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Art Today #2

Well I think my days of painting by myself are gone. I have a little buddy now.

Our new set up!

No longer am I in the carport with a huge tall table…nope. Instead the table is maybe 2ft tall. And I now share my work space.

This was two days ago. I finally added the base red.

I still probably have about 3-4 days to go before I’m done.

Baby has no trouble painting. She keeps asking for more. Her first painting looks like a waterfall. We will be keeping that one. The others I might gesso over them again, so that I don’t run out.

Running out is a definite possibility. Haha 😂


I’m such a proud mama! I just desperately hope those sticky painted fingers don’t come near my painting…or my brother will be getting a surprise… (later she decided to finger paint)

This was yesterday.

It’s coming along. I decided to let the red dry more and do the buildings in the background.

But I sadly only had enough time to do one side. She got bored with painting and started to throw gravel…😑

Probably only 2 more days! I want to give this to my brother is September. Because it’s his Christmas present; and I don’t think I will see him after. At least not for a while.

Well enjoy your Monday! May it be productive! Hopefully mine is too!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 13

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 12


‘I think Jeremy died.’ He was breathing, but it seemed like he would stop soon; I should say he is wheezing and gasping for air. ‘Haha. Is it a bad thing that I am happy?’ I was tired too, but I think after that run, Jeremy’s legs are gone.

“You okay? Do I need to call 911?” I said tossing a gatorade to him.

The gatorade landed directly in front of him, bobbing in the pool.

I didn’t know if he was going to grab it, or if I was going to have to swim after it. “…Dude? You going to grab that or…”

Before I could finish; Jeremy grabbed the bottle, swung himself up on the deck, and downed the entirety of the bottle. “I’m okay. But did we really need to do that awful kick set? You do remember I ran fifteen miles this morning, right?”

Jeremy chucked the empty bottle at me; I ducked just in time as the bottle sailed over my head. “Just think of it this way,” I chuckled and slipped back into the pool, “you are in better shape than me. Coach Jones would be proud.” I muffled my laughter because of the death glare I was receiving. ‘I guess Jeremy is not accepting my resonings.’ “Okay. Fine. Let’s race an all out fifty. Whoever wins gets to choose the other’s next workout. Deal?”

“Sure. But you have to do butterfly,” Jeremy winced but still smiled.

‘What are you up to?’ Jeremy would never easily accept a chalenge; especially being so dead. “Why? Are you assuming…”

Jeremy cut me off, “Are you afraid you will lose to me?” Jeremy gestured to himself. Then he slowly pulled his body out of the pool. “You never used to question Coach Jones. Are you worried you won’t be able to beat me this time?”

“Oh shut it Jeremy,” I pulled myself up out of the pool. I started to actively jump, waking up my limbs. ‘There is no way I’m losing to him; he looks like he is about to fall over.’ “So, you good on the terms of the bet? Loser does whatever set the winner chooses?”

“Deal.” Jeremy extended his hand to me.

We shook on it. Digging my phone out of my bag on the bleachers behind us, I prepared a ten second timer. “When the sound goes off we go; got it?”

Jeremy nodded. He got up on his block and took his mark. I started the timer and also went to the stance.

……..Beep, beep, beep! We dove into the pool.

“You…big…liar,” I was hanging onto the wall gasping for air. I didn’t realize how much my limbs were hurting before that race. But what I more importantly didn’t realize was that Jeremy was perfectly fine. Once we dove in, I expected an easy win, but instead off went Jeremy. It was a catch-up race for me. He only won by maybe a hand, but he still won. ‘That liar.’ Jeremy was gasping for air as well, but he was also dying of laughter. ‘I didn’t know that was possible.’ “What do you…have to… say for…yourself?”

Jeremy was still chuckling, “I’m good. It’s your fault you trusted your competitor. Remember what Coach Jones always says, ‘Always assume your competitor is faster.’ You just failed. This is my favorite practice so far,” Jeremy slipped back into the pool and started to float away on his back. He lifted his head suddenly, “Let’s start our cooldown. I’m starving after today’s workout,” he laid back enjoying his victory.

He was enjoying it a little too much. ‘He deserves this.’ I left the wall, swam under him, and popped up just in front of him. With his body facing away from me, I shoved his shoulders down and submerged his head underwater. Then instantly after, I swam back into my lane and continued with my cooldown. Swimming away, I lifted my head just enough to hear Jeremy spewing and coughing out water; while he was attempting to talk.

