, explode out of water, thirty abs of any kind, one lap easy freestyle, explode out of water, lunge circumference of pool, lastly one sprint lap butterfly. If you are thinking, ‘that’s not too bad’ just remember I have to do five cycles for it to be a completed round. Yeah now you are thinking, ‘your coach is crazy’ which is the truth.

“Son, you only have thirty seconds left until you start the next set,” Dad was standing above me, looking down. “You good?”

“I…plahhh…” tried to speak but choked on some water. So instead I just nod; I pull myself up off the deck and slipped back into the pool. ‘Five, four, three, two, go…’

One last round. At least I have a three minute break this time. You know how I said I was dying before, yeah I don’t even know how to describe what I am feeling. Like I can feel my limbs, but I don’t know if they are still attached to my body? Dad was now relaxing in a reclined chair Facetiming with someone. I really couldn’t focus on anything but breathing. One minute gone…

“Son. Do you believe you did your best in that last set?” Dad said still holding his phone.

I didn’t want to respond. How would Dad know I didn’t actually give it my all. So bluffing I just nodded.

“Let’s ask him instead,” Dad turned the phone around and there was Coach, giving me ‘the look’.

“If you do this last round like you just did, I will add on another two rounds. Now cut the crap and show me one hundred and ten percent!” Coach’s pissed tone came through the phone perfectly well.

‘Great not only did I just lie, but Coach knows I lied.’ I will be getting grief for that small action for a while now. “Okay,” all I got out as I again slipped into the pool. One more set. Five more cycles. I can do this; I have to do this! Thirty seconds left. Instead of just waiting I move my muscles around trying to awaken them. Fifteen. Coach is watching. Dad is watching. Don’t let them down. ‘Five, four, three, two, GO!’

Life As A Mama #25

I was invited to a women’s church event on Saturday. It was going to be from 8am-4pm…so really 7am-5pm. So 10hrs away from home…Daddy in charge of watching baby 🤪…

The longest I’ve been away from Elizabeth was a hair cut 4mo ago and I was gone for 1hr…
Off to my adventure…
Destroyer of the house…
Frazzled Daddy…
Daddy is done…
Being a sweet sweet playing outside…
Being a sweet sweet eating her lunch…
Watching a movie and snuggling Daddy…
Art time!!
And then coming home to a napping baby and tired Daddy…
Original by emily2jane

The hubby did a good job. she was a stinker here and there but he said it was just small whinny cries. He only had one poopy diaper to change but he survived.

He got to experience somewhat of my day…because I did come home to dishes…a messy house…and still having to make dinner. Which I’m okay with this…

Want to know why…!?! Because if he had done everything, I would have come home to a frazzled worn out hubby, so much so that he would never let me leave the baby with him again. So I’m good, I’m good. 😎

Have a great Monday!

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 19

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 18


“Dad…” We had finished our food, and we were sitting outside with our feet in the jacuzzi. “Mom lied to you; I never said I wanted to live with her. You are the one I would and did choose to live with.”

“Son. I am happy you are choosing to live with me, but I don’t want you to think or act too rashly. Your mom…she…yes, she choose selfishly. I never expected her to demand for a divorce. It was huge surprise for me as well,” as Dad spoke his face slowly turned back to the emotionless state of yesterday morning. “She is still, however, your mother…you should try and work something out with her. I am sure she said some things that were harsh or belittling, but you should go to her office tomorrow and try and talk it out.”

“Dad, she said I would become worthless if I stayed with you. She said if I was going to be a worthless son, then she doesn’t need to keep me as her son,” frustrated just thinking of what my own mother had said to me.

“Oh that woman! Believe me, there was a time I was head over heels for her. We had been growing apart. I think what really sealed the deal was the incident with Jenny. That morning, that you walked into us fighting, it was because she had written up a story trying to “help” my career, as she said,” Dad huffed out. “I found out just in time to threaten the news stations; that I would sue the piss out of them if they slandered our family friends.”

I was shocked. I knew my mom was self-centered, but I never though she would actually use gossip about someone we knew, to inflate my dad’s career. “Did the Baileys know?”

“Yes. After I caught the piece before it was published, I went to Mrs. Bailey. She was furious with me; someone who worked for your mother was sent prior, to collect details and pictures. She thought I had been the one to write the fluff piece. It took some time, but I was able to calm her down and convince her that it was your mother’s doing. Jenny had come home as we were talking; she seemed hurt that your mom would use her personal hurt for my own personal gain. I must reaffirm, I did love your mom, but when I found out about this, my love died,” Dad ruffled his hair with his fingers, “She changed from the woman I first fell in love with. I will say it was a gradual change; she wasn’t always like this.”

