Journey With Cookbooks #24

Today’s recipe is Costco’s Chicken Bakes.

The bacon is done already from breakfast; and I have almost all the correct ingredients!

I’m actually not listening to music this time. I’ve been listening to DryBar YouTube comedy videos. They are my kind of humor. 😆

I’ve been wanting to snack all day…so I decided to have a yummy food for dinner. Also in the high hopes that my daughter would eat it.

Homemade pizza dough

I’ve become picky with pizza dough. Mine is delicious and I know what’s in it!

Ranch and bacon

The recipe says ranch or Caesar dressing. I have ranch. I shall use ranch.

2 chicken breast.

I’ve been trying to use less chicken in recipes and only make a smaller amount. I’ve come to find out I can stretch two chicken breasts pretty far.

Cook the chickens about 15min
Look at this!

You are probably wondering why I’m pointing out this amazing paper covered pan…because I didn’t read the next step and it said to oil the pan…😑


I’m saving that paper. Not so much for the being frugal… but because one day I’m going to use it correctly and when it is needed and I shall do a wonderful maniacal laugh!! Mwahahahahahaha!!

Back on topic…

Chicken is cooking nicely!

I’ve always cooked chicken a solid 20min. No matter how it is chopped…so my chicken has been pretty dry, 8 times out of 10. So I looked up How long to cook cubed chicken? Google says 15min…I shall trust google…

My rolling station is complete!
Look at that bowl…

Not the bowl of bacon…but the bowl of death… usually you only see about 1-2 TBSP in a salad… but not the cup amount in that bowl.


I always drain the chicken. Only when it is being added to something else.




Best part! I would totally sample some but I wouldn’t have enough.

Cheese and chicken!

Even though I’m using less chicken, I don’t skimp out of the serving size of the chicken!

Roll similar to a burrito…

Sandwich/ burrito…I now know how wraps were discovered…

On the greased pan!

Stupid greased pan…


I ran out of mozzarella cheese…like in the entire house. We just went to Costco too.


The recipe said to make 6…but let’s be honest I wanted a big one for dinner. Don’t worry I’ll be eating some celery later…

So that is an egg/ lite ranch/ pizza seasoning topping wash. It smells delicious!


I of course had let the kitchen go a little crazy because I’ve been drawing and painting. Moms out there… you understand, you give yourself some you time and the house falls apart…


For mine I used less ranch. I wanted to keep it a little healthier, but I wanted to eat all the delicious dough! So realistically not that much healthier…

So excited!

Look Like Photo: 8. But who really cares about this part…you want to know about the taste…

Taste: 10!! So delicious! I will definitely be making this again. But probably not often because of the amount of calories I just devoured.

Easiness: 9. It wasn’t really hard. Quite simple if you have all the ingredients. Just the prep, before the oven, is what takes most of the time.

Overall a keeper!!

DryBar Video to watch:

Your Dumb Friend – Cam Bertrand

This was the video I watched. My hubby kept looking at me funny, as I busted up in laughter. Only I could hear it. Haha, I probably looked insane.

Enjoy your Tuesday! 🤤

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 11

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 10


-Present Day-

“Don’t even speak; I’m going to continue. But dude, calm down; you are going to cut of the circulation in your arms if you don’t let go,” Ken paused briefly.

I looked down and my arms were indeed turning purple, and my knucles were white. I relaxed enough to regain a feeling in my limbs. But only enough for that. Instead of
asking anything, I nodded to Ken to make him continue.

-After The Mall Incident-

The only reason we knew of the mall incident was because Brit heard it from Jenny a few months later. That summer was not a happy one. We would visit Jenny as much as we could, but she seemed like a zombie whenever we showed up.

She, along with her parents, agreed she should be homeschooled. She would not be continuing her senior year with us. It hit Brit really hard; she no longer had, her words, a ‘sane girlfriend’. We didn’t know she left until one day we came to visit.


“Ding-Dong” Matthew, Ken, and Brit stood at the front door of Jenny’s house. We knew someone was home because of the sound of footsteps.

“Coming!” Mrs. Brown answered the door. “Oh. Hello you three,” Jenny’s mom just stood there, like a deer in headlights.

“Mrs. Brown?” Brit waved her hand in front of Jenny’s mom’s face.

