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Journey With Cookbooks #16

Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadilla!

Another Google recipe.

I wish I could find a cookbook that is only ground beef recipes…

This recipe says it takes 45min…🤨 another easy dinner!! A mom’s happy plan.

My ingredients!!
Defrost the ground beef.

When I initially brought the beef up, I thought I had already put it in water. But alas no, I did not. So now I have to wait the 30min.

The tunes are on!

Unless I am trying a new recipe I don’t listen to my iTunes. I usually just roll with my Spotify playlist. Mostly because I used to listen to wide range of music and I would rather Elizabeth’s first words be from an bad song.

Fears of a mama.

Back to cooking.

Dice the onion. Do you see the cute cow butter dish in the back!?! It was my hubby’s grandma’s. I am a lover of cows too!
I have chosen applesauce and corn for the sides to dinner. I know it’s not a real vegetable but it works.

I forgot to take a picture of cooking the beef, but let’s be honest…you know what it looks like. It looks the same as always. And this is me draining the fat off.

Oil, onion, salt, pepper!
And my foot down in the left bottom corner…

Sorry. I am a little goofy today as I write this recipe up. No, my foot is not included into the food.

It doesn’t seem right…?

This recipe does not have pictures with the steps. Hopefully this is right…

Warming up the cast iron skillet. I like how the tortilla crisps. The meat mixture looks okay now.

I love Tim McGraw.

I had to skip various songs. Some were too random for my brain. Also some had some colorful words.

Starting to look yummy!!

I added the green onions. It was not in the list of ingredients, but green onions always add more delicious flavors.

Interesting mix.

I’ve already given the hubby his and Elizabeth her Mac n cheese. This one is Mama’s!!

Of course the night I choose to make a quesadilla, is the day when we are out of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. 😞 it was still delicious but I was bummed about the lack of extras.

But to the scoring.

Look Like Picture: 9. Mostly because I used the cheese I had. It was the cheddar jack mix from Costco. Not really the right taste, but still worked.

Taste: 9. I think it worked. But I think it would better with some diced green chilies mixed in. I’ve been in a spicy mood. The hubby liked it. He gave it an 8, just because he wasn’t very hungry to begin with.

Easiness: 10! It was easy. Another easy peasy recipe for a baby brained mama. Meaning… “dumb moments”. I have those days occasionally often. 😂

Hope you enjoyed the post. But also my music playlist.

Pray But Don’t Hope…

Is today the day?

Not today.

Depression dwells.

Be strong!

Am I?


Sadness sinks.

She says,

Pray but don’t hope…


Not possible…

Maybe today!?!


Sorrow spreads.

I know not the most uplifting poem. But it’s my personal feelings these last few months.

My husband and I are trying to have another baby and it’s been hard. My doctor told me to pray, but to not have hope. That hope is the most crushing thing when trying to be pregnant.

I under what she is saying, but it doesn’t seem possible. So even though I want another little one, I have to keep my emotions in check with Elizabeth. She sometimes feeds off of my emotions. Depressed mama equals moody baby. Not fun for anyone.

So I guess this poem is for any mom or woman out there feeling the same. Just know, someone is going through the emotional twister with you. ❤️

Digital Art

Stay positive!! Spend your Sunday with loved ones and great friends. It’s what I plan to do.

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 43

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School Chapter 42


I made it to Matthew’s lane, just as he was stepping onto the blocks.

“Take your mark…Beep!”

I wanted to cheer for him, but I need to conserve my energy, so instead I just waved him onward. He was doing great. He was lapping a few of the lanes. ‘Come on Matthew!’ The last lap…

He dropped five seconds, with a time of 1:51.96. I yell down to him a “Good job dude,” and I head over to my lane. One more heat… I had Coach’s plan drilled into my brain. ‘Take it out eighty percent, and continue to add ten percent as the race continues.’ With all the noise going on behind the blocks it is hard to stay focused. However, the guy standing next to me had his music blaring, it was ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ Classic. So of course, now the chorus is stuck in my head.