Shocked is not the right word. Anger. Anger is a better way to describe my feelings. Jenny’s experience with John was terrible, only to come home to a caring dad, and to find out a woman she had known for sixteen years was willing to use her hurt for self-gain. I feel so disgusted with the part of myself that is related to my mom. “Jenny…”

“Son. I need to confess another thing. I overheard you talking to your buds that night about what happened with Jenny. I know I totally broke the father-son code,” throwing his hands up in the air in surrender. “I heard that you…that she…”

“Yeah. It happened. It’s all good that you overheard. I wanted to tell you about what happened, but I was trying to move past it first. I have. We are just good friends now,” finally truly believing my words. “Now that I am for sure friend-zoned, I have been focusing on my studies and practices. I have to admit I’ve been more like a zombie robot than a person; I’ve been completely unaware to your issues with mom.”

“I am sorry about Jenny. I feel somewhat responsible. I’ve been treating Jenny like a daughter; probably so much, that she truly sees you like a brother. I am sorry for that,” Dad squeezed my shoulder in a apologetic manner. “Now looking back, I wish I had lighten up on the unofficial Dad role so that she could have been my true daughter-in-law instead. Since that will probably never happen now, I’ll be better with the next girl.”

I only smiled. I had no words to contradict or argue with him. I knew it and he knew it too; that he probably was the cause to the friend-zoning or more like brother-zoning.

“Regarding your mom and I. I am extremely happy you were oblivious to our issues. Yes, it was difficult to experience and not show to you, but I am glad that your studies did not falter during this time. Also your swimming. Your swimming is what is going to make your life a success. No matter what happens, you must always live doing things that make you happy. Or you really would be a zombie robot,” hanging his arm across my shoulders as we sit looking at the water rings.

Almost chocking up but holding it together, “Thanks Dad. Mom never accepted my true calling. That’s one thing Mom said, that won’t leave me be…she said ‘she would abandon me, however, if I did choose to stay with her she would give my life meaning with all the things she wants me to be’. Why can’t Mom understand me. It’s not like I’m a mediocre swimmer. I will be somebody in my future. Why can’t she see my potential.”

“Your mom loves you in her own way. Controlling way, but a way. Hopefully in the near future she realizes she made a mistake and come to apologize to you. We will have to wait and see. I am taking back what I said before, don’t go see your mom. We will wait for her to come to you,” Dad had gotten up and was waiting for me. “You coming in? I’ve got to hit the can. Have we talked about all we need to?”

“No more alcohol,” standing up and facing my dad. “You are my role model. If you drink yourself to passing out, I won’t be able to strive to be a man like you.”

Dad’s hand grasped his neck again, “Yeah, I know. I really lost it after I picked up your jeep from school, and saw our wedding picture. The drinking didn’t start until then. Still, I will be throwing out all the alcohol.” Chuckling he added, “I now have some inspiration for some new songs; heartbreak and drinking always make great content for country songs.” But he also pulled me into a hug, “thanks Son for viewing me as your role model. You should know how much that makes your old man proud. I can now also write some songs on father-son bonding too; another great source of song ideas. God bless me for having a Son like you.”

Patting his back before pulling out of the suffocating hug, “No problem Dad. Well, it seems like you need to go do some productive work, and use that inspiration. I’ve got homework to do anyways.”

“Thanks son. Also I was planning on inviting Jenny and her mother tomorrow for the barbeque. Just wanted your ‘okay’ before I did,” Dad pausing at the slider door.

“No problem Dad. As I said, I’ve made my peace. It will be nice to have her over,” I must have truly moved on; I have no feelings towards Jenny except friendship.

Dad only nods then disappears into his studio. I head to my room. I text the guys about the barbeque still on for tomorrow; also, letting them know that a few more would be coming. Giving them an open invitation to invite their parents or any additional people. The more the merrier! Now, for that homework I skipped last night.

Life As A Mama #24

It’s been sunny and beautiful these last few days. Nothing super funny has happened. Instead we’ve been outside enjoying the sun and playing. She has also been a sweet sweet. 🥰

It has been 30-40 degrees so 20 degrees warmer is a huge thing!
Setting up the patio and eating lunch outside. She has been eating everything!
Coloring with chalk…I don’t know if I’m enjoying chalk more than her 🤪
Future driver. She occasionally makes vrooming sounds when she runs around in her car.
More applesauce mama!
She did steal my glasses at one point. The pose in the car was perfect for her sunglasses face 🤓
Back inside. Yummy thing after lunch.
Volunteered nap time…I was exhausted too. Happy for a break.

Enjoy your Friday. There is expected snow up her next Thursday…not happy…😩

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 18

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 17


Practice was great again. However, the tone of the practice was lighter than I’ve ever experienced. The appearance of Lily completely changed Coach and his normal attitude towards us swimmers. Where as, he wouldn’t yell at us. However, we all knew the ‘you know you can do better’ look. Due to Lily watching us swim, Coach didn’t want to be angry or harsh to us in front of his daughter. However, Lily is truly Coach’s daughter. At one point in practice Coach stopped Ken and mentally chewed him out for his terrible performance. Lily just giggled while pointing at his expression; she might have toppled over if she wasn’t standing next to her dad.