“Oh. Sorry. Come in,” Mrs. Brown stepped aside letting us enter into their home…

Everything was in boxes. “What’s going on?” We three yelled unexpectedly together.

Mrs. Brown jumped back from our explosive voices. “Wow! Did my husband not tell you? That man,” Mrs Brown sat down in the only avaliable chair.

“Mrs. Brown?” Brit went towards Jenny’s mom and crouched down to look up into her face. “Where is Jenny?”

“Jenny left,” Mrs. Brown brushed away a tear. “She accepted the offer from the Fine Art Insitute in Belguim. She will be finishing her senior year there, and then continuing into college.”

Brit gasped and looked up towards Matthew and myself. Her expression was identical to mine, and when I side glanced Matthew it was the same. Shock morphing into
sadness. ‘She just left.’

“She just left us. Without saying goodbye?” Brit turned back to Mrs. Brown, and she was tearing up. “Why…how could she…”

Mrs. Brown reached down and embraced Brit into a hug. “She was depressed. You know. You saw it the last time you were here. She just kept staring at the walls…” Mrs. Brown pulled away from Brit and wiped her own tears away. “Until…one day she painted a beautiful painting on her bedroom wall. It took my breath away. I… would you like to see it?”

We all nodded. Brit stood up from the floor and followed after Mrs. Brown. Once we stepped into Jenny’s room we understood what Jenny’s mom meant. It was the six of us. Matthew stood next to Brit with his arm around her waist. Ken was next; one of his arms draped over Brit all the way to Matthew’s shoulder. While the other arm draped over Jerry who stood next to him. Next was Jenny, and beside her was George; George also had his arm around Jenny’s waist. It was like a memory was captured on the wall. We all pulled out our phones and took pictures of Jenny’s creation.

“I never knew Jenny was so artistic,” Brit said into the silence.

“Yeah. She painted me exactly. Where did she learn?” Matthew also asked.

“I knew she loved to doodle, but I never knew she could do this. It was impressive enough, that I sent a picture of it to my friend at the insitute and maybe a week later we recieved her acceptence letter in the mail. It was a God’s send,” Jenny’s mom ran her hand over the image of her daughter. “This is how I’ll remember my baby; radiant and carefree. After everything that happened I was not about to say no to her escape. Mr. Matthews helped expentially; we would not have been able to send her without his help,” Mrs. Brown stepped back to us, “so I hope you three can understand her descion.”

“Of course. I am excited to see what she will accomplish when she learns some new skills,” Brit said walking up to Mrs. Brown, pulling her into a hug. “Come on, you two.”

Matthew and I walked over and joined into the group hug before Mrs. Brown could protest. We stayed there until the front door opened.

“Dear? Are you home? Who’s car is out front?” Coach yelled from the living room.

“We are in Jenny’s room,” Mrs. brown yelled but stayed in her current position. As soon as coach came into the room, he too joined into the group hug.

-Present Day-

“Wow. I didn’t know Jenny was an artist; I thought I knew everything about her,” I was shocked that I never knew this. “Can I see the picture?”

Ken pulled out his phone and showed me.

It was fantastic. She captured us perfectly. I knew what day this day was. It was way before the almost confession; back when we had no concerns, and I loved her. Looking
at this painting, I remebered why I loved her. She was and probably still is as beautiful. She was radiant just as Mrs. Brown said. My old feelings were trying to resurface; so I pushed them aside and went back to the conversation at hand.

“Did Coach and Jenny’s mom move?” I asked remembering the part where they said everything was boxed up.

“Not really. They didn’t sell their house, but they did move into a rental in Northern California. Your dad really helped them out; they are actually renting from your dad,” Jerry had chimmed in now. “That’s why we said they were on a trip earlier; because we had to tell you the back story first.”

‘That’s just like Dad. I’ll have to tell him thank you tomorrow.’ “What about Coach and coaching?”

“He did finish coaching for our senior year; he stayed with your Dad for those six-ish months,” Ken looked away before continuing, “but he quit.”

‘Coach quit. No way!’ “Seriously!? Coaching is his life.”

“Well after what the vice principle said to him about Jenny, I was surprised he lasted his last year. The guy pretty much told Coach that he was a horrible father and that
he needs to discipline Jenny more so that she will make better lifestyle choices.”

