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I’m Sorry.

Life has been non stop so my focus has been elsewhere. But I’m still doing things.

Like I started my nephews Christmas presents. I’ve made custom drawn shirts for them threw the years. A few I’ll have to draw them again for my baby. But I decided to make them custom original shirts. 100% original.

Partly done.

This one is for my youngest nephew. The claw is a stencil I made four years ago. And the stars are all hand drawn.

I’m thinking about making a stencil, but we shall see. It’s not taking me that long to draw the stars. This amount took me maybe 3hrs. The last shirts I did with stars, it took me a few days. Maybe since I have less to do now.

But I’ll show you the finished product when I’m done.

The older nephew’s shirt is same design but since he is taller I’m doing the stars diagonally vertical. I’m excited to see the end result. I need to finish them soon and ship them. The shipping process is still incredibly slow…so I must be quick!

Have a productive Thursday!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 24

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 23


We had Chipotle for lunch. Coach actually got us each two burritos. I was amazed that Jeremy actually ate both; since my throat was still sore I decided to pace myself and eat more later. Once we returned back to the house, Coach was treating me like I was a child; like I couldn’t function on my own. To make him stop, I decided
to go lay down for a bit to help ease the pressure on my chest, but also put Coach at ease.

I finally woke up and checked the clock, it was now one o’clock in the afternoon. I must have been asleep for almost two hours. I am starving again. I ventured down the stairs to the kitchen to find my burrito. ‘Jeremy had better not have eaten it.’ I came around the corner and ran straight into Jenny. I was unable to catch us, and I toppled over her and we both fell to the floor. ‘I tried to do the catch and roll action that most guys do in the movies, but that is only something that happens if the girl knows as well.’ But I still attempted it and instead she ended up landing on my wrist. ‘Pain.’

We just laid there on the kitchen floor for a quick minute. I got the wind kick out of me; probably because my lunges were still pressured from this morning. I still laid there, whereas Jenny slowly began to pry herself up from the floor.

“Sorry for running into you,” I said still sprawled out on the floor. I was waiting for the heaviness of my chest to be gone before moving. “I attempted to catch you, but of course I failed,” I tried to keep it light hearted, because there seemed to be tension in the air.

“No problem,” Jenny responded as she was fully standing now.

At first, I thought she was just going to walk off.

“Do you need some help, George?” Jenny turned and looked down at me.

Thankfully the heaviness was gone, at that moment, because I was able to start trying to get up. “No. I’m good. Just waiting for my chest to stop feeling pressured. You good?”

“Yep,” was all the response Jenny was going to give me.

I was once again on my feet and she started to walk away; I didn’t want to miss this chance, so I reached out and grabbed her hand. She didn’t respond. She just stood with her back to me. “Jenny?” Still no response, “Do you think we can talk now?” I thought she was going to keep ignoring me, but finally she turned to face me.

“Sure. Let’s talk,” her face showed no expression.

We had returned to the guest bedroom; we did not want to be disturbed by anyone; everyone was outside hanging out. I sat down on one corner of the bed, thinking she would sit on the other, but instead she took her spot in the office chair in the corner of the room.

Silence again filled the room. Seeing as she was not about to start the conversation I took the initiative, “How is school in Europe?”

That must have been the right question to start things off, because her face seemed to light up the room. She told me all about the school, her new friends, her new lifestyle, and her new discoveries in art. It didn’t seem like she would be stopping anytime soon, but she started to slow down. Finally to the point where silence had returned. I had hoped she would have asked me a question in return, but since that seemed like it would not happen, I once again emptied the silence.

“Montana is also a new lifestyle. Even though I’ve been swimming non-stop since Juinor year, the lifestyle up there is more slow paced. Thanks to school, I was able to know what day of the week it was,” Jenny was listening, but her expression seemed forced.

Silence once again.

‘I guess I’ll start the talk.’ “Jenny…”

“George…” Jenny said at the same moment as me.

She looked uncomfortable. I waved at her to continue. I was not about to stop her.

Jenny seemed to hesitate before continuing, “I… Why?… How?…Why?” Jenny seemed to be confused of where to start.

“Just go through everything one at a time. I will respond if you need me to, but if not, I will let you get it all out first.” I needed her to speak her mind first. So that I knew what her feelings were before I said the wrong thing.

Jenny looked at me and saw my honest acceptence; she nodded to herself and leaned towards me, “I’m better than I was. Juinor year was unbearable. I am surprised I survived as long as I did,” Jenny shivered and leaned back into the chair.