“You…idiot. You…are…the only…one in the…pool. I…know it was…you,” Jeremy just put his head back down in the water, sometimes that is the only way to stop choking on water, and he started his cooldown.

‘Probably not the smartest thing to do since he gets to choose my next workout, but it was so worth it.’ I laughed and continued the cooldown.

“No way! I said next workout. As in next day,” shaking my head at what Jeremy was saying.

“Nope. You said next workout. You never specified the date. Give me your gear and get to it,” Jeremy was standing by the driver side door; extending his hand out for the key.

“You…” Jeremy’s choice was I run the fifteen miles home. ‘What a…’ I dug out my running shoes and ear buds, and threw the bag at Jeremy; I also tossed him the key. “Next time, remind me never to make a bet with you. Was this your plan all along?”

“No. I was actually not really thinking of anything. If anything I was going to save it and use it later in college; but then you shoved me underwater, and I had a change of heart. Also I had time to think during that long cooldown,” Jeremy unlocked the door and threw my stuff in the back seat.

‘Now I’m regretting my descion from earlier… only a little bit. Let’s be honest, I’m not regretting it. It was awesome!’

“I’ll leave the door unlocked at the house for you,” and Jeremy drove off.

‘That punk.’ I shoved my ear buds in and started the long and grooling run. ‘Man, this is going to suck.’

Word Of The Day: Ossify 08-25-21

Synonyms: harden, stiffen, rigidify, etc.




The one becomes two.




Hate lives in the forefront.




The heart beats for no one.




Timing in love is key.




Love yourself first.

Most everyone has experienced his cycle. Unless you were one of the lucky ones and you had your other half from the get go.

The word is ossify. I must be honest I’ve never heard of this word. When I saw the synonyms my first thought of a break up. My first break-up was…wow thirteen years ago. 😳 Haha, but I tried to remember the emotions I felt after. I also asked my hubby; his was about seven years ago…but he was no help; he was trying to be too deep. 😅

My vacation has been exciting but full. I’m enjoying myself, but I’m also taking this chance to catch up on my sleep. Hopefully my sleeping schedule changes from that of a teenager.

Give your other half, or even yourself a hug today. Love is strong in any form. Enjoy your Wednesday! 🌺

Loss of Love Cycle


Can you guess as you read?

He’s my light,

Forever my future.

His stares,

Cause a deep red hue;

Noticeable even in night.

Our humor,

Sometimes clashes,

Still a perfect pair.

We will get through,

The thick and thin;

Stronger than before.

Fights and pride,

Can diffuse the love;

But once the truce is found,

We blossom again.


I’m “always” right! (Haha)

He is the provider;

A male dove,

Rising his family,

Above the ground.

He enters,

That great category of men.

Our marriage is a thrill;

It’s a grand sight.

Dedicated to my hubby! I love him. ❤️

Have a great day! 🎉

Life Filled With Love

They Cometh…

Haha! I like to add th to words. Have you every added th to a conversation. People think you are crazy or channeling your inner Shakespeare.

Anyways, back on topic. Again, I was about to do the Word of the day but it was sophistry. Nothing was coming to mind. So I did a poem based on my feelings instead.

This house needs,

To be spotless and clean.

The floors to glisten,

And surfaces to shimmer.

Done deeds,

Shall be seen.

Like a competition;

Desperate for a glimmer,

Of approval.

Will she accept?

Will I receive praise?

Excitement and dread,

Battling inside.

I’m adding fuel,

Why does she have this effect?

Master of the gaze,

Carefully tread.

Frantically searching,

For the explanation guide.

My in-laws are visiting. This is to describe the first time my mother-in-law visited our house. I went crazy! I’ve now reached the stage of: get the house clean, but don’t stress too much. Instead fill their bellies with delicious food, and put them in food comas! Haha 😂

I am sure every girl who has a mother-in-law understands this poem. We go through so much for the approval; it’s like it is the meaning of survival…

But this visit will be fun. My sweet sweet has her Papa and Nana visiting her. She was so excited, that she started to behave like a puppy when they got to the house. She is so odd; definitely my daughter though.

Enjoy your Sunday! I will be going on vacation. I’ll be trying to post; but I may just enjoy myself instead. We shall see.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 12

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 11


I had a dreamless sleep. Still, echoing noise woke me up. ‘What time is it?’ I rolled over an looked at my phone. Dead. ‘Crap.’ I forgot to charge it last night. First plugging it in, I swung my legs off the bed, and sat there until my head stopped throbbing. ‘Man I wish I could have slept more. My head is killing me.’ Instead I pull myself up and head towards the meaning of life… the kitchen.