‘I’m surprised that Coach didn’t slug him.’ “Coach has some good self control; if it had been me, the vice would have been on the floor.”

“Oh believe me. Coach said he wanted to slug him, but he thought of it this way… if he leaves on his own terms he could always return after all the nonsense dies down. Only unless the vice principle is no longer at the school. Coach said if he had to see his face again he would…,” Jerry smirked and I knew exactly what would happen to the vice. “So now Coach, Mrs. Brown, and Lily are just living their lives in Northern California.”

“Right. How did Lily take all of the nonsense and change?” Remembering about my important little helper. ‘I wonder how big she is now?

“Well…Lily is now almost a teenager, so she was and is in her abnoxious stage of life. She complained about leaving, especially after Jenny had already left for Europe. She didn’t understand why her life had to end just beacause her stepsister’s did. Man she is a pain,” Ken was beginning to yawn. “Well Jerry do you want to give your input or…”

I could tell that they both were exhausted. I totally forgot that Ken also had to wake up, to get to LAX, early enough to pick us up. “Let’s finish tomorrow. I’m exhausted, and you both look awful. I guess you and Ken are using the other rooms, beacuse,” pointing down at the still totally passed out Jeremy, “he is out, and I have no intention of moving him. You?”

“Nah. Leave him there,” Ken said standing.

“Wow. Not caring about your new best bud,” Jerry jabbed at Ken who did not avoid it because he was so exhausted he couldn’t move fast enough.

“Ouch… I’m too tired to care. Let’s go to sleep. I need to look somewhat human by tomorrow afternoon,” Ken almost left the room. “See ya tomorrow George, or I guess later today.” Ken left to find his room.

“Yeah, see you, George. If I get a call from my boss and I have to be on shift tomorrow, I will stop by at night and recap things,” Jerry gave my shoulder a squeeze and he too left my room.

I thought I would lay there restless because of all the new knowledge I had gained, but instead my brain shut off and I was out.

Stay Awake!

There have been some strange noises at our house outside. And it seems to always happen when my husband is at work… scary right?

Well the hubby asked me to stay awake until he got home at 4am…I made it to 12:36am…😵‍💫

Because of that…this is my post for the day. Since I woke up late, and I didn’t have anything else prepared.

Stay Awake

Have a wonderful Friday! 🎉

A Piece

Colors bleed,

Mixing and twisting;

Becoming one.

Light defies darkness;

Casting aside,

Into the shadows,

While instead gleams thrive.

Someone is watching you;

Your eyes meet.

Dare to look away?


Question their story,

Push the boundaries;

Enter their fantasy.

I’ve been drawing. It seems like it has taken over my life once again. The poem is inspired by artwork. If you label yourself as an artist you understand, not being able to look away. Wanting to understand everything about the piece.

Recently I’ve decided to redraw my old drawings. As I started, I discovered that my old drawings are from 10 years ago…! (I never throw anything away…)

I now have 10 more years of experience, 10 more years of supplies, 10 more years of patience.

I’ll share the few I’ve done. It’s only been 2 days since I decided to try this…and remember I have a 2 year old. It’s been hard to stop my creative bug; and return back into a responsible mama…


I believe I found this off the internet. I have no recollection of where or by whom…but I am sure it did not look like this.

It’s not too bad. But seeing it makes me wonder why I didn’t measure out a square…or even attempt to make the border straight…


This is my impression of my impression from 10 years ago… I like this one better!

I went all spiffy on it and added the stars detail with paint… because I can. 😎

Next one…


This picture…I believe the stance of the girl was off the internet, but it was just a black line drawing of the girl. I did all the rest from my imagination.

I must say. I still like this one. It’s inspiring! Embrace life! Be free!


This one is still beautiful, but it seems more… graceful. I’m actually not completely done with this one. I still need to add some details.

In all of this, it has been fun to go back in time and see my old self in my art.

Maybe you should try this too! Dig through the drawers and find a drawing, painting, doodle; and redraw it. Maybe your skills have improved too!

Enjoy your Thursday! May it be filled with color!

Art Life Today!

