She Is Gone

She came on Wednesday,

But sadly left the day after Sunday.

She brought smiles and giggles,

Along with kisses and hugs.

Elizabeth gave her snuggles,

And she got Elizabeth’s loves.

I’ll miss her dearly,

Still…awaiting her return.

Grandma, my mom, came to visit these past 6 days. It was a wonderful visit, filled with so much love!!

When we dropped Grandma off at the airport today, I don’t think it registered in Elizabeth’s mind that she was saying goodbye to Grandma. Because when we got home she ran excitedly into the living room to the blocks! The blocks have been Grandma and Elizabeth’s domain these past six days.

I was making lunch in the kitchen, and she must have realized; because she sprinted into the kitchen saying, “oh no…”. Proceeding to open the baby gate to go downstairs and find Grandma.

Only to have me stop her and tell her Grandma was gone. The look of disappointment and sadness broke my heart. She then fell down to the floor and sobbed. I had to gather her up into a mama hug, until she stopped.

She is better now but I’m sure she, like me, is waiting for the day Grandma comes back. July!!!

P.S. Mother. You should feel extra loved. Because this is the first time Elizabeth has reacted this way when someone has left. She loves and misses her grandma so much!!

Love you, Mother! ❤️

Waiting For Grandma
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The blocks…

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 41

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 40


“Bee…” OFF!! ‘Shut it off before it could begin!’ I was already wide awake. Believe me, I slept through the night but maybe ten minutes ago I got a spurt of energy and it was go time. Today, May 5th, was the start of the rest of my life. Well technically Friday was the day that would decide my future, but one day at a time. Sitting up, I got up from bed. Today was going to be a great day; my muscles were completely relaxed but my mind was electrified with determination.

After finishing the carb-o-load dishes yesterday, I went to my room and just chilled. Think couch potato; it was great! Once Dad got back, I had planned to help him finish cleaning up, but Dad stopped me and sent me back to my room to relax. I did not argue. I went back to my room, packed up for tomorrow, and I ended up falling asleep on the bed around nine o’clock.

Gathering my gear, ‘Man its early. I’m not tired but its dark outside.’ These past few weeks, I’ve been waking up when the sun is already shining. Much to my surprise, as I head downstairs, Dad was in the kitchen; he was making me a hearty breakfast. “Morning Dad.”

Dad looked over his shoulder, “Hey Son. I thought you would enjoy having breakfast prepared for you.” He brought me over a egg and bacon sandwhich.

‘My favorite.’ “Sweet. Thanks,” I sat down and started on the food. “Could you get me a cup of milk?”

“Wow. You are taking this a bit too far. You want me to get you a glass of milk,” Dad zombie walked to the fridge and huffed when he opened the fridge door. “Yes Master. Whatever you say, Master.”

As Dad handed me the cup he even bowed. So I took it a step farther, “Thank you peasant.” Dad’s face was great; I laughed stupidly and started choking on the milk.

“Ha! That’s karma for you,” Dad slapped me on my back as I kept sputtering. “You good though?”

“Yee…aaahh,” I gained my composure again. “I’m good. Thanks Dad,” I continued to eat my sandwhich but carefully sipped the milk.

“As soon as you are ready, I’ll get the truck warmed up,” Dad started to clean up his mess.

My phone buzzed. ‘Dude. Can you pick me up? My parents left in the night for a conference. -Matthew’ Before I could ask my dad anything, buzz buzz. ‘Bro. Can you come get me? Mom got sick and Dad doesn’t want to leave her alone.- Ken’ I waited a second to see if I would get one from Jerry. Nothing. “Hey Dad, we need to leave now. Matthew and Ken need rides.” I gulped down the rest of milk and placed my dishes in the sink.

“No problem, Son. Let’s go,” Dad went off to get the keys and was out the front door.

I grabbed my gear and followed him, but pausing just long enough to lock the front door. ‘Qualifying Champs here I come.’ I climbed into the truck.

