My Brain Is Frazzled…

I thought my life was crazy before, but not anymore. I can already feel the stress coming. Things are going to be different. My groove will be destroyed. My schedule…gone…

But even with all these changes, I still managed to bake some brownies for church tomorrow.

My normal brownie recipe, but in brownie bite form!

And at least with church tomorrow I can step away from home and put Elizabeth in Sunday school and have some time by myself in God’s house.

Again I say… please pray for my sanity. ❤️😂🙏

Journey With Cookbooks #3

Well after we got home from an outing I decided I should figure out something for dinner. Of course I went to a cookbook for inspiration… and I decided upon Asian Hot Wings. It sounded delicious.

As I went through the recipe I discovered it’s a bit harder than I imagined. I have to fry the chicken first…since her recipe calls for wings and I’m using chicken breast, I had to find an additional recipe off the internet for fried chicken. It will work, but it is going to add about 1hr extra time.

Also I don’t have all the ingredients again, so I am making what I have work. Since I’ve never had this before I have nothing to compare it to.
I decided to cut the chicken breasts into thick slices.
If using chicken breast you have to flour the chicken to give it “a skin”, similar to wings. I didn’t have buttermilk so I just used milk.
Frying the chicken in rounds, about 8-10 pieces for each round…

This is my first time ever frying! I am frying in peanut oil. Hopefully it works!

The sauce for the chicken. I tasted it and it was delicious and not too spicy!
Wow! 😳 it actually looks like it is supposed to look like…?

You have to understand. I was going into this recipe expecting I was going to totally screw it up and have to throw it out!! I am so happy it turned out well! I had two more rounds of chicken. The oil seemed to be burning by the last round…but it still looked edible!

That is the finished product! I baked it for 10min with the sauce. I’m super hungry now!!
My hubby’s plate….

Well I must say it was delicious!! I will definitely be making this recipe again. But I think I will cut the chicken up into bite sizes instead; similar to orange chicken.

Look like picture: 7! I think the only difference is I didn’t mince the peppers and onions small enough for them to cook down. But pretty similar!!

Taste: 10!!!! I was told I have to make it again! Elizabeth had some rice with the sauce and liked it. She is an odd little thing, she loves spicy foods; thankfully the sauce wasn’t too spicy. However, maybe next time I might add one more jalapeño…

Easiness: It is kind of hard to say…because when I make orange chicken the process takes me a lot longer… Still, I guess I would give it a solid 6. It really wasn’t too bad, and with each time it will get easier. 😉

Well I hope you have a great Weekend! Mine will be filled with Family, exercising, and FOOD!! I still exercise to eat food…my life plan…😂

Life As A Mama #29

This happened last night…

So it begins…
Hiding in her animals and screaming at me…right after, out of anger, she threw all her animals everywhere…
Same with the books…
Proceeding to scream into the chair. She also pushed the foot stool into my foot and broke my toe nail…I put that up so no more of my toes would harmed.
Before throwing a temper tantrum she tried bite and scratch me out of anger….my angry little thing…
Save me…
She calmed enough to snuggle daddy. She only did soft whimpers into his shoulder. 😒
After about 10min she was somewhat sleeping in Daddy’s arms. Only whimpering occasionally.
Letting her fully fall asleep in mama’s arms before putting her in her bed. She is my sweet sweet again…❤️
Bed time!!

The hubby is back on day shifts at work, so it means I will not have his help tonight. 😳

Please let her do better tonight…🙏 All moms who understand what I am experiencing please pray for me and my sanity.

Original by enily2jane

Still…happy it is the weekend!! and when we woke up today she was once again my snuggling sweet sweet!! 🥰

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 23

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 22


Normally I would skip over Sunday, but after church today we have an afternoon practice planned. Usually we don’t have practice on a Sunday, but since the big meet is coming
up Coach wants us to practice as much as possible.

Anyways church. Church is another aspect of my life I haven’t discussed yet. My family has always gone to our small town church. I say small because the congragation is only about fifty people. I know a generous percentage of the attendees.

‘Your Dad is a famous person; why a small church?’ Is something you might wonder. But we have never thought about leaving to find a bigger church, because this church has lots of memories for my dad. He started his career here; he started as a member of the church band. So our train of thought is, why mess with something that is perfectly fine. I guess I mention this, because the idea of changing churches was always my mom’s idea. Which doesn’t matter anymore.

Since Dad is a big name artist now, he can only occasionally be a guest performer. Which he totally understands; the pastor doesn’t want people to only come to church because of the music. Still Dad always wants to join in if possible; today must be one of those days.