I offered her a blanket, but she declined it.

“I’m good,” she said relaxing once again, “I actually am good. Thanks to your dad, my transition was easy and painless. You will have to thank him for me. The pain and mental breakdown is still there, but I’ve been trying to work threw it. I have to,” Jenny seemed to squeeze the life out of her hand as she made a fist.

I know she must be in so much pain, but the look of determination on her face was vibrant and beautiful.

“But why…?” Jenny whispered.

Thankfully I had not stopped listening or I would have missed the whisper. I focused once again on Jenny’s face and there were tears starting to trickled down her cheeks. “Jenny,” I leaped up from the bed.

“No, George,” Jenny stopped me, “you befriend him. He ruined my life,” Jenny wiped away tears. “How could you?”

As I looked at Jenny I could see the anger growing. At first, I thought she was saying why did I leave her. Instead she was angry at me for befriending her enemy.

“Jenny. He is not the guy you think he is anymore. He has matured,” I said those words knowing they were not the right words but I needed to defend Jeremy.

Jenny, tears still falling, looked up at me. Her expression showed anger and sadness. “Even so. He ruined my life. I had to leave home. Yes, I’m in a better mental state, but how could you,” Jenny’s voice was getting louder and louder as she continued.

“Jenny. I don’t want to spend our entire time talking about Jeremy. We are, sadly, going to have to agree to disagree on this topic,” I stopped her from continuing. I saw no end to this conversation. “Tell me more about you these last two years?”

Jenny didn’t answer at first; I thought I had lost her completly from the conversation, but at last she turned her attention back to me and answered, “I can’t tell you about myself because it all revolves around your new best friend. So I believe there is nothing left to discuss,” Jenny got up from her chair.

“Jenny,” I reached out to try and stop her. I was not done talking to her.

She smacked my hand off of her, “No George. You have changed. Have a safe trip home. Goodbye,” and Jenny was out the door and gone.

I just stood there unable to move. This time she has left my world, and sadly I knew that it was not going to change.

Art Through The Years

Well I decided to try and make my small drawings into one cohesive piece. I’m slowly coloring it.

The baby has decided to fight me on dinner. She gets the goods stuff and she argues with me about eating it…

But here is my drawing so far.

These were my drawings that jumped out to me.
A happy frog (from online site neopets) 2007
Classic Couple! 2008
Tinker bell 2011
King Saul veggie tales- 2005

2005…that’s 16 years ago…that’s crazy but awesome that I still have art that far back.

So far

I know drawing random things is maybe not the best, but it keeps the creativity and skills alive.

I must say…I love the Donald and Daisy Duck part. I think I might paint this a bit larger and hang it up somewhere. Definitely represents all married people perfectly.

Enjoy your Thursday! Winter is coming! 🥶❄️

Art Through The Years

Well I had planned to draw several, but the smell of my markers was bothering vme. So I only got one done.


I had planned to draw all my Disney characters on one page. Still the plan, but will take time.


It’s similar but I think I like my 2011 one better. Don’t know why; maybe the expression is better.

But that all for this post. I’m exhausted today.

I tossed and turned most of the night. I hear a nap in my future.

Have a relaxing Monday!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 23

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 22


My eyes shot open. ‘Man it was bright!’ Everything around me was glowing. I only saw white and yellows all around me.

“He’s awake!” Jeremy yelled as he choked on food at the same time.

My eyesight was still unclear, but now a head appeared over me. This shadow blocked a good portion of glow.

“George,” it was the same voice from before, “respond please. Can you hear me?”

I tried to speak but only a squeak left my mouth. Instead I nodded.

“Thank God. You scared me for a moment there,” the head moved away and once again my eyes were flouded with the glowing light.

“George!?” Coach was now beside me, “Respond to me, son?”

“Co…a…ch,” was all I could muster. ‘Why is my voice gone?’

“Excuse me,” the paramedics had showed up. “Let us check him,” they moved Coach aside and took up the place next to my body. “How long has he been awake?”

“Just seconds before you arrived. He doesn’t seem able to register people yet. His voice is hoarse, but he did respond to me when he first awoke,” it was the voice again. It must be the head lifguard from earlier.

“How did this happen?” The paramedic closest to George asked as he checked his pulse.

“We were having an intense workout, and on the last stretch of the race, something seemed to be wrong,” Coach was the one to speak up, “then after he touched the wall his body seemed to collapse. He was submerged underwater for about ten seconds before his teammate realized and held his body up before the lifeguard reacted. Jeremy, saved his life,” Coach looked at Jeremy; he had just questioned him just the day before. Now realizing that Jeremy is actually someone to keep around.