Arriving at five twenty-eight. Two minutes till the bus was going to leave. At the bus, Jerry was standing beside the swinging doors waiting for us. We all piled out of Dad’s truck. Matthew and Ken said a quick thanks and hurried to get on the bus. I knew they would save me a seat. I walked over to Dad’s window, “Thanks for the ride Dad. Will you be coming to the meet?”

“I am going to try and make it today. For sure I will be there Friday. Is that fine?” Dad seemed worried as he pulled out his phone.

“That’s fine. Friday is the most important day of my life; I would hope my dad would be there for it. But I’ve got to go. Coach will kill me if I’m late,” I walked around the front of the truck, turned to wave, and then booked it to the bus. The truck disappeared from the parking lot. I looked at all the faces on the bus; I saw everyone I needed to. Jenny and Brit were just in front of me, but they were both fast asleep. Coach was in the seat across from them.

“Find your seat George. We need to head out,” Coach did not look up from his tablet.

‘Great. I was in trouble.’ “I can explain…”

“No need. Matthew and Ken already did. You are all good. Just take a seat so we can go,” Coach had looked up for a split second and then thumbed behind him.

I nodded and headed to the middle row when Jerry had saved me the seat across from him. It was a big enough bus for all of us to have our own seats. “I’m good Coach.”

“Bus driver, let’s head out.”

The bus driver got up and gave us the safety speech. We all answered when we needed to and stayed silent when necessary. ‘It’s just the same speech every driver has to do.’ Finally the bus pulled away from the curb and we were off.

I leaned back against the window. Almost everyone was planning on sleeping on the drive. I didn’t want my mind to doze so I pulled out my phone and earbuds. I needed some pump up tunes to get me in the mood to dominate the pool. ‘George. You have to do this! Your future depends on it.’ I closed my eyes and listened to the music blaring in my ears; getting prepared for war.


I was going to draw a comic last night, but instead I decided to enjoy time with my family.

I was going to prepare another exciting post, but I have terrible allergies.

I was going to do a lot of things, but instead I will enjoy my time when my mama is visiting. And try to be rid of my allergies.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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Journey With Cookbooks #15

New recipe…

Creamy Ground Beef Pasta!!

Another google ground beef recipe. We still have a lot of ground beef to go. My mother can attest to it; she has seen the goods. 🤩

Do you notice the flowers in the background?

I was given anniversary flowers/ Mother’s Day flowers. The hubby did good!

Back to the food…

Looks so yummy!! I wish mine had looked like that…

Defrosting the beef…again imagine some calming music… Instead I had…

This is where I am at in my music from 10years ago…strange choices…
Noodles and beef!

Browning the beef and cooking the curly-cue noodles!!

The spices!!

I tasted a few noodles just to make sure they were not poisonous. Not that I love noodles, but for the safety of my family 🤨

This recipe was not really what I expected. I grabbed the tomato sauce, but it didn’t really register in my mind. I thought this recipe was more of a cheesy Alfredo pasta…

💪Wonder Mama!!

I have gotten into the habit of trying to wash the dishes often throughout the day. Because then when it’s dinner time, all I have to do is dinner dishes. So I am probably in the kitchen, at the sink, about 70% of my day…

Heavy Cream! Cheese! Noodles!!

How could it be bad…? Three awesome ingredients will be added to meat. It already is delicious!

Not quite the same…

See how the google picture is so vibrant while mine is kind of boring. Probably because of the cheese type.

But it still tastes good. Yes. I tried it.

The family meal!

Have to have my healthy food… SALAD!! We also had some leftover Hawaiian rolls. It seems like I added a salad just for the refreshing green color. 😂

My food! I did not eat three Hawaiian rolls…I ate two though!

Overall another easy recipe. Especially since I got the ingredients measured out beforehand and I was able to just add as I needed. In total, it was only about 30min to make.

Look like picture: 6. The noodles are the same but the consistency and color are quite different. But I give it a 6 because compared to the photo only the color is different.

Taste: 8! A solid 8. Mostly because it was not what I expected. So my brain was a little shocked. Whereas the hubby and daughter loved it!! If you try this, there is a distinct tomato taste. Almost like a creamy tomato soup pasta. With meat. Can’t forget the meat!