If you, personally, attend a small church you understand the unspoken rule of seats: unless you are a newcomer you know whose seat is whose. Saying that I’ll quickly tell you where everyone is. The guys were sitting in the two rows behind me with their families. Jenny and Mrs. Bailey were in their normal second row spot. Brit was off to my left with her parents. Coach was sitting in the back with Lily; Lily was singing along to Grandpa Matthews.

As the congregation continued to sing, I scanned the singing faces around me. I was looking for her; she would occasionally be standing next to me. Even though she had disowned me and was going to divorce my dad, I still hoped she would come to church. No where to be seen; I turn my attention back to the band.

“Okay before we start practice I have some news,” Coach quieted us as we stretched. “I want to open with some of the details and facts of the situation. First, I have two new co assistants. Their jobs will be unpaid; the school budget can not supply more money for their efforts. Though I’ve already discussed it with the principal and has agreed on giving them an offical title so they can use it towards a college letter,” Coach paused to make sure we understood that we must regard the new assistants with respect.

We all nodded.

“Good. I’ll introduce them now. Come on out,” Coach yelled towards the office.

Three famillar faces exited the office: Jenny, Brit, and Lily. Lily ran from the office to my side, as the lifeguard blew his whistle at her. Coach acknowledged the lifeguard’s command and quickly explained the rules to Lily. Lily nodded but was still a little shaken from the loud whistle blowing; she quickly stepped up to my side grabbing onto my hand. As Jenny and Brit finally approached the team stretching area, we all gave them a round of applause.

“They will be helping in some aspects of the team. However, not too much because I don’t want to put too much pressure on them; because, I know studies will get harder as the school years continue. They will also be helping me with Lily; I cannot financially afford a babysitter for a whole season. Anyways, let us respect these young ladies and accept them,” Coach started the clapping again.

As the clapping dwindle away, “Alright, let’s go,” I shouted out to the teammates. Leading Lily behind my lane, “Everyone, again follow Llily’s command,” as an example Lily shouted ‘GO!’ and off I went into the pool.

Journey With Cookbooks #2

As I said before I was going to make the rolls from scratch…I did! They were delicious. They didn’t come out the exactly the same way, but still yummy!

They were supposed to be a Hawaiian/ sweet roll…

This is the other cookbook I am currently going through…🤓
There was an extra edition to the book with this recipe…Looks yummy right?

Well you can see the picture right…mine did not look like this is but they still tasted great!!

This is what I was going for…(this is from the Pioneer Woman Cooks: From my Frontier)
Does the dough look good…? 🙃

Well in the recipe it said to knead for 10min…I did it for maybe 2min because the dough felt like the recipes description…later after the process is done my hubby gives me his two cents…late as always…Oh well, Oops!

Even if I attempt to keep my area clean it never stays that way…
The recipe said it would double in size…it maybe grew by a 3rd…
24 rolled…I was supposed to measure each one but I don’t have a scale…so I guesstimated. I didn’t even count as I made them and I made the right number!

Remember, it wasn’t until later that I realized I might have done the recipe wrong. Still I was at this point, I was almost 3hrs into this process and I was feeling accomplished! 😎

The recipe said to place them text to each other and paint them with melted butter.

Wait for it!!….


I took them out and this is what I received after my hard work. I was super sad. I buttered the tops again and they were ready.

Now is the time to receive the wise wisdom from the hubby…he tells me about the secret he learned about following kneading in recipes. 10min actually means 10 times…😒 I hate it when he is right… Of course, he loves it. 🤓

Even though it is not super similar it was still delicious.

They did rip apart easily. They were not solid as a rock, and they tasted delicious! So not too bad for my first time. I will definitely be trying this one again!!

Taste: Elizabeth loved it! She had 2. Hubby had seconds! Also he ate them throughout the week until they were gone! 😎 Taste: 10 out of 10!

Look like picture: ???….2. I think 2 is fair… 2 out of 10…😖

Easiness: Ignoring the misunderstanding the kneading process…I would give it a solid 8. It was actually an easy recipe to follow and I WILL be trying it again.

So overall, I am enjoying my cooking process. I’m learning new skills and my creative mind is trying to figure out new ideas…(but I will not do that yet, I will continue to learn).