Long whistle…The three short whistles…On the blocks. ‘Let’s Go!’ “Take your mark…Beep!”

Always, always listen to coach. I got fouth overall. With a time of 1:48.52, a best time by three seconds! I don’t know why anyone would not listen to Coach, he is a genius. Matthew got twelfth overall so he too would be swimming this event again on Friday! I went straight to cooldown. Even though I was hyped from my swim, I was hurting.

“Congratulations you two! You both swam exactly as I hoped,” Coach gave us his full attention. He gave us our splits and a few things to work on for Friday. “Ken is coming up, make sure you gather the team up to cheer for him at the end of his lane.”

We nodded. Matthew left, but I needed to grab my phone from Jenny. “Hey Jenny could you,” she gave it back to me as I was talking. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Good job on your race. What do you have next?” I could tell Jenny still beamed with excitment.

“The one hundred butterfly and one hundred freestyle,” I really just wanted to get the phone and head back to my seat at the team area. She was about to speak again, “Well thanks Jenny. I’ve got to go.” I turned and left. ‘Focus George. Focus. You have only a short time before your next two races.’

I had forgotten to cheer for the guys in their events. Maybe I was being too focused? I had gotten the highlights from Tom. Ken ninth in the two-hundred medley, Jerry third and Matthew sixth in the fifty freestyle. I saw Ken in the hundred butterfly; he was a few heats before me. Ken got tenth overall. I was once again in the cool down pool; I will probably be in here until the time! I did okay in my hundred butterfly…second! Also a best time…Coach was right. This is my meet! Only one more race. ‘My future depends on this next forty something seconds.

Jerry and I were in the same heat. Jerry was lane seven, while I was lane five. Jerk Jeremy, thankfully had been avoiding me all meet, was in lane three. Leaving lane four, Timothy White. Two people I had no intention of losing to. ‘It’s almost time! Oh Crap!I forgot to talk to coach before this race.’ I looked to him. He nodded. ‘Okay. At least I got that nod.’ My plan: chase down lane four.

Long whistle…‘This is it, George.’

Tweet, tweet, tweet!…step onto the blocks. ‘Chase.’

“Take your mark…”‘Four laps. Three turns.’


Word Of The Day: Altruism

Altruism…selflessness, charitable, generous, unselfish…

Warm, comfortable, and full.

They freeze, hurt, and starve.

Some grab, argue, or pull.

They accept, thank, and smile.

Few stay awhile.

They stay sometimes forever.

This poem might not make sense. Especially tying in the word of the day, but when I thought of a selfless person I thought of someone would give unconditionally.

As I am writing I am actually think of the real true selfless one: God; but initially for this poem I thought of comparing homeless and not. But the act of selflessness goes to the one who helps those in need.

Yes. It is hard to differentiate actual need from selfishness. I know you should not judge them. You should just be willing. But sadly I’ve changed.

When I had no care and I made enough, if I saw someone I would help. This was also before being homeless was a popular life plan.

But I would give them something they could use: a blanket, food, or sometimes my personal jacket without thinking twice.

But now you see people taking advantage. You see people in designer accessories, or some people with signs: ‘Need money. Don’t want to work,’ sitting on street corners.

But the one I will never think twice is a child. My heart breaks. I wish I could do more. Yes. It could be a possibility that they might be lying, but I will never walk by a child and not help. Anyone who can…😞

The word of the day is altruism. I must admit, I had no idea what it meant. But now I can add another word to my vocabulary!

I hope you can try to be selfless today. It doesn’t have be a certain type of person. It might be your buddy, colleague, or family. Just help without thinking. Brighten up someone’s day!