“Du…de,” I tried to thank Jeremy, but my words would not form.

“Don’t speak. Your lungs took in some water when they desperately wanted oxygen. Your lungs might be filled with water; but since you are able to somewhat talk the amount must be very slim. I will do a quick procedure.”

The paramedic worked quickly; and just like that I was somewhat back to normal. My chest was no longer heavy and the faces around me became clearer. Jeremy was sitting and slowly eating another bar. Coach was standing, but was wringing his hands. The head lifeguard was standing off to the side talking to one of the paramedics. Micheal was coming back with Gatorade and more bars in his arms. The one paramedic was still beside me.

“I’m…hungry…” I said. Finally forming a complete sentence.

“No soild foods for you. I’m worried about your airway. Micheal,” the paramedic gestured for a gatorade.

‘Gatorade. That’s at least something.’ I tried to sit up but the weight on my chest returned and seemed to be holding me down. Arms seemed to help lift me up; putting me into a sitting position. The gatorade was delicious.

“He needs to rest for maybe one more hour. If any issues arise I would suggest coming to the ER. Anything. Shortness of breath, tightness of chest, wheezing, etc. Understood?” The paramedic said as he gathered his equiptment.

“Of course. I’ll keep watch over him. Thank you,” Coach shook the paramedic’s hand and walked him out.

“Dude. You scared the crap out of me,” Jeremy said as it was now just the two of us and Michael. “I thought….you…” Jeremy stopped talking and instead shoved the rest of his protein bar in his mouth.

‘I knew what he was going to say.’ “Thanks bro…for saving… my life,” I couldn’t move to truly show my appreciation to him, but I nodded at him.

“No problem. You would have done the same for me,” Jeremy returned the nod. “But I did realize something at the end of that set…I still had energy to save you. I thought I had given it my all, but I guess I still had something left. I know I shouldn’t say thank you for almost drowning, but thank you,” Jeremy chuckled awkwardly because he knew there was no other way to say what he just said.

‘It was a weird thing to say, but I totally understood. Every athlete needs to experience that moment at some point in their career.’ “I’m happy you got smething from it, because I will not be doing it again. But if something similar happens, act the same and save me.” I laughed but then shivered at the thought of experiencing it again.
Passing out in a pool is always a fear for athletes. Now understanding the importance of supervision.

“George. Are you alright?” Coach had come back onto the pool deck; just as Micheal went back into the office.

“Yeah Coach. I’m all good. Once again you pushed me past my breaking point; but I think this time it was beyond my breaking point.

Coach ran his fingers through his hair, and wiped his hand down his face. “Don’t ever push yourself that far again. You should have taken another breath. I knew something was wrong when your arm and leg stopped moving. It is better to take another breath, than lose functions of your limbs. Just think if that had been an actual race,” Coach had squatted down to be at my level. “Losing limbs would be slower than taking a two tenths of second breath.”

“I understand Coach,” I understood Coach’s concern but it was hard to believe he was telling me to breath in the no breathing zone. “Do we have to run home?”

“Please no. I don’t think my legs can hold me up. Especially now since my walking stick is broken,” Jeremy forcibly laid back down on his back.

“No. I would be reprimanded by the lifeguards and your parents if I did that. Also I don’t want to watch this one collapse again,” Coach thumb in my direction.

“Nice. I’ve become, this one and a walking stick in a short period of time,” as I attempted to roll my body up into a standing position.

“Easy George. You are going to lose your balance,” Coach stood up to help me stand on my feet.

I was grateful for Coach’s support because I don’t think I would be standing without him. “You need help too, Jeremy?”

“Nope. I’m good. Just a little lite headed because of lack of food. Can we get lunch on the drive back to the house?” Jeremy stood, but seemed a bit wobbly.

“Sure. The paramedics said once you can stand by yourself you should be able to eat solid food. Can you,” Coach instinctively let go of my body.

I had a momentarily panic that I was going to tumble over, but instead my legs held my body up firm. ‘Sweet. That means I can enjoy some food.’ “Let’s go eat!”

We three walked, slightly waddled, to the truck. Our limbs were so weak that Coach had to actually help us climb up into the seats. We were buckled up and we’re ready to go, but Coach was not moving.

“Coach?” I asked and Coach seemed to jump out of his skin.