Since I’ve moved my art stuff into the living room I’ve actually been drawing more! I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it…

For Christmas this year I’ve planned to give people paintings. I’ve finished part of my mom’s and I’m in the process of my little brother’s.

I found out from my spies (mom and sister) that there is a painting that my brother keeps seeing at Home Depot. It’s a print of course, but I totally understand. It’s by Leonid Afremov. He is my favorite artist!! But the painting is not one of his typical ones; which gave me a challenge. I love challenges. 😎

So when you are painting someone’s art I believe in drawing it first. Because then you put your own spin on it. Why paint it exactly the same? That’s boring. It’s your impression of their work. So in a way…it becomes your own.

This was day one.

I decided to use my markers. I knew it was not going to give me the effect I wanted, but I was going to put in the effort and frame the end product.

I actually used the perspective training you get in fifth grade…it actually looks. This is the first time I’m mapped out my drawing. I usually just wing it!


Again I forgot to take pictures of the stages. But this is the finished product! I actually really like it! It is already framed and finished.

You don’t get that wet feeling with markers but it still works.

This composition was on accident.

I had the wood slices on my desk…I needed a propping type thing… I really liked how this picture looked so I’m sharing it. Haha 😂.

So now all I have to do is paint! I’m planning on using a canvas I found from the thrift store. Repurposing!! I’m using oil paints! And because of the smell; I’ll be doing this outside.

So excited!

I haven’t painted with oil paints in almost…4 years! 😳 I’ve missed the smell; I like the smell. It reminds me of my college days where I took a painting class twice a week; it was an 8 hour class…!

My set-up is on a folding, lifted table. Drop cloth for cleanliness! And I’m located under the carport. It is a prefect makeshift painting area!

Mapping out my canvas…

This is my first time doing this…I thought I should because there is a lot of perspective involved, and that is not my strong suit, with freehand.

Day one!

Again another first…I used to make my first layer just by just coating the canvas with the primary color…in this case it is white…so I found that ridiculous. So I did what my teachers were trying to tell me, and mapped out my painting with thin paint.

Weird…it actually works! 😅 This is going to save me so much paint! I was just stubborn before…

Well that as far as I go today! Don’t worry I will be better at taking pictures through my process.

Enjoy your Wednesday! We are off to story time at the library! 🌼

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 10

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 9


-Back to Present-

I don’t know when, but Jeremy was passed out next to me. I guess he will be staying in this room tonight. I really can’t blame him; it’s…midnight. Wow, midnight…!? No wonder, we got up at three-thirty this morning. I would probably be out too except I was fuming. I got a surge of energy, hearing about what happened to Jenny. Now I understand their misunderstanding towards Jeremy. But I also feel bad for Jeremy; these past two years he has been labeled as scum without even knowing.

“So? What happened?” I questioned Ken. Looking to Jerry, who was just looking down and away.

Ken glanced at me, “You sure dude? You look awful. When did you wak…”

“There is no way I’m sleeping now,” I clenched my fists but sat there calmly.

“Just continue Ken. It’s almost to my part…” Jerry interuppted.

“Okay…” Ken began again…

-Six Months After The First Day Of School-

We thought that was the end of it. Jenny almost dropped out of school after the first day; she was planning to be homeschooled. However, Coach talked her out of it. He assured Jenny that, “No one will bring it up again; if they do they will deal with me.” Coach was pretty awesome. So Jenny decided to trust her stepdad and stay in school. All was back to normal. We went to classes, went to practices, swam at few invitational meets; just our normal everyday lives. Until…

The whispering began. I wouldn’t really call it whispering…it was more like hushed discussions; that would always seem to stop the moment Jenny came into a room. We as a group decided to just ignore them. The worst they were doing was being stupid and spreading gossip. So again we lived our normal lives. Then…

The whispers made it to functions, the grocery store, the outlet shops, etc; everyone would talk about the nonsense. But I think that day…is when it broke Jenny…


“Did you hear about that girl from the local high school,” a worker said to another.

“You mean the one that cheated on her current boyfriend with ten other boys?”

“Yeah, that one. But I heard it was twelve boys. But who cares about the number. She is a disgusting person. I am surprised she has the nerve to stay in this town… Where did you hear it from?”

