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My Brain Is Frazzled…

I thought my life was crazy before, but not anymore. I can already feel the stress coming. Things are going to be different. My groove will be destroyed. My schedule…gone…

But even with all these changes, I still managed to bake some brownies for church tomorrow.

My normal brownie recipe, but in brownie bite form!

And at least with church tomorrow I can step away from home and put Elizabeth in Sunday school and have some time by myself in God’s house.

Again I say… please pray for my sanity. ❤️😂🙏

Old to new…

I found this old present my mother gave to me, and of course it became another thing I didn’t finish…but it doesn’t mean I won’t finish it now.

It’s a great thing for an artist, because it stimulates your brain and makes you draw new and different things…


As the caption of the picture says…’Gum stuck under desk’ by emily2jane

Thanks mama 😊❤️


Haven’t had time to write new posts, because of work, school, and planning a wedding. But I have been able to edit photos and make new art, eventually I will paint these. All photos taken by emily2jane and edited by emily2jane.

Taken while driving
Relaxing in Boston
You can’t guess what this is…
Me and future hubby💕
Our View
An engagement photo

I’m never not doing art. Some way or another I have art in my life. 😊

Cheyenne to Home.

Well our journey has come to an end. I am especially going to miss Wyoming; I love it here. Even though the job fell through this time does not mean we are done. God must have said not yet, so we will wait for when he says go ahead. 

We had another chill day today. We woke up late, got some IHOP for breakfast!!!😎, then strolled through town looking for small nick-nacks to give to our siblings/ family. 

I am happy to know that I am able to live in another state, and miss it so much. That means that eventually we will live somewhere outside of a city. We just have to be patient…😬

Someday 💕

I’ve been gone for awhile…life has just been in full throttle for the past 5 months. You know when you begin something new and it consumes you and you allow it to swallow up your existence. I’ve done this and I an extremely happy!! 

I’m happy is all I can say right now! 😊❤️

Invisibility Power

Now You See Me

The young woman sitting in a room surrounded by people giggling and laughing and enjoying themselves. She sits there doodling in the edges of her journal trying to be courageous and speak up and join the conversation. Every time she lifts her head to chime in the people shift their bodies away, probably because of the breeze from the window, and continue their ramblings. She continues to sit there alone, on her stool, against the wall. She feels invisible to the public and she feels like if she were to stand no one would notice. No eyes would turn towards her as makes her way to the door. Some heads might turn when the bell above chimes, but would quickly turn away when they don’t see anyone. Instead this young women sits quietly and listens to the mumblings of the surrounding peers.

Being invisible is not so bad. You are able to sit alone for long amounts of time and listen to others as they talk away without the realization of someone listening. But what would this young woman do if she was to hear some scandalous news…no one would hear or even care. Someone mentions her name and her head jolts up in recognition, but the name was wrongly used and they do not notice her sudden movement.

This woman can no longer stand the avoidance. She tucks the pen in the journal and puts the journal in her bag. She stands up tall, just for herself because no one can see her. She wades through the tables careful to not bump anyone, because they would blame a neighboring table. She makes it to the door and the bell chimes as it opens. The door is opened for her. She steps across the threshold and a young man looks into her eyes and says, “Have a nice night.” He enters and closes the door behind himself. This young woman stands immobilized like her feet are glued to the floor. Her power of invisibility must be wearing off, and she follows the sidewalk to her car with a small skip in her step. Because if one can now see her, maybe there will be more.