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!! For all the Irish people out there…”I love you!!” 🤪☘️ Maybe I will be making some corned beef…but we shall see…

Life As A Mama #28

…strange day…

Self explanatory…
Normal 8:30 alarm…
Elizabeth wakes mama up with sweet kisses…🥰
Going downstairs, making breakfast…sweet snuggles for mama…
I made her oatmeal and yogurt…she ate it all like a big girl…😳
While I got to eat my breakfast alone, and I was able to edit and post my story…🧐
I had a little cheerleader as I exercised. And whenever I complained or said “Owww” I would get kisses…💕
Mama had to make Pizza for lunch…my little helper got everything out for me…
Not only helping me prep, but she helped me roll the dough too…🤓
Then proceeded to eat the two slices of pizza I gave her! 😮 also her applesauce and cheese…
Mama got tired suddenly so…nap time…
Elizabeth came and gave me sweet snuggles and a blanket…❤️
She was such a little sweet sweet yesterday 💕🎊
Original by emily2jane

The second half of the day was…not worth mentioning and wouldn’t follow my statement above…but the first half of my day had never been that sweet in a long time…

I am wondering if this is a calm before the storm…or maybe it was just a mama day for the first half…

I don’t know what it was but I will take my sweet kisses, snuggles, and loves with a happy heart!!

Mama’s out there in the world…even if they give you a sweet half day enjoy it to the fullest!! 💕

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 22

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 21


I have skipped my mental breakdown for you all. To summarize, it consisted of me trying to figure out how much Jenny and Brit had heard; about Jenny’s situation, about my parent’s, or about my shame for my mom… I guess I had been staring at them for the first thirty minutes which came off too weird; Jerry told me I looked creepy and I needed to stop. So instead, I just decided to enjoy the evening. Coach and Lily had arrived before Jenny and Brit. Lily was dancing in the living room; Coach was helping Dad with the barbequing outside, but always glancing towards Lily. Jenny and Brit were sitting on the couch watching, while complimenting Lily’s twirls. The guys had taken up residence in the kitchen, snacking on all the chips Dad had gotten.

“Don’t eat too much of that. You won’t have enough room for the meat,” trying to seem like I have self control; even though I could totally be stuffing my face, especially after the workout I did this morning.

“Okay mom…” Ken blurted but then went silent, probably remembering that is a touchy word in this household.

Matthew and Jerry took care of it, with a few good smacks to his back.

“Ouch,” Ken yelped.

“Don’t be killing our breaststoker until after the big meet,” Coach had come inside for some tongs.

“No problem Coach. Just giving him a nice massage,” Jerry said as he clapped on Ken’s back.

“Sure. Not my house. Not my rules. Take care of it George,” and Coach went back outside to help my Dad.

“See its not just us. Coach also said to let you ‘live until the big meet‘. Meaning after the swim meet you are free to die,” Matthew laughed directly at Ken, Jerry and I just added to the laughter. As our laughter died down we heard ‘Let It Go’; Lily must have been watching a movie on a phone. I looked towards the living room, Lily was singing and dancing along. Jenny and Brit were sneaking away, towards the kitchen.

“So what’s up with the little girl,” Brit questioned while grabbing some chips, “we were not officially introduced?”

“Oh that is Coach’s daughter, Lily. Initially, George was her favorite, but Grandpa Matthews stole her heart away,” Ken answered adding more info than needed.

“Wow. I assumed as much, but she is so sweet that I am surprised she is not more like your coach,” Brit looked back at the small body dancing and singing. “And George…how do you feel about the rejection?” Brit held up an invisible microphone in my direction.

“I’m good. Seeing her in my Dad’s arms made me happy. However, I do miss my little cheerleader,” laughing out the last part.

At that Lily came gleefully yelling towards me, “Geooorrrge!

I squatted down to her eye level not knowing what to expect. She jumped and clasped onto my neck; I almost fell over, but I stood with her in my embraced.

Lily, arms still around my neck, looked towards Jenny and Brit, “Uncle George is mine. You can’t take him from me!”

The guys erupted with laughter; Jenny and Brit also chuckled, “Don’t worry little Lily, these two,” Ken thumbed at Jenny and Brit, “would never take Uncle George from you. He is all yours.”

The guys once again burst into a laughing fit. Lily had accepted Ken’s response and snuggled her head back down into my shoulder. Just for a split second, I thought Jenny and Brit’s expressions changed, but it was gone quicker than it was there. I must have been mistaken.

“Okay guys,” Dad yelled in the slider door, “meat is done! Come eat!”

I glanced through the glass windows and saw the marvelous spread of various side dishes, and various meats: ribs, steak, bacon wrapped chicken, brisket, etc. ‘We are going to eat well tonight!’

“Let’s go!” I said as Lily and I were there first through the slider door.