“Hello?” I yelled into the silent house. ‘Really?’ “Again I am home and no one is here,” I shook my head and continued my way to the fridge that held… food. There were three sticky notes plastered on the right handed door. ‘Smart. They made a point to stick them on the side with the milk.’

“Son. Had to go to the studio for the morning, and then I’ll take the rest of the week off. -Dad”

‘Okay. I assumed as much; especially since my trip was a spur of the moment.’

“George. I had some errands to do this mid morning to late afternoon. Text me what you would like for dinner. -Mom”

‘Sweet. I know what I want. I want her six layered mac n cheese dish!’ It’s heaven. Each layer has a different cheese and crumbled bacon… my mouth is watering just thinking about it. And the last note…

“Dude. Went for a fifteen mile run. Left at eleven fifty-nine. Come pick me up at the high school once you wake up. -Jeremy”

‘Wow! Jeremy is exercising without being told…weird.’ I put my breakfast dishes in the dish washer and glanced at the clock. Twelve ten…Jeremy only left ten minutes ago. Sweet! I ran upstairs grabbing our swimming gear. ‘Haha Jeremy thinks he is being good, but I’m about to give him a surprise.’

I did see Jeremy jogging to the school as I drove by, but I didn’t acknowledge him; instead I continued to the school and waited for his tired butt to get there.

Finally, the exhausted looking Jeremy arrived. I hopped out of the jeep and walked towards him. “You good dude?”

“You…are….already here?…” Jeremy was wheezing and coughing every other word. “I didn’t even see you drive by…”

“Of course. I wasn’t about to stop your one man endever. How was it?” I tossed him a gatorade as a reward.

Jeremy guzzled down the bottle before answering, “Not too bad, but man, it’s hot!”

“Glad you said that; I have a special surprise for you,” I turned and walked back to the jeep.

“Cool. Didn’t know you were this type of guy,” Jeremy followed me with a little pep in his step.

‘That pep is going to disapear in…three…two…one.’ I pulled out our bags of swimming gear, and threw his bag at him.

Jeremy spazily caught the bag but looked quizically at it, “What does this mean?”

I didn’t answer him; instead I locked the jeep and started walking towards the front building of the school.

“What are we doing?” Jeremy followed me out of curiosity.

‘Wow, he is slow today. I’ll wait for the oxygen to reach his brain again.’ I pulled open the front door, and I followed Jeremy inside.

“Ahhh…this feels amazing,” Jeremy hung his arms out to let the sweat dry from his armpits.

“Dude. You stink,” I shoved his arms back down to his sides, “keep your arms down!”

“Whatever. But seriously bro, what are we doing here?” Jeremy begrudgingly put his arms down, but continued to enjoy the freezing AC.

A petite mid fourities older woman approached us, “Do you need any assiastance?”

‘I know who she is. What was her name again…’ “Yes. Whom do I need to ask about renting out your swimming pool for the week?”

Jeremy let out a low groan; she looked at him before answering, “Umm…I don’t know if that is a possibility. I will have to ask my supervisor. One momment please,” and the woman disappeared through the door she had entered.

“Seriously!?! I just ran here, and now you want to kill me even more!?!” Jeremy sank to the floor.

“Stand up will you,” I yanked Jeremy back into a standing position, “Running is fine, but we need to swim. If this doesn’t work we will be heading back to the house, and we will die there,” I stopped talking just as the woman was coming back. ‘Who is she?’

“Well, I asked my supervior, and he said that you must be eighteen or older, show ID’s, one driver’s license, and prove you can swim unsupervised. Then we can talk numbers and proceed with renting. Do you approve?”

“Yes Mam. Do you want us to hand you the ID’s here? Or…” I started to dig my wallet out.

“Oh. No. Let’s head into my office; it will be better that way,” she turned and walked back through the door, and paused enough to wave us to follow.

Her office was more like a cubicle. It had photos of her grankids and I assumed kids. She had a small potted daisy plant next to her… and then, there was what I was looking for. The
plack on her desk with her name. Mrs. Bradey. She was the older office worker that was there that day when Jenny was cornered my John. ‘Wow! That was so long ago.’

