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Invisibility Power

Now You See Me

The young woman sitting in a room surrounded by people giggling and laughing and enjoying themselves. She sits there doodling in the edges of her journal trying to be courageous and speak up and join the conversation. Every time she lifts her head to chime in the people shift their bodies away, probably because of the breeze from the window, and continue their ramblings. She continues to sit there alone, on her stool, against the wall. She feels invisible to the public and she feels like if she were to stand no one would notice. No eyes would turn towards her as makes her way to the door. Some heads might turn when the bell above chimes, but would quickly turn away when they don’t see anyone. Instead this young women sits quietly and listens to the mumblings of the surrounding peers.

Being invisible is not so bad. You are able to sit alone for long amounts of time and listen to others as they talk away without the realization of someone listening. But what would this young woman do if she was to hear some scandalous news…no one would hear or even care. Someone mentions her name and her head jolts up in recognition, but the name was wrongly used and they do not notice her sudden movement.

This woman can no longer stand the avoidance. She tucks the pen in the journal and puts the journal in her bag. She stands up tall, just for herself because no one can see her. She wades through the tables careful to not bump anyone, because they would blame a neighboring table. She makes it to the door and the bell chimes as it opens. The door is opened for her. She steps across the threshold and a young man looks into her eyes and says, “Have a nice night.” He enters and closes the door behind himself. This young woman stands immobilized like her feet are glued to the floor. Her power of invisibility must be wearing off, and she follows the sidewalk to her car with a small skip in her step. Because if one can now see her, maybe there will be more.

My New Year’s Resolution

New Year's 2016It is the New Year and now is the time for people to state their New Year’s Resolution. Most of the time it consist of adults saying they will go to the gym every day and will feel accomplished when they can again fit into those snug jeans or tight dress. I think last year I said, “I will give up eating French fries!” My younger brother also took that oath and we survived one day; because, when your older siblings are eating them in front of you, you cave and stuff your face.

I was planning on setting my resolution to getting back in shape and go to the gym, but I already must do this.  Because once I start my high school coaching job I want to be ready.  It is of most importance because this year I get to coach the Varsity team, and if one of my athletes challenge me to a race I want to be able to still beat them. Actually no, I have to beat them so, they understand I know what I am talking about.

Instead, I have decided to look at life as an adventure. Last night I did a puzzle with my mother and I have not done that in years. However, when we opened the box it was revealed to us that two pieces were already missing, but we had no idea which two. When we saw that note we debated on whether we should even attempt to assemble the puzzle knowing it would not be complete. So, we faced that puzzle head on and believe me it was a struggle. Because knowing that two pieces were missing would make us continue to second guess ourselves whether the piece we were looking for was lost of just hiding under other pieces.

I guess, what I am saying, is I want to try new things in my life.  I want to explore different possibilities and new activities. I have for years just stuck to the same cycle for years and years never feeling brave enough to break out. I want to attack my life with the understanding that sometimes things will not fit, or that if I finish a new activity I might not feel complete. I want to keep this image of an incomplete puzzle in my brain, but to not be afraid of jumping into life head on filled with courage.

An earlier post, I said I am an artist, but I guess I did not really specify what I meant by that. I want to explore and challenge myself in every aspect of my life. I want to bring an artistic side to everything in my life, whether it is: art, writing, photography, dancing, singing (only my car and close family hear me), speaking, coaching, etc. I am an artist and I am proud to be one, but I want to be an artist in every feature of my life.

So for people making their New Year Resolution remember if you falter off the course you have set remember you gave this goal to yourself; you can jump right back on it if you decide farther on. I know I will drift back into my old ways and try to fit my old cycle… but I want to be different this year and I am determined to be. (My competitive edge is helpful sometimes.) So to begin my New Year I will be signing up for two dance classes the East Coast Swing and the Argentine Tango…enjoy your New Year and discover who you want to be.

My Decision

shadow runner

“Shadow Runner” photographed by Emily Jane (Taken 12/27/15)

I have discovered that my personality of being super competitive is a great addition to my essence. The fact that my athletics has given me the output to express and act on my instincts and skills have helped me develop who I am. Athletics has always been there for me to participate and achieve the goals I set for myself. And that mindset has helped me in my future. When I swam competitively I would pressure myself and I would put all of myself in a practice and push past my breaking point. I would strain my body to accomplish the believed impossible and succeed in anything I wished to attempt, but I would leave that pool with the knowledge that I completed what I set out to do. Even in the now I venture towards every athletic encounter and I drive myself to be better than the last time I tried. (Even if like today, the last time was 6 months ago.) I never back down and I fight through the pain to my goal I set for myself beforehand. I don’t regret the sore muscles, the loss of breath, or the weakness of my legs. I see this pain as accomplishment. It is not in my nature to start off easy. I am someone who pushes through the grief and suffering in search of the light.

At this point in my life I have been wandering through without a clear path of what I want to accomplish. I have not swam competitively in 3 years due to an injury and I feel lost. However, my competitive edge has pushed me through my endless days in search of a dream that most people attempt to reach and end up only gaining it after death. Every day for the past year I have told people that I am undecided in what and who I am. However, this was just a lie to them and myself. I know who I want to be and what I want to do. I want and am an artist.

All of my siblings have set goals and paths that will deem them successful futures. Of course I feel inadequate and I have labeled myself as the lesser of my siblings. I feel less professional in my field of which I want to pursue, but I am not my siblings.  I could probably drop all I want and pursue a career that would deem me wealth in years to come, but I would never be happy. And to me that is the easy way out. To drop your own dream and pursue someone else’s in the knowing you will be successful but never content, leads me to believe I would never be satisfied. My competitive edge has driven me to the breaking point and I can no longer lie to myself and others around me. I am an artist and I will pursue my dream and skill to my breaking point. I am not meaning I will end my life as a successful person, but I will have accomplished my dream to its fullest and I will live life proud of who I am and what I will be. An artist.

Christmas Cards

Christmas is the time where I get to give out my cards to family and friends. And again I forgot to take pictures of all the cards; I have already sealed them up in envelops. However, this is the last one I have made and it is a happy an sad moment. This year I made 24 original hand drawn cards…I feel accomplished.

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Years!

The Dreaded DMV…

It has been a long time since I was at the DMV. It was six years ago, when I was getting my own permit. I was with my mom and, I don’t remember any of it. Now it is my turn to be the adult and bring my brother. He is old enough to sign up for a license. He is so much older, and I cannot really call him my baby bro anymore. It is an honor to take him, but I am now experiencing the dread of the DMV…the waiting with random people sitting around you.

There are two men next to me speaking in a  different language . Two women next to me another language. I have no idea what they are saying. A baby girl keeps staring at me, I guess, she is curious who I am. There is an Australian accent behind me and it is fun to listen to. But the continuous annoying voice saying, “now serving…letter/ #’s at window #” is pretty annoying.

No matter the happiness I feel for my brother, I really don’t want to be sitting listening to people. I probably wouldn’t feel so against it if my coffee hadn’t been awful. My brother chugged his and he almost died. (But his face was priceless after) I need more coffee…coffee makes everything better.

What If?


What would you chose FullSizeRender (1)

Sight or sound?

If one was no longer

To be found.

Would like to see

Bumblebees and other bugs

Travel through time

Dancing and giving hugs.

Would you like hear

The faint rustles of leaves.

Stirring up your simple fears

Drifting off into the breeze.

Wonder if you didn’t have these traits,

Would your life changed?

Or would you embrace

The subtle wonders within your space?