I heard it from my sister, who heard it from her neighbor, who heard it from a newcomer at church. It seems like it has spread past this city’s limits.”

“Good. We need to get rid of the trash in our city. I hope she leaves.”

“Yes. But don’t you wonder what she looks like? She must be pretty for being able to date all those guys.”

“You never know. She could look like anything; she could be horribly ugly,” she laughed.

“All the more reason to throw out garbage,” she chuckled along with the other woman.

“Excuse me?” a small voice broke up their conversaition.

Both women returned to their upright positions, “Oh yes, what can I help you with?”

“I…would like…” Jenny was trying to form a sentence.

“Are you all right? Do you need anything?” The women quickly handed Jenny tissues once they saw the tears.

She had been in the dressing room, next to the women talking. Jenny wanted to confront the women at the start, but she was also curious about what the rumor actually was. Brit, Matthew, and Ken had made junior year possible because I had not heard any of the nonsense being spread. It was great to have such awesome friends. So being in that dressing room, hearing the beginning of the rumor that was about her; she wanted to know. She was now regretting her decision; mostly because she now knew she could not, and would not stay in this city another year. But here she stood in front of the women that broke her, and they didn’t care one bit. ‘They even scoffed at my pain.’

“I….I…” the tears were coming tenfold. “No….thank you…” and Jenny turned to leave the store without buying the dress she loved.

Opening the door and hoping to disappear quickly and quietly, instead she heard another customer say, “You do know that was the girl right? I am happy she is gone. She was ruining this place with her presence.”

Jenny left. She could hear the gasps from people around her. She weaved through the crowds, and finally made it to the elevator. Tears burned on her cheeks. The doors opened, she was hoping it would be a safe haven; instead the elevator was full. Also the whispers began as soon as she stepped through the doors. However, this time it was crystal clear what they were saying about her. “That’s the girl…the cheater…the female… I heard she…she did this…this is what happened…” she couldn’t drown out the noise any longer.

‘Just make it to the car. You will be alone at the car.’ The elevator opened and she dashed out before everyone. ‘Get to the car. Get to the…car…’ Words of profanity were plastered all over her car. Red paint spilled down over the windshield. ‘My car…’ The tears came, and they were not about to stop. Quickly she walked away from her car. Instead she made her way to the stairwell and started to climb.

Digging out her phone and trying to regain her composure, “Mom. Do you think you could come pick me up?”

“Sure honey. What’s wrong with your car?” Mrs. Bailey seemed to be distracted.

Jenny couldn’t hold it together and started balling. “Mom…I…” Jenny just sobbed and was unable to talk to her mom.

“Honey. Honey!?! Okay…you can’t answer. Go to the fifth floor of the parking garage. Do you hear me?”

“Mmhmm,” was all Jenny could muster between to sobs.

“Don’t do anything rash. I’m coming my darling. Stay strong! I’ll stay on the line, I’m here. I’ll just listen…I’m leaving now!”

“Mmhmm…” the sobs were subsiding as Jenny finally made it to the fifth floor. Thankfully it was not the roof; knowing from experiences that many teenagers hang out up there. She sat in the empty stairwell and waited for her mom to come.

Word Of The Day: Flexuous 08-04-21

Synonyms: bending, crooked, curving, meandering, serpentine, etc.

The start,

Is vast,

Calming cheer,


Troubles and worries,

Never exist.


Constantly fast,

Never care or fear.

Always gleeful,

Twists and turns,

Whatever you please.



Was it all a riddle?

Still living in the past.

Career disappeared.

Body crooked and feeble.

Desires still burns.

But feel the cool breeze.



My time has come.

Life stabbed by the knife.

Waddle down the path,

Only to fiddle and twiddle.

Shows great contrast.

My destination cleared.

Direct like a needle.

No returns.

God hear my pleas.


I wrote about life. The journey of life has twists, turns, hills, and great falls. That what I thought of when I read the synonyms of flexuous.

Take life one day at a time. You never know what’s around the corner.