“Sorry boys. but I need to say this before driving. Coach unbuckled and turned to face Jeremy in the back seat. “I apologize for being harsh last night. I now can see why George befriended you. One day when my daughter forgives you, you will be fully welcomed into our home,” Coach turned back around, fastned his seatbelt, and put the truck in drive mode.

I was amazed, but also proud of Jeremy. I looked into the rearview mirror to see a confused, but pleased smile on Jeremy’s face. I relaxed back into my seat and looked out the windshield to see what food would be our desitination.

Word Of The Day: Propitiate 11-06-21

Synonyms: appease, pacify, make peace with, etc.

Living in darkness,

With no noticeable escape.

You live to appease,

Not provoke.

Constantly being cautious,

Never thriving.

Your limbs are bruised,

Your mind is suffocated,

You attempt to stay calm;

Praying for peace.

Darkness is submerging you,


Fight to get the light.

Ask for help,

Speak the truth.

Life is better than pride.

When I heard the synonyms my initial thought was a brutal relationship.

I personally don’t have any experience. But I have watched one unfold. Sometimes it just takes a nudge from someone or the person personally to say enough is enough.

Asking for help is never a bad thing. You are actually the bravest person to me if you ask for help when you desperately need it. Life. Living. Thriving. Is more important than anything.

Striving For Light” B
y emily2jane

Stay strong. You are never alone. You always have God beside you. Everything is in his hands.

Which I’m in that place as of now; regarding wanting another baby. If I’m meant to have another one God will let it happen. But if not, maybe I’m meant to only have one.

Have a strong Saturday!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 22

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 21


“You are not giving it your all!” Coach yelled at us as we both clutched the wall like it was a saftey haven.

“Coach…the run killed…” I said as I gasped for air. My legs were on fire.

“That is no reason. I’ve given you worse sets before. Have you really become so soft?” Coach sipped at his coffee.

“Dude. Talking is pointless,” Jeremy slapped my shoulder, “Let’s just continue,” Jeremy coughed out, as he climbed once again onto the blocks.

‘Yeah. What am I saying. Maybe the lack of oxygen was clouding my judgement.’ I followed Jeremy’s lead and once again climbed the block. “Let’s go again.”

“Are you sure. You seemed to talk back a moment ago. Do you want to quit?” Coach stared at the two of us.

“No. Continue. I’m not done,” I took my stance, ready for the Go!

Jeremy nodded and followed my lead now.

“Fine,” Coach pulled his stopwatch out again and put his whistle back in his mouth. “Take your mark…Go!” The whistle sounded and we left.

My feet left the block. This was my thirtieth fifty. Coach was pushing us to be better but my body was dead. I stretched my arms, trying to capture as much water to propel myself forward. My legs were moving but I had no idea how quickly; they were completely numb. I knew I was breathing way too much, but my lungs were on fire. Turn; feet exploded off the wall. ‘Keep going. You need to do this. Coach is watching.’ My arms were failing me; they felt more like jelly than limbs. Ten yards to go. I took my last breath and put my head down. I was going to finish this. ‘Finish…no…’ My left arm cramped up; I could no longer feel it. ‘No, keep going!’ Five yards. Lack of oxygen must be the cause of my body dying. As if planned, my right leg cramped enough that it stopped moving. ‘Go.’ Five, four, three, two, wall!

I could hear voices, but it was all dark around me. ‘What’s going on? Jeremy? Coach? Hello?’ I could feel someone lifting my body up and placing my on a hard surface. ‘Really! What is happening? And why can’t I see anything?’ Finally I heard Coach’s voice distinively.

“How is he? Is he responsive? Do I need to call an ambulance?”

‘Responsive? Ambulance?’ “I’m fine,” I tried to say, but it must have been subconiously, because I was ignore.

“If he doesn’t respond in one mintue I will have you call 911,” the voice right above me said.

“Dude!” Jeremy coughed out panically, but then choked on his next words, “…wake up…dude…”

Jeremy must have given up talking since it grew quiet again. ‘What is that? Air?’

“Call 911. He is still unresponsive,” the voice said above me.

The puffs of air continued, and I could hear a panicked Coach voice speak on the phone.

“Yes. Male. He is seventeen years old. He passed out in a pool after an intense swimming set. Please hurry. Nothing can happen to him,” Coach’s voice seemed…panicked. “Thank you. They will be here in ten minutes or faster,” Coach said back in my direction.

“Understood. I’ll continue CPR. Micheal,” the voice yelled away from himself.

“Yeah,” another voice answered.

“Come help me,” the voice said as he continued the puffs of air. “Also, keep an eye on the other swimmer. He doesn’t look so good either.”