“Now. Your ID’s please. Whomever will be presenting their driver’s license, be last please.” Jeremy handed her his ID first. She quickly placed it on the copier and then
handed it back to him. “Please sign and date this paper for me. Thank you. Now you,” she sretched out her hand for my ID.

‘I wonder if she will remember me?’ I placed the ID in her palm.

She didn’t seem to notice; instead she was in her efficient office mode and repeated the same steps as she did with Jeremy. “Okay. Since you are the driver license, I will need to see the bank card you will potentially use if you choose to rent from us, Mr. Matthe…ws…” She stopped talking and her head snapped up. “Are you really the George Matthews that went to this school?”

“Yes, Mrs. Bradey. I didn’t know if you would remember me or not,” I smiled, happy that I was remembered.

“Of course, I remember you. You are a celeberity here,” she was proudly smiling like she had something to do with my celebrity status. “Did you go to this school as well?” She doubled checked Jeremy’s name.

“No Mam. I went to the rival school. But I’ve been George’s roommate up in Montana these last two years,” Jeremy slapped my shoulder, trying to take credit as well.

“Wonderful. I am so happy to know that our pool will still be useful for you. Now let’s talk numbers,” Mrs. Bradey open her second drawer and pulled out a notebook. Flipping throught the pages until, “Alrighty…the normal price would be fifteen hundred for the next five days, but seeing as you were a student here…I’ll drop it to one thousand. I dropped it a bit more because it’s you George,” Mrs. Bradey smiled and giggled as she stowed the notebook back in it’s place. “Is it a deal?”

Jeremy whistled behind me; only loud enough for me to hear. ‘He was right. That was a bit steep for the five days.’ “If a few more old students would also like to come and swim, would they be allowed?”

“Yes. As long as they come into the office and give me their ID’s. But they would have to do it today. No later than six o’clock. Is it a deal?”

“Sure let’s do it,” I pulled out my wallet and settled the bill.

Art Through The Years! #2

Originally I had planned to post a comic, but due to different reasons my self drawing came out terrible… like I looked more like a fifty year old man…haha 😂 So I gave up on that route. I’ll try again another day; when my brain is in the mood to draw my face.

Instead I’ll be posting a few more drawings I’ve done. Yes, some of the drawings were inspired by images from the internet, ten or more years ago. So these new drawings are my impressions of my impressions. Impressions are always the best route to take.

Why would you want to paint someone’s work identical…it’s already been done. Put your own spin on it!


It’s not too bad. I will admit, not too bad for the markers I used here. They were those fifty pack of markers…. I don’t know the brand, but they are like $10 from Walmart.

My first day 2021

Can I just say… I want this dress! Maybe I should take sewing up again… 🤨


This next completed drawing is a mixture of three separate drawings. I added a bit to fill the spaces, but I actually do love the end result!

These are the three drawings:


When you see the finished picture you will see I only used two of the fairies. But I thought it would be too crazy. So I only used the ideas of the flowers; but of course I tweaked them a little.

2021 Finished

This one I framed! I’ve framed others, but only if I really liked the outcome.


As you can see… I was kind of terrible at profiles. I always seemed to chop their noses off…haha! Also the proportions in this drawing seems off.

I do remember though, that the butterfly lines was done with silver sharpie! I will be doing that, or something similar with my 2021 drawing.


I’ve decided to change the colors in this drawing. I want to try something new!

Well I want to continue but…It seems like my baby is getting a little cold. It’s the first day it rained, this season. We needed it desperately, but my daughter just took a two hour nap at 5pm… meaning I’ll be going to bed sometime after 12am. If I’m lucky.

But I’ll be posting my pictures here and there. I’m enjoying going through the pictures, that I chose to draw over ten years ago; reliving my interests.

Enjoy your Friday! We shall see what my brain decides.

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 11

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 10


-Present Day-

“Don’t even speak; I’m going to continue. But dude, calm down; you are going to cut of the circulation in your arms if you don’t let go,” Ken paused briefly.

I looked down and my arms were indeed turning purple, and my knucles were white. I relaxed enough to regain a feeling in my limbs. But only enough for that. Instead of
asking anything, I nodded to Ken to make him continue.

-After The Mall Incident-

The only reason we knew of the mall incident was because Brit heard it from Jenny a few months later. That summer was not a happy one. We would visit Jenny as much as we could, but she seemed like a zombie whenever we showed up.