Life As A Mama #27

Park day…a new park for us…this park seemed more like a park for 5yr olds and up…

She scares me sometimes…she reminds me of my older sister…
Wobbly stepping bridge. I almost slipped…but she was holding my hand jumping across…
A slick ladder with only two small holes as hand rails…I tried to help her and she yelled at me “Nooo!”
Mama is not allowed on the slide…
No matter the height or safety of a slide…she will always go down giggling…
Oh no…a pup pup…
I did ask the pet owner first. She said of course. Elizabeth is not afraid of dogs…maybe small yap yap dogs, but the bigger the dog the better.
She does not like the baby styled swings…she is a big girl swing type…
Daddy was off at the doctors…mama is exhausted…
Around…and around…and around…
Once home after long day at park, shopping, and giggling baby they sleep.
Original by emily2jane

I don’t know if this was truly about her fearlessness or just her at the park. But she doesn’t fear anything. Remember she is only 2 years old…I miss that feeling of not being afraid; fears come with age I guess. Being a child is an amazing thing.

Have an adventurous Saturday!! 🎉

Journey w/ Cookbooks #1

My hubby has a friend, from work, who is currently retiring and moving; that decided to gift us his cookbooks. I was thinking like 5-6 new cookbooks…more like 3 dozen cookbooks. It was a God send; I was getting bored of cooking my normal go-to recipes.

There were 3 cookbooks specializing on Italian food…like the unusual, adventurous food…we are giving those to a different buddy. We are brave, but not that brave…let’s be honest, I don’t think I could cook the weird things without getting sick…

So my plan is to go through 3 books at a time. The one pictured below, another by the same author but called, ‘Dinner Time’, and then lastly one called ‘Crusts’. I’ve done a few already. They are delicious!! Sadly I didn’t think of writing my experience until now.

This is being used for today’s cooking session. Thank you Ree Drummond!!

This is recipe # 7 so far. Rigatoni & Meatballs. Serves 6-8…we will be eating the is a while. A new recipe of meatballs from scratch…I have one, but this is more complex.

I’ll take more pictures next time…but I’m cooking the meatballs and sauce. The noodles are later.

You know how reading the recipe all the way through is a smart thing…I always forget to do that. I have 20min after I finish the meatballs…haha 🤪

They look like the picture in the cookbook!!
72 meatballs later…😳

This recipe in total is 1hr and 4min…so I guess I lied earlier…

“How much longer?”-Hubby

“10-20min”- me, but with 25min to go…🤓

Elizabeth loves to help mama…or at least hang out with mama when she is cooking.
She is pointing at the picture and saying, “Yumm!” Hopefully she likes mine just as much…

I think I will rate them one by one after each recipe. Taste for my family. Easiness to follow. And if it looks like the picture…haha 😅

Hopefully all goes well…

Meatballs and sauce is done! Noodles only 2min left!

Finally finished! Her picture looks so much better than mine… rating out of 10…so guess looking like the picture is more like a 4. Taste: My hubby gives it a 10! Elizabeth gives it a “Mmmmmm” so probably a solid 8. I like it too, but I mostly care about their opinion. Easiness…it is not too bad. If I had read through the entire recipe I would have time managed better. I give easiness a 7.

So overall. I will definitely be trying this recipe again!! Tomorrow night we are using the leftovers for a suggestion from the cookbook…Meatball Sliders.

I will make the mini rolls from scratch…we shall see!!

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 21

Life Of Two Best Friends CHPT 20


You know when someone calls you on something and you know that they are right, but you hate their guts at that very moment…Coach was right as always. I didn’t give my all; and I had enough fuel in my system to do more when I finally finished. I wanted to do another round to make up for my mistake but Coach, who had been on the phone the entire round, would not let me.

Coach’s exact words, “No. You messed up by not giving it your all. I want you to have to live with that little extra amount of energy. I design sets for you with a purpose. Like in a race, if you touch the wall and you still have more to give, you didn’t swim it correctly. Just like how you are feeling now. Your done today. Go shower and enjoy your day,” Coach hung up after his last words.

‘Crap.’ I do feel that way. I went all that distance but only to feel awful after finishing, and not because of sore muscles. I had showered and was eating a small lunch at the table when Dad came in.

Grabbing an apple, Dad sat next to me, “So, do you feel it? Did I do a great job? I really did enjoy pushing you and watching you put in the effort. You are one talented young man.”

“Thanks Dad. And yes, I am definitely feeling it. Be prepared for cooking a lot of meat tonight, but I did like having you around for the workout. Especially that one round, I was trying to make you proud. Good job Coach Matthews,” giving Dad a soft punch to the shoulder.

“Maybe I should switch careers. Maybe today, I have found my new calling…?” Dad made that iconic thinking face.

“Don’t quit your day job just yet. I’m looking forward to your new album,” cleaning up my plate and heading to the stairs.