“I’m good…Just… my stomach is screaming for food,” Jeremy melted to the deck. He no longer had the energy to hold himself up.

“I got it,” Micheal said as he quickly dashed away and came back quickly with, I’m assuming, food.

“Thanks,” Jeremy said.

“Control yourself, or you will choke,” the voice above me said. “Come on, George. Wake up. You need to wake up.”

‘Believe me. I am trying, but nothing I’m doing seems to be working.’ Jeremy was talking about food and I could feel my stomach grumble with jealousy. Pretty much yelling at me to feed it too. Sirens began to blare in the background. ‘I don’t want to be taken off to a hospital. God, please wake me up! WAKE UP!’

Is This Happy?

I’ve had a strange 10hrs.

An exciting, crazy, strange,

24 hours.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

Not too early,

Not too late.

I woke up happy at 3:28.

I’m drifting back to sleep,

Right now;

Confused, ecstatic, and pleased.

Am I happy?

Is this real?

We will see how I feel,

In another…now 3 hours.

If the happiness continues,

Or if destruction to all,

Is coming.

Not quite sure. Just woke up. And honestly as I was drifting back to sleep I started this poem. And instead of ignoring it I decided to jot it down. It is currently 4:01am and I am awake happy.

Confused and excited are perfect descriptions for how I am feeling. Maybe it’s because of all the Dr. Seuss books read at story time yesterday.

We will see in the next three hours. Whether I am a beautiful butterfly when I wake up…or a scary dragon will emerge from bed.

Have a very confusing Friday!

I was originally going to post this on Friday. But since my sleeping schedule was all topsy-turvy I am now posting this poem on Saturday.

So have a nice slumbering Saturday!

Word Of The Day: Hector 10-25-21

Synonyms: bully, intimidate, badger, torment, harass, etc.

Shoved into a corner,

No one is for me.

The eyes are filled with hate,

The hands try to suffocate me.

Tormenting me alone.

Pressure making me crumble.

This will never change,

Everything will remain.

Unless I change.

Bullies are usually bullied as well. But the pleasure people get from bullying people is disgusting. No one should ever be seen as prey, or weak. But still it happens.

“Never Should Be.”
By emily2jane

The only way to defeat the bully is for you yourself to become strong. Bullying can come in any form. Not just a physical aspect like you see in the movies.

But become strong. Be unwilling to change for anyone. When the bully can no longer control you with any means they will give up. But don’t just stop there. If the bully stops and moves onto another person; go and be that support for the new person. Don’t let them suffer alone. Help them build themselves up, and make them unmoving. And so on.

Have a strong Tuesday!

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 21

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 20


“WAKE UP!…” Coach threw open the door of our bedroom. Only to find the bed stripped and the two of us on opposite sides of the bed. But on the floor. “What the? Why are both of you on the floor?”

I knew why, so I didn’t respond. I just ignored the unwelcomed vistor.

Jeremy groggily sat up from his position. I should say, he groaned is way up; because the noises he made were hilarious. “What?” he looked up at the bed. “Where is he?”

Coach pointed to the opposite of where Jeremy was sitting.

Jeremy begrudingy stood, crawled onto the bed, and gazed over the bed trying to see me. “You idiot. I gave you the bed last night. If I had known, I would have slept up here.”

‘I guess the thought of more sleep is out of the question.’ I hoisted my cramped body up so that I could look Jeremy in the eye. “Really? I thought you were on the floor for reflection?”

“Right. True. Neither of us deserved the bed. What’s for breakfast?” Jeremy expectantly asked Coach.

Coach stood there confused about what that exchange was just now. But he shook his head, “What do you mean breakfast? It’s only four-thirty in the morning. You need a workout before breakfast.” Coach grinned that grin that I know all too well.

“Four-thirty!” Jeremy exclaimed as he leaned back over to his side, digging around under the bed for his phone. Finally fishing it out he checked time; indeed it read four-thirty. “Are you crazy?” Jeremy reached back down the side of the bed and grabbed the comforter and drapped it over his body.

‘That’s stupid to do in front of Coach. I would have waited until he left the room.’ I sighed and got up from the floor. If Coach says it’s time to workout, you don’t fight it. Or it will be ten times worse.

“George,” Coach pointed at Jeremy to get up, “we leave in five,” and Coach left the room.