Enjoy your Sunday 🌼

Digital Art
by emily2jane

Life As A Mama #47

This actually happened this morning. The positive side of this…is I finally had something to draw…😑

Mama is peacefully sleeping. Not dreaming just sleeping!
In the darkness…”mama…mama…”
Please no…no…
Light! Blahhhhh!
“No Eli. Turn it off!”
She was tanking the pillow off my face as she yelled at me.
I knew it was early…but not that early…ugh…
Mama is not happy…😒

You know those days where something wakes you up and you just know it’s early…that’s awful in itself… Then add the flooding of light…!

Why does she always wake up early on Sundays. I try and make her sleep in so she will be in a happy mood for church. But nope. She foils my plans every week.

I’ve been awake now 3 hours 11 min. Please pray for my head… because the exhaustion headache is going to be real later…

Have a happy Sunday. I will try to stay awake. 💕

Original Comic
By emily2jane

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 9

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 8


-Same Day-

Jenny was still in the nurse’s office. Whereas, Matthew, Ken, and Brit stood in front of the Vice Principal’s desk. They were getting a thrashing for their behavior. The video evidence from various students were apprehended. Thankfully it was, because you were able to see what happened, but also hear what was said. Derek and Trevor were in the corridor outside. They would be on the chopping block next.

“I understand you were defending Miss Jennifer, but violence is never the answer; why is there always
violence within your group.” The vice principal just looked down at his desk and the various forms he would have to sign due to this altercation.

Matthew, Ken, and Brit showed no remorse, they did not falter and continued to look forward. ‘I would have, and I’m sure they would too, done the same thing again,’ Ken thought to himself as he side glanced his two accomplices.

“Of all days for him to take a day off,” the vice president looked to his superior’s desk. “I’ll have to punish you three, you understand that don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” all of us said collectively.

The vice looked up, “Do you regret it at all? Like you,” he pointed his pen at Matthew, “if I make this a bigger deal Mr. Matthew’s you could lose your perfect record. Are you so willing to do that for Miss Jennifer?”

“I would. Bullying should never be allowed,” Matthew answered without hesitating.

‘I was impressed,’ Ken thought to himself, ‘I forgot about Matthew’s scholarships…’

“Yes, yes. Bullying is awful. Alright. Since we have evidence that the fight was somewhat expected based on what the new students said, you three will recieve the same punishment that George had recieved. Volunteer in other clubs for one month. I will now deal with those two. If they stay here, they will have a pretty awful two years. Now leave my office, and get to class,” the vice shooed us to the door. “You two,” he pointed at Derek and Trevor, “Come in.”

Glares were exchanged between us three and them two. But their face changed to fear as soon as the vice started yelling at them.

“You two go to your classes, I’ll go check on Jenny,” Brit yelled over her shoulder as she skipped away and off to the nurse’s office.

We watched her until she was gone. I turned to Matthew, “Matthew, I agree with you a hundered percent; I would have reacted the same way, but you have worked so hard to go to a great college… would you have done the same if you had a chance to undo what happened?”

Matthew just stood there silently. He wasn’t responding as quick as he did before. “I would,” Matthew said calmly. “My goals for life should not just be based solely on academic achievement. I should have morals and take care of the people around me. So yeah, I would have acted the same; no matter the consequences.”

‘Wow.’ Ken was amazed at Matthew’s confidence.

“My parents are going to kill me, though” Matthew quietly stated as he started making his way to our next class.

‘True.’ Ken sprinted to catch up to him.


We decided to completely change the layout of our house… now three days ago…🥸

Haha! I mean completely! We moved our bedroom from the second floor to the basement. My art room from the basement to the living room. Eli’s bedroom from the second floor to the basement. The guest bedroom from the basement to the second floor.

The hubby’s “man cave” (more of a desk area) from the living room to the second floor; he now has an official man cave. He is super stoked!

All around it is now a better layout. We also get all the luxuries that we initially wanted. A bedroom with a bathroom attached. Laundry on the same floor as our bedrooms. And a man cave for the hubby.

But it meant carrying our king mattress down two floors and a queen mattress up two floors…😳 it was a lot! I’m amazed the hubby did not strangle me, as he tried to direct me and I was hearing the opposite. Haha!

I’m sore and exhausted. But I still have organizing to do! Which I like organizing! I would say it is a guilty pleasure. Especially now, since our house is completely flipped, I will be happy and content with all my new projects!!

Hope your life has not been completely flipped, but change it up and do something new today! It might just surprise you! 🎉