“Fine. Don’t worry, Son. You will be mentioned in a song,” Dad said with a large smile.

Dad’s hooting and hollering followed me up the stairs.

The guys showed up around two in the afternoon. I know they were expecting my mom to rush them when they came through the door, instead they were shocked when she wasn’t there. “Is today not a mom day?” Jerry asked for the three of them.

Dad had thankfully walked away. “I’ll explain, but let’s go to my room.”

Ken and Matthew’s expressions made me laugh; they were desperately worried. “It’s never good when you have to explain in your room,” Ken murmured as we headed upstairs.

In our normal positions, I begin the long explanation, “My parents are divorcing. Maybe I should say my mom is demanding a divorce and my dad is agreeing. I won’t go too deep into their personal reasons, but Mom told me it as because Dad didn’t show her enough respect.”

“Are you okay with it?” Matthew was shocked and now sitting; he had sat up from the floor as I spoke.

“Yeah. That day my mom wanted to spend time with me, she threw a crazy party expecting me to mingle and make connections. She was sadly mistaken; I slept most of it in a corner. Then we had the wonderful talk of ‘her divorcing dad’ and ‘I need new friends’.”

That statement caught Jerry, “What!?! I though your mom liked us?”

I hated that I had to say my next words, “I didn’t know if she did or did not like you. I thought she liked you but wanted me to expand my friend circle, but clearly after that talk she thought you all were pulling me down. I’m saying what she said, not my own thoughts,” I added making sure that they knew I did not share my mom’s ideas.

They were silent for a minute. “No worries bro. We don’t worry about you. You would have, long ago, told us off if you shared her ideas. It’s just, at least for me, difficult to hear this from a lady I always though of as my second mom,” Jerry hunched over in his chair.

Ken and Matthew nodded in agreement. It was silent for a moment. “Did your mom comment on your dream of swimming too?” Ken sputtered in to break that silence.

“Yeah. She told me exactly what she thought about my decisions. That I would be seen as ‘worthless’ in her eyes. Also, if I did not choose to live with her she would to quote, ‘I will no longer see you as my son’.” That last part still stung; just like the day she said it to me. I can’t believe she sees me that way.

“Wow. Your mom is…wow,” Ken couldn’t complete his thought; which is amazing because he never shuts up.

“What do you mean live with her?” Matthew chimmed in.

“Oh yeah, Mom had told my dad that I had decided to live with her. ‘That I choose’. Which is complete nonsense; I would never choose to live with a parent who would never accept me as I am,” laying down on the bed and staring up at the ceiling; I relived that moment with my mom. Speaking at the ceiling, “After pretty much walking away from my mom and losing her as a parent, I came home to a completely drunk Dad. The house looked like a tornado came through. He was broken,” those words stung more.

“Bro,” Jerry said as he came to the bed. Ken and Matthew followed pursuit. Instead of just chilling with me they instead dog piled me. Matthew, Ken, then Jerry; I guess this was their way of comforting me.

“Dudes! Get off,” I muffle out into Matthew’s leg.

“Instead of a hug! This is way better, “Jerry sang out as he was enjoying being on top of the pile.

I have to ignore them until they believe the dog pile has done it’s job.

“Okay he should be good now. Let’s assume our positions,” Jerry yelled.

I don’t know if they could have gotten off any faster. They were off and back to their original positions; however, a smidge farther from me. “You guys are lucky Coach killed me earlier or I would return the favor.”

“What was the deciding factor? What made this all suddenly happen?” Jerry asked scooting a bit closer.

“Right. Yeah, Mom actually wanted to use Jenny’s incident to further my dad’s career. Dad found out about her plan and thankfully stopped it in time,” feeling ashamed for being that woman’s son.

“Dude…I don’t know what to say. I…I really don’t…” Matthew said completely shocked at what my mom could have possibly done.

Understanding how they are feeling; I too had been completely shocked when my dad told me. “Don’t worry about it. I felt like you guys when my Dad told me yesterday,” looking each of my friends in the face; they all shared an expression, disbelief. “I am ashamed to be related to my mom. Thankfully Dad and I are nothing like her.”

Suddenly Jenny and Brit burst through my door with Dad following in behind them. “There you guys are. More people,” Dad gestured to Jenny and Brit, “have come. Let’s all head to the kitchen and start the barbecuing.” Dad turned and left. Jenny and Brit followed pursuit. Ken and Matthew slapped me on the shoulders just before they left.

Jerry sat on the bed next to me and swung his arm over my shoulders, “You good dude?”

“Yeah, but how much did they hear?”