She, along with her parents, agreed she should be homeschooled. She would not be continuing her senior year with us. It hit Brit really hard; she no longer had, her words, a ‘sane girlfriend’. We didn’t know she left until one day we came to visit.


“Ding-Dong” Matthew, Ken, and Brit stood at the front door of Jenny’s house. We knew someone was home because of the sound of footsteps.

“Coming!” Mrs. Brown answered the door. “Oh. Hello you three,” Jenny’s mom just stood there, like a deer in headlights.

“Mrs. Brown?” Brit waved her hand in front of Jenny’s mom’s face.

“Oh. Sorry. Come in,” Mrs. Brown stepped aside letting us enter into their home…

Everything was in boxes. “What’s going on?” We three yelled unexpectedly together.

Mrs. Brown jumped back from our explosive voices. “Wow! Did my husband not tell you? That man,” Mrs Brown sat down in the only avaliable chair.

“Mrs. Brown?” Brit went towards Jenny’s mom and crouched down to look up into her face. “Where is Jenny?”

“Jenny left,” Mrs. Brown brushed away a tear. “She accepted the offer from the Fine Art Insitute in Belguim. She will be finishing her senior year there, and then continuing into college.”

Brit gasped and looked up towards Matthew and myself. Her expression was identical to mine, and when I side glanced Matthew it was the same. Shock morphing into
sadness. ‘She just left.’

“She just left us. Without saying goodbye?” Brit turned back to Mrs. Brown, and she was tearing up. “Why…how could she…”

Mrs. Brown reached down and embraced Brit into a hug. “She was depressed. You know. You saw it the last time you were here. She just kept staring at the walls…” Mrs. Brown pulled away from Brit and wiped her own tears away. “Until…one day she painted a beautiful painting on her bedroom wall. It took my breath away. I… would you like to see it?”

We all nodded. Brit stood up from the floor and followed after Mrs. Brown. Once we stepped into Jenny’s room we understood what Jenny’s mom meant. It was the six of us. Matthew stood next to Brit with his arm around her waist. Ken was next; one of his arms draped over Brit all the way to Matthew’s shoulder. While the other arm draped over Jerry who stood next to him. Next was Jenny, and beside her was George; George also had his arm around Jenny’s waist. It was like a memory was captured on the wall. We all pulled out our phones and took pictures of Jenny’s creation.

“I never knew Jenny was so artistic,” Brit said into the silence.

“Yeah. She painted me exactly. Where did she learn?” Matthew also asked.

“I knew she loved to doodle, but I never knew she could do this. It was impressive enough, that I sent a picture of it to my friend at the insitute and maybe a week later we recieved her acceptence letter in the mail. It was a God’s send,” Jenny’s mom ran her hand over the image of her daughter. “This is how I’ll remember my baby; radiant and carefree. After everything that happened I was not about to say no to her escape. Mr. Matthews helped expentially; we would not have been able to send her without his help,” Mrs. Brown stepped back to us, “so I hope you three can understand her descion.”

“Of course. I am excited to see what she will accomplish when she learns some new skills,” Brit said walking up to Mrs. Brown, pulling her into a hug. “Come on, you two.”

Matthew and I walked over and joined into the group hug before Mrs. Brown could protest. We stayed there until the front door opened.

“Dear? Are you home? Who’s car is out front?” Coach yelled from the living room.

“We are in Jenny’s room,” Mrs. brown yelled but stayed in her current position. As soon as coach came into the room, he too joined into the group hug.

-Present Day-

“Wow. I didn’t know Jenny was an artist; I thought I knew everything about her,” I was shocked that I never knew this. “Can I see the picture?”

Ken pulled out his phone and showed me.

It was fantastic. She captured us perfectly. I knew what day this day was. It was way before the almost confession; back when we had no concerns, and I loved her. Looking
at this painting, I remebered why I loved her. She was and probably still is as beautiful. She was radiant just as Mrs. Brown said. My old feelings were trying to resurface; so I pushed them aside and went back to the conversation at hand.

“Did Coach and Jenny’s mom move?” I asked remembering the part where they said everything was boxed up.

“Not really. They didn’t sell their house, but they did move into a rental in Northern California. Your dad really helped them out; they are actually renting from your dad,” Jerry had chimmed in now. “That’s why we said they were on a trip earlier; because we had to tell you the back story first.”

‘That’s just like Dad. I’ll have to tell him thank you tomorrow.’ “What about Coach and coaching?”