I could hear Coach quickly walk down the stairs. “Dude. Dude,” nothing. ‘Maybe he actually fell asleep.’ I walked over to the mound on the bed and lowered my head to where his head presumably would be. Sure enough a soft repetitve breathing was coming from the blanket. ‘Yep. The idiot fell asleep again.’ “Dude!” I yelled at the blanket and jabbed him in, what I assumed was his side, as hard as possible.

“Yyyyyaaaouch!!” Jeremy yelped and jolted up, falling off the bed.

I couldn’t help it, and I busted into laughter. ‘That was awesome.’ “Dude. We’ve now got, I check my watch, “two minutes until we need to be downstairs and ready. Move your butt,” I quickly threw on some exercise pants and a sport jacket. “One mintue,” counting down seemed like the only way to motivate Jeremy. He was at least trying to quickly get dress.

We both were putting our shoes on when we heard the loud, “Thirty seconds!” from Coach downstairs.

We bolted, even before our shoes were tied. We were down the stairs and quickly tying our shoes as Coach continued to count down, “thirteen, tweleve, eleven,…”

Finally finished with my shoes, I stood up ready for the torture to begin.

“Three, two, one, good. Not great, but good,” Coach glanced at the two of us. “I’ll be getting in my truck, and you two will be running until I get tired. Fair?”

‘Not fair. Not one bit.’ But there is no way I was going to say that out loud. I just nodded.

Jeremy looked shocked, but he too didn’t argue.

“Good,” Coach grabbed his truck keys and walked towards to his vehicle. “Well? You gonna start?” Coach waved at us, while pausing before getting in his truck.

‘Right.’ I left the porch and started the long trek on the road. ‘I wonder when Coach will get tired?’ I looked around to make sure the idiot was following me, and he was just to my right. I heard the truck behind us, and I was about to stop and let him through.

Almost instantly, Coach pulled up beside us, “Don’t you dare stop. I’ll see you in my rearview mirror. If you stop I will magically wake up more. Now get going,” and the truck roared directly in front of us. Just enough ahead, that we couldn’t catch up.

‘This is going to be a long morning.’ We continued down that never ending road.

“When…is this..going to…end?” Jeremy said gaspng for air as we continued to run.

‘I had no idea.’ The sun was just beginning to rise. Meaning it must be closer to five. ‘Thirty minutes! I knew coach was brutal, but I think this was a bit
Again I was not going to be the one to say anything. “Just keep… going,” I retorted back to Jeremy as I continued my pace behind Coach’s truck.

“Ahggg…” Jeremy grumbled, but he too continued.

The truck suddenly showed break lights. ‘Break lights?!? Awesome sauce.’ Our trek must be over. The truck pulled to the left and the engine shut off.

“Thank…you,” Jeremy wheezed out as he seemed to pick up his pace until he reached the grassy patch in front of the truck. He collapsed to the floor.

‘Idiot. His legs are going to be burning when he stands back up.’ I kept my pace and paused, standing next to Jeremy’s collapsed body. Coach was still in the truck. “Coach?…” ‘What is he looking at?’ I followed his gaze behind me…‘no.’ There behind us was the city pool. Turning my eyes back to coach I saw that smirk smile. The smile that meant death was coming. “Dude. I wouldn’t just be still. Stretch or you are going to regret it,” I whispered down, nudging Jeremy’s sprawled out body; just as Coach exited his truck.

“You two,” Coach stopped, looking down at the dead Jeremy. Coach chuckled and looked back to me, “Get him up and ready. He’s not too smart for collapsing. I’m going to enjoy this,” Coach walked past me and towards the pool.

“What does he mean not too smart?” Jeremy sat up quickly. “Ah…my head,” Jeremy grabbed his forehead.

The blood must have rushed back to his brain.’ “Exactly,” I reached down and pulled Jeremy to his feet. Or at least I pulled him up. As I expected his legs could not hold up his weight.

“Where did he go?” Jeremy clung to my shoulder as I turned him around to the direction Coach had left. “No. He’s kidding right!?” Jeremy had finially joined the situation.

“That’s Coach for you. You should have listened and stretched,” we started to follow.

“Your coach is crazy. Mine was a mean piece of work, but your’s is…” Jeremy thought for a good description.

“Hurry up you two!” Coach’s voice yelled to us.

‘Crap.‘ “Pick up the pace or I’m leaving you here,” I pretended to let go of Jeremy.

“Dude,” Jeremy latched onto me, “okay.”

We picked up the pace and reached the front gate; where Coach and, I’m assuming, the head lifeguard stood.

“Get ready. Suits and googles are in the restroooms,” Coach shook the lifeguard’s hand again and entered the deck.

‘Yep. Death is near.’