Digital Art by emily2jane

Life As A Mama #40

An interesting twist to making dinner…

Self explanatory. But instead of going to the store and spending money I decided to make some chips. Also they are healthier!
Chips on one side, dinner on the other…
So delicious looking!! But I’ve got to focus on making dinner or they all will be gone before dinner is done…
Teriyaki chicken with broccoli! Should be yummy! But…
Patience…have patience…
Chips. Chips. Chips. Chips. Okay this is ridiculous. Having one should be okay…!
Oh no…

So almost all of the chips were moist and had bites taken out of them… I got to eat a few, but most of them will be put into an Elizabeth bag. Elizabeth approves of my chips at least, but it is so sad.

I hope you enjoy your Thursday!! Hide you chips from your two year old…

Original #40
by emily2jane
Thankfully I had my phone to capture the crime in action…

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School Chapter 42

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 41


Looking out the window as the bus came to a stop, wow…there it was… Belfire Pool.

This pool was once used for the Olympics in 1994. Many of the swimming legends have swum here, and now it was my turn. It was still dark outside, but a glint of sunrise was shimmering across the ocean. Yeah, this pool is right next to the beach. ‘Cool right!’

I saw Jerry gathering up his gear, so I followed pursuit. I turned down my music, but I still had one earbud in to keep my attitude upbeat.

I don’t know about everyone, but the scale and pressure of this meet was beginning to hit me. Really!! My future will be decided Friday at finals; so I need to swim my best today, and at be in the top eight…

‘Some of you might be confused… I will explain the basics real quick. Today is Prelims; Friday is finals. Top eight are in A finals. Ninth through sixteenth are B finals. If you are in either of these two group you will get to swim your races again on Friday. I know I am ranked in the top eight in my three races, so I just need to be better or stay the same.

Back to the important things. Like changing, stretching, warming up, captains meeting, coaches meeting…I was there for the captains meeting, but I wasn’t truly there. I was trying too stay focused on what really mattered. There were a few regular faces. Jacob Stevens, Ken’s rival in breastroke. Jeremy, the jerk from last week. And Timothy White…he was first in all of his races, he was the one with a target on his back.

This time Jenny and Brit went to the coaches meeting. Since there are thousands of athletes/ onlookers at this meet, coach is going to need all the help he can get making sure the lower lanes get to their races on time.

Coach, Brit, and Jenny were all walking ahead of Jerry and I. “You good dude? You weren’t very present for the meeting,” Jerry had swung his arm over my shoulder.

Shrugging his arm off of me, I need to keep my muscles relaxed, “I’m good. I am just focusing on my race. Today means everything, you know?”

“Yeah I know. Okay. Just don’t be too focused, that you miss your race or something,” he laughed as he walked faster to catch up to Coach.

‘Thanks dude. That is definately something that I or any other swimmer wants to hear…now I had something additional to focus on, not missing my races.’

Back at our team spot, Coach explained the differences of this meet to the JV swimmers “lower lanes”, they have never been to a meet this big. He handed out lists of our events, so that we could see and judge on how much rest we had between races. Since relays are swam on friday, they are starting with event number five. Today, I was swimming: event number eight: two-hundred freestyle, event number twenty-four: one hundred butterfly, and event number twenty-eight: one hundred freestyle. That was the one, the one hundred freestyle…

Now we wait. I was about to escape into my bubble of music and focus, when Jenny walked up.

“You ready for the big day today?” Jenny’s smile beamed with excitment.

“Yeah. But I’ve got to focus, so…” I lifted my earbuds to show her I wanted to be alone.

“Oh. No problem,” Jenny started to back away, “sure, you do you.”

“Thanks.” I turned away, put my earbuds in, and blasted my techno music. ‘Sorry Jenny, but this meet is different.’

I was just getting out of the warm-up pool when the announcer said, “Event number eight, heat six.” I heard the long whistle, ‘It has begun.’ You are probably wondering why I am not panicking…there are a lot of swimmers at this meet. Like in this event: two-hundred freestyle, there are one hundred and twenty-six people entered. So that means there are sixteen heats of swimmers. I am in the sixteenth heat. So I’ve got some time, don’t worry.

