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Who am I? I will describe myself in five words or less: I am a Christian, an athlete, an artist, a geek, stubborn and shy. Never mind just five words, rules are just guidelines. But who am I? I am still undecided...


I don’t know what I want this blog to be. Today it is a way to put my thoughts on a page:

I am usually the girl who will sit and listen to a conversation, but hardly ever chiming in. I like to listen to other people discuss, argue, or just chat about different topics. With my family it usually consists on politics, books, actors/actress, science theories, or math equations; interesting topics just they tend to loudly discuss them. So I tend to sit at the table with my pen and paper. Doodling and listening learning a lot about my family’s opinions.

Back to the beginning of this post…even though I am quiet and shy; I love learning new things. I am discovering how to clean up a house. Our house is pretty much, slowly falling apart. So my mother told me I could figure out how to repaint everything in the house. The process of scraping the old paint off, sanding it down, cleaning, primer, and then paint. It is an interesting process, which she says I get to do the inside and outside. However, I think she is getting the better half of this deal; repaired house for free. But I also get to figure this out without a boss hovering over me. I am slowly going to fix the house up until you can’t recognize it.

Psalm 3:1-8