So over all, practice was good. We were all in the locker room changing. Ken was a sloth; maybe more like a dead sloth. He was sitting on the bench attempting to put his shoes on; he was slowly pouring over his body to reach his feet.

I guess Matthews couldn’t stand it anymore because he squatted down and put Ken’s shoes on quickly and quite roughly. “I am never staying up with you again. I’m good with being labeled as the stick in the mud. Never again,” Matthew finished as he stood up.

“Thanks dude, and me too. I won’t be staying up late the day before practice. Maybe school; school isn’t as killer.” Ken said slowly standing up. He swung his arm up and around Matthew’s shoulders, “But please be my walking slick, I don’t think I will make it otherwise.”

Ken and Matthew limped out of the locker rooms, but were going to wait by the doors for us. Jerry and I had to wait until the rest of the team left before leaving the locker room.

As we came through the door from the gym Little Lily came running towards me, “Uncle George!!” She screamed just as she threw herself into my outstretched arms. “You did so good today! Are you the best swimmer on the team? Can you teach me how to swim? Do you want to meet my stuffed animals? Can I come home with you?”

Her questions flew out of her; I was unable to keep up with her.

“Lily if you talk too fast he won’t be able to answer you. Ask him one at a time,” Coach stepped between me and the guys, locking the gym doors.

“Thanks Coach,” I sighed with relief that I didn’t need to remember everything she just asked, “what do you want to know?” I ask Lily looking into her eyes.


I looked away from the little body and off to my right, there stood my dad; he looked a smidge better than last night, but not much better. “Dad.”

Lily was still in my arms, but she was looking from me to my Dad and back to me. “Hi Grandpa George!” Lily let out a squeal of excitement and waved towards my dad.

‘Great‘ I was going to lose my new little person once she met my dad.

“Who’s this little lady?” My dad came up to us, “Aren’t you a pretty little thing.”

Lily reached out to my dad, and he gladly took her from me. “Wow, I was replaced so quickly,” I exaggerated a sigh out; the guys snickered at my response. Lily snuggled into my dad’s arms. I liked the look of my dad with a small little person in his arms; he was smiling more than I’ve seen in a while.

“Hello Matthews. You’ve met my daughter, Lily, already,” Coach said stepping towards my dad.

“Hey Brown. Yes, she is a sweetheart,” Dad said still holding the snuggling Lily.

Matthew, Ken, and Jerry were standing still and quiet behind Coach’s and Dad’s exchange. “It seems like they will be talking a while. I really need to head home to help my parents out with moving some things,” Jerry said to all of us.

“No problem bro. You can head out. Any of you can leave as well. I need to talk to my old man.” I said to the guys.

“Yeah, I’ve got to go home and sleep. I’m dead,” Ken said still hanging onto Matthew.

“I guess because he was my ride and I am currently his walking stick I’ll be leaving too. Is the barbeque hang out still happening tomorrow? Should we bring anything?” Matthew was still holding up the limp Ken.

“I’ll let you know if it’s still a go. I’m not so sure what my plans or days will be like the next few days. I’ll let you guys know,” waving off the guys as they headed to Ken’s parked car. I walked up to Coach and Dad still speaking. Coach was probably pouring out all the details of Lily’s situation. Lily had fallen asleep in my dad’s arms. “Dad? I don’t mean to interrupt, but we had plans today.”

“Yeah, sorry Brown we do have things to do today. Is she asleep?” Dad turned so that Coach could see her.

“Yep. She is out. You have gift Matthews; she never falls asleep for me. Before you go do you think you can attempt to put her in her car seat? It would be a big help.” Coach seemed to plead for this to happen like it was some sort of treasure.

“No problem. I fully understand. It was a pain getting this one to stay asleep,” Dad said in my direction as he walked toward Coach’s parked truck.

After Lily was buckled up into her seat, Coach drove off, but not before Dad invited him to the barbequing tomorrow; so I am assuming it is still on. “Dad. We need to talk, but I’m starving after practice today. Can we get food to go and head home?”

“No problem Son. Sounds like a plan,” Dad said as he swung his arm across my shoulders, pulling me towards his Dodge truck.

Life As A Mama #23

You should know what’s going to happen…
Not only Daddy’s muffin…but the last muffin…
Elizabeth has spied the muffin. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of “Daddy’s muffin”
I guess the puppy dog eyes got to him so he decided to share with his sweet sweet…
Muffin meets baby…muffin no more…(
what’s really funny is used to do this to my hubby all the time before Elizabeth…)😅
Keep it together! Haha he was so mad…🤣
Elizabeth’s stuffed baby cheeks!! Still so sweet, but I don’t think her Daddy will share next time…
Original by emily2jane

When this happened a few days ago I died with laughter. The hubby was mad, Elizabeth was filled, and mama was laughing in the corner.