“You good to go, George?” Coach asked without looking at me, someone from our team was swimming.

“Yes Coach. I’ve warmed up a decent amount. Any plans for my race?” my muscles were beginning to tense so I started to strech.

“One sec…” Coach got the last split, and passed the watch to Jenny for her to take note. “Yes. Since this is not your normal race, I want you to experiment. As long as you follow my direction you should be able to bump up a few extra spots and be top four.”

“Okay. What is the plan?” I am all good for being in the top teir of swimmers.

“Jenny do we have anyone in this heat?” Coach snatched the watch from Jenny to get the start, while checking the booklet.

“Tom, but I’ll time him and watch his race; you talk to George,” Jenny swiped the watch back, and stepped in front of Coach.

Coach nodded, “It is great having help. Oh, right, George…” finally bringing his attention back to me.

I was waiting for it to be heat number fourteen before heading back behind the blocks. I had more space here by a window behind the coaches area, to stretch and jump around. I was still in my music bubble. It’s a swimmer thing.

“George. George?” Jenny shook my shoulder.

“What!?!” I took off my headphones. There stood Jenny. If she had not shook me I would have not even noticed she was there. “What’s up, Jenny?”

“Coach told me to tell you to go behind the blocks. Matthew is in heat fourteen. He wants you to go cheer for him behind the blocks,” she had reached down grabbing onto my arm trying to bring me into a standing position. She then proceeded to point to lane seven, sure enough there was Matthew preparing for the next heat.

“Okay,” good thing she came to get me; I was about to miss my race like Jerry said. “Can you hold onto this for me?” I said handing Jenny my phone and headphones. I assumed it was fine, because I had already walked away.

She Is Gone

She came on Wednesday,

But sadly left the day after Sunday.

She brought smiles and giggles,

Along with kisses and hugs.

Elizabeth gave her snuggles,

And she got Elizabeth’s loves.

I’ll miss her dearly,

Still…awaiting her return.

Grandma, my mom, came to visit these past 6 days. It was a wonderful visit, filled with so much love!!

When we dropped Grandma off at the airport today, I don’t think it registered in Elizabeth’s mind that she was saying goodbye to Grandma. Because when we got home she ran excitedly into the living room to the blocks! The blocks have been Grandma and Elizabeth’s domain these past six days.

I was making lunch in the kitchen, and she must have realized; because she sprinted into the kitchen saying, “oh no…”. Proceeding to open the baby gate to go downstairs and find Grandma.

Only to have me stop her and tell her Grandma was gone. The look of disappointment and sadness broke my heart. She then fell down to the floor and sobbed. I had to gather her up into a mama hug, until she stopped.

She is better now but I’m sure she, like me, is waiting for the day Grandma comes back. July!!!

P.S. Mother. You should feel extra loved. Because this is the first time Elizabeth has reacted this way when someone has left. She loves and misses her grandma so much!!

Love you, Mother! ❤️

Waiting For Grandma
Digital Art by emily2jane
The blocks…

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 41

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 40


“Bee…” OFF!! ‘Shut it off before it could begin!’ I was already wide awake. Believe me, I slept through the night but maybe ten minutes ago I got a spurt of energy and it was go time. Today, May 5th, was the start of the rest of my life. Well technically Friday was the day that would decide my future, but one day at a time. Sitting up, I got up from bed. Today was going to be a great day; my muscles were completely relaxed but my mind was electrified with determination.

After finishing the carb-o-load dishes yesterday, I went to my room and just chilled. Think couch potato; it was great! Once Dad got back, I had planned to help him finish cleaning up, but Dad stopped me and sent me back to my room to relax. I did not argue. I went back to my room, packed up for tomorrow, and I ended up falling asleep on the bed around nine o’clock.