“He did finish coaching for our senior year; he stayed with your Dad for those six-ish months,” Ken looked away before continuing, “but he quit.”

‘Coach quit. No way!’ “Seriously!? Coaching is his life.”

“Well after what the vice principle said to him about Jenny, I was surprised he lasted his last year. The guy pretty much told Coach that he was a horrible father and that
he needs to discipline Jenny more so that she will make better lifestyle choices.”

‘I’m surprised that Coach didn’t slug him.’ “Coach has some good self control; if it had been me, the vice would have been on the floor.”

“Oh believe me. Coach said he wanted to slug him, but he thought of it this way… if he leaves on his own terms he could always return after all the nonsense dies down. Only unless the vice principle is no longer at the school. Coach said if he had to see his face again he would…,” Jerry smirked and I knew exactly what would happen to the vice. “So now Coach, Mrs. Brown, and Lily are just living their lives in Northern California.”

“Right. How did Lily take all of the nonsense and change?” Remembering about my important little helper. ‘I wonder how big she is now?

“Well…Lily is now almost a teenager, so she was and is in her abnoxious stage of life. She complained about leaving, especially after Jenny had already left for Europe. She didn’t understand why her life had to end just beacause her stepsister’s did. Man she is a pain,” Ken was beginning to yawn. “Well Jerry do you want to give your input or…”

I could tell that they both were exhausted. I totally forgot that Ken also had to wake up, to get to LAX, early enough to pick us up. “Let’s finish tomorrow. I’m exhausted, and you both look awful. I guess you and Ken are using the other rooms, beacuse,” pointing down at the still totally passed out Jeremy, “he is out, and I have no intention of moving him. You?”

“Nah. Leave him there,” Ken said standing.

“Wow. Not caring about your new best bud,” Jerry jabbed at Ken who did not avoid it because he was so exhausted he couldn’t move fast enough.

“Ouch… I’m too tired to care. Let’s go to sleep. I need to look somewhat human by tomorrow afternoon,” Ken almost left the room. “See ya tomorrow George, or I guess later today.” Ken left to find his room.

“Yeah, see you, George. If I get a call from my boss and I have to be on shift tomorrow, I will stop by at night and recap things,” Jerry gave my shoulder a squeeze and he too left my room.

I thought I would lay there restless because of all the new knowledge I had gained, but instead my brain shut off and I was out.

Stay Awake!

There have been some strange noises at our house outside. And it seems to always happen when my husband is at work… scary right?

Well the hubby asked me to stay awake until he got home at 4am…I made it to 12:36am…😵‍💫

Because of that…this is my post for the day. Since I woke up late, and I didn’t have anything else prepared.

Stay Awake

Have a wonderful Friday! 🎉

A Piece

Colors bleed,

Mixing and twisting;

Becoming one.

Light defies darkness;

Casting aside,

Into the shadows,

While instead gleams thrive.

Someone is watching you;

Your eyes meet.

Dare to look away?


Question their story,

Push the boundaries;

Enter their fantasy.

I’ve been drawing. It seems like it has taken over my life once again. The poem is inspired by artwork. If you label yourself as an artist you understand, not being able to look away. Wanting to understand everything about the piece.

Recently I’ve decided to redraw my old drawings. As I started, I discovered that my old drawings are from 10 years ago…! (I never throw anything away…)

I now have 10 more years of experience, 10 more years of supplies, 10 more years of patience.

I’ll share the few I’ve done. It’s only been 2 days since I decided to try this…and remember I have a 2 year old. It’s been hard to stop my creative bug; and return back into a responsible mama…


I believe I found this off the internet. I have no recollection of where or by whom…but I am sure it did not look like this.

It’s not too bad. But seeing it makes me wonder why I didn’t measure out a square…or even attempt to make the border straight…


This is my impression of my impression from 10 years ago… I like this one better!

I went all spiffy on it and added the stars detail with paint… because I can. 😎

Next one…


This picture…I believe the stance of the girl was off the internet, but it was just a black line drawing of the girl. I did all the rest from my imagination.

I must say. I still like this one. It’s inspiring! Embrace life! Be free!


This one is still beautiful, but it seems more… graceful. I’m actually not completely done with this one. I still need to add some details.

In all of this, it has been fun to go back in time and see my old self in my art.

Maybe you should try this too! Dig through the drawers and find a drawing, painting, doodle; and redraw it. Maybe your skills have improved too!

Enjoy your Thursday! May it be filled with color!