Not related to this post at all but…

Happy Birthday Sister!! 🎉

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 17

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 16


I tugged Jerry away, and we walked back over to the stretching area. Ken and Matthew arrived; they both looked ragged. “What happened to you two?” I hollered over to them as they approach us.

“Too many video games. Not enough time. No sleep…” Ken said as he dropped to the floor laying on his stomach with his arms spread out.

Matthew looked a smidge better than Ken, but only a smidge. “I got some sleep, but this one,” Matthew thumbed towards the dead Ken, “said it would be fun, and that I’m no fun. I proved him wrong, but I’m severely paying for it today. You don’t look so well either, Bro.”

“Yeah long night. I’ll explain another day,” I cut that topic short.

“Yeah, there is some new news…but I won’t spill the beans,” Jerry started his statement strong, but regretted saying anything after.

“Typical Jerry. Setting up for something big and crushing expectations,” Ken said muffled from the ground.

In response, Jerry pretended to stomp on Ken’s shoulder blades; instead, Jerry only slightly stepping on Ken’s back as our teammates came onto the deck.

“Looks like Ken’s day is off to a great start,” Tom, a lower lane teammate, chimed in, “are you portraying how Coach will be treating us today?”

“I hope not,” Ken and Jerry answered collectively.

“Everyone here?” I scanned the faces and they all nodded in agreement, “Good. Lets begin stretching.”

Just as we were finishing up a loud giggle escaped from Coach’s office. All heads turned towards the door, just as Little Lily came sprinting out of the door; only to fall over and face plant onto the deck. I quickly scrambled up to go to her, but Coach beat me to her. He must have heard the sudden yelp of pain, because Coach darted out of the office to scoop up Lily; she looked so small against Coach’s massive body.

He started towards us, all the soft whispers began, ‘Who is that?’ and ‘Why does Coach have a small girl in his arms?’ More of the same comments were continued to be whispered among them, up until Coach’s ears were in range.

“I can assume all of you can see the little girl in my arms?” Coach said point blank and no hesitation.

Looking around I just saw dumbfounded expressions or slight nods. “Say hello, Lily. These swimmers here,” looking at us, “will be your new uncles. Especially since you will be spending a lot of your time around them, you should just see them as your family.”

Lily’s head slowly lifted and looked around to the new faces. She did not look thrilled. Then her eyes found mine, she scrambled down out of Coach’s arms and came to stand by me. I guess our previous meeting was forgotten. She grabbed at my hand and looked up at me. “Uncle…what’s your name?”

She was so small looking up at me; her small hand was swimming in mine. I squatted down to her level, “I’m Uncle George.”

Lily smiled and jumped up and wrapped her small arms around my neck giving me a tight squeeze. I stood up while cradling her; her small body relaxed in my arms.

“Once again, George has been selected as someone’s’ favorite,” Jerry snickered, while other teammates chimed into the laughter. “Dude, do you every get tired of being the ‘chosen one’?”

With Lily still hugging me, “Nope I’m good with being the one for her. I think I found my new favorite person.” I hugged Lily back.

“Okay, okay, Lily,” Coach stepped towards me and the latched on Lily, ” Your Uncle George needs to lead the team in warm-up. Come back to me,” he said reaching out to pry off the clinging body.

“Nope. I want my Uncle!” Lily said into my shoulder as her arms clung tighter. She popped her head up and looked at me. “I love you Uncle George,” she kissed me on the cheek and snuggled back into my arms.

I must have been smiling because everyone erupted with a sarcastic, ‘Awwwww.’

“Make fun all you want, but I’m good.” I was quite content with being Lily’s new person in her brand new world. “Lily, as much as I would like to stay with you I do need to do as your Dad said,” I pull back from her. Her eyes are screaming a ‘no.’ “He is counting on me to be a leader. How about you get down and be the leader to all your Uncles. You will stand with your dad behind each lane and tell us one by one to ‘Go’! Do you think you are big enough for the job?”

As I finished speaking, Lily’s eyes lit up with excitement; she almost jumped down out of my arms. She ran over to her dad and tugged his arm until he moved behind my lane. “Okay Uncle George, Go!” she giggled as she spoke.

Getting an approving nod from Coach, and following her command I jumped into the pool to begin my warm-up. I could hear splashes of other teammates jumping in the pool. I stopped a distance away, and looked back to the wall. Lily was squirming with joy as she pointed at the other swimmers, and then she would giggle as they jumped at her command. Coach was standing tall behind her. Jerry was slowly catching up to me, so I turned back around to continue my warm-up. Feeling happy that I was able to include Lily into the world of swimming.