Gathering my gear, ‘Man its early. I’m not tired but its dark outside.’ These past few weeks, I’ve been waking up when the sun is already shining. Much to my surprise, as I head downstairs, Dad was in the kitchen; he was making me a hearty breakfast. “Morning Dad.”

Dad looked over his shoulder, “Hey Son. I thought you would enjoy having breakfast prepared for you.” He brought me over a egg and bacon sandwhich.

‘My favorite.’ “Sweet. Thanks,” I sat down and started on the food. “Could you get me a cup of milk?”

“Wow. You are taking this a bit too far. You want me to get you a glass of milk,” Dad zombie walked to the fridge and huffed when he opened the fridge door. “Yes Master. Whatever you say, Master.”

As Dad handed me the cup he even bowed. So I took it a step farther, “Thank you peasant.” Dad’s face was great; I laughed stupidly and started choking on the milk.

“Ha! That’s karma for you,” Dad slapped me on my back as I kept sputtering. “You good though?”

“Yee…aaahh,” I gained my composure again. “I’m good. Thanks Dad,” I continued to eat my sandwhich but carefully sipped the milk.

“As soon as you are ready, I’ll get the truck warmed up,” Dad started to clean up his mess.

My phone buzzed. ‘Dude. Can you pick me up? My parents left in the night for a conference. -Matthew’ Before I could ask my dad anything, buzz buzz. ‘Bro. Can you come get me? Mom got sick and Dad doesn’t want to leave her alone.- Ken’ I waited a second to see if I would get one from Jerry. Nothing. “Hey Dad, we need to leave now. Matthew and Ken need rides.” I gulped down the rest of milk and placed my dishes in the sink.

“No problem, Son. Let’s go,” Dad went off to get the keys and was out the front door.

I grabbed my gear and followed him, but pausing just long enough to lock the front door. ‘Qualifying Champs here I come.’ I climbed into the truck.

Arriving at five twenty-eight. Two minutes till the bus was going to leave. At the bus, Jerry was standing beside the swinging doors waiting for us. We all piled out of Dad’s truck. Matthew and Ken said a quick thanks and hurried to get on the bus. I knew they would save me a seat. I walked over to Dad’s window, “Thanks for the ride Dad. Will you be coming to the meet?”

“I am going to try and make it today. For sure I will be there Friday. Is that fine?” Dad seemed worried as he pulled out his phone.

“That’s fine. Friday is the most important day of my life; I would hope my dad would be there for it. But I’ve got to go. Coach will kill me if I’m late,” I walked around the front of the truck, turned to wave, and then booked it to the bus. The truck disappeared from the parking lot. I looked at all the faces on the bus; I saw everyone I needed to. Jenny and Brit were just in front of me, but they were both fast asleep. Coach was in the seat across from them.

“Find your seat George. We need to head out,” Coach did not look up from his tablet.

‘Great. I was in trouble.’ “I can explain…”

“No need. Matthew and Ken already did. You are all good. Just take a seat so we can go,” Coach had looked up for a split second and then thumbed behind him.

I nodded and headed to the middle row when Jerry had saved me the seat across from him. It was a big enough bus for all of us to have our own seats. “I’m good Coach.”

“Bus driver, let’s head out.”

The bus driver got up and gave us the safety speech. We all answered when we needed to and stayed silent when necessary. ‘It’s just the same speech every driver has to do.’ Finally the bus pulled away from the curb and we were off.

I leaned back against the window. Almost everyone was planning on sleeping on the drive. I didn’t want my mind to doze so I pulled out my phone and earbuds. I needed some pump up tunes to get me in the mood to dominate the pool. ‘George. You have to do this! Your future depends on it.’ I closed my eyes and listened to the music blaring in my ears; getting prepared for war.


I was going to draw a comic last night, but instead I decided to enjoy time with my family.

I was going to prepare another exciting post, but I have terrible allergies.

I was going to do a lot of things, but instead I will enjoy my time when my mama is visiting. And try to be rid of my allergies.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

Digital Art by emily2jane