Easiness: 10! Another easy, chill, calm recipe for a mom who is frazzled. I wasn’t frazzled today, but on a day where I am I will probably make this again.

So to sum this recipe up. Not what I expected. Still good however. And the family approved. So I’ll be adding it to my cookbook.

Thinking…I might make a secondary google inspired cookbook called: The Frazzled Mama. Then when I am uninspired to cook; I can find an easy recipe! 🤔 I like this plan!!



You see me in the sunshine,

Especially in a sunset sky.

I sometimes peek through clouds,

Stretching to touch everywhere.

I shimmer around children’s smiles,

And even color their hair.

If you think of happy,

You will probably find me there.

Elizabeth’s outfit yesterday was my inspiration for the poem. Just a happy poem for a happy day.

Yesterday was the day to pick up Grandma!! So I decided Elizabeth would wear her new yellow dress.

I am so jealous because I love the color yellow, but I am unable to wear it.

But as I see Elizabeth in her dress, I think about a poetry book I used to read in my younger days…Ride A Purple Pelican. If you do not know this book, I definitely recommend it.

I sadly do not own it myself, but I will soon now that I remember.

Elizabeth is my very own Molly Day today. (Reference to the book)

Just a post of remembering memories. Watching my daughter’s childhood and remembering my own…❤️🌸

Have a great Thursday 🌼

My sweet sweet

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 40

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 39


The carb-o-load was in full swing. Everyone was either stuffing their faces, laughing, or just hanging out. Some parents came, but it was mostly just the team and coaching staff. I weaved myself through the people to the kitchen, where I found Matthew and Brit talking by the drinks.

“How’s it going you two?” as I reach between the two of them for a bottled water.

“Not too bad. Your dad throws a great party. The food is amazing as always,” Matthew said as he shoved the remaining bite of the bread roll in his mouth. Brit nodded along because her mouth was full as well.

“Sweet. Well I’ve got to go and see how the other areas are doing. Matthew do you need a ride home after the party? I see your parents didn’t come,” I asked before leaving.

“Nope. Brit said her parents can give me a ride; catch you later dude,” Matthew yelled at me as I left the calmness of the kitchen and back into the chaos.

The rest of the party went as expected. Coach ended things around six-thirty, “You all need to head home and get lots of sleep. The bus will be leaving at five-thirty sharp tomorrow morning. Do not be late.”

One by one, they all thanked Dad for the food and the hospitality and then left. Coach and Lily left quickly too; but not before Lily took all the baby animals and gave Grandpa Matthews a huge hug goodbye. Lastly, the guys and Brit came to the door. We said our quick goodbyes and they all dispersed. ‘I wonder what happened to Jenny?’ I had seen her on and off again during the party; however, I was never able to stay in one spot too long.

“Hey Dad. You seen Jenny?” I yelled into the now empty house.

“She is the kitchen with me,” Dad hollered back.

Shocking. I see Dad and Jenny washing dishes. It was kind of like deja vu from a dream. Not so long ago, I had thought about these days. Where Jenny would be my girl and she would be like this…spending time with my dad. Knowing that will never happen hasn’t been bothering me, but at this moment it stung. ‘Not happening. She is your family now. See her as family.’


Dad was starring at me. I guess me standing silent and still just outside the kitchen was weird, “Yep?”

“Nothing you just have been standing there for a long minute. Jenny offered to help me clean up. I told her she didn’t have to but she insisted,” Dad said playfully bumping Jenny, but causing her splash water on her shirt. “Oh. Sorry Jenny.”

The water was starting to make her shirt cling to her. “Hang on a sec,” I dashed to my room and got her one of my dark colored T-shirts. I came back into the kitchen to see an embarrassed Jenny holding her shirt away from herself. I handed Jenny the shirt and she dashed off to the bathroom. “Don’t worry about the dishes, Dad. I’ll stay and finish cleaning up, and you can give Jenny a ride home. After all the grime and food from cleaning up the tables, I welcome washing some dishes,” I stepped up to the sink, bumping Dad off to the side, and started washing before he could argue.

Jenny had came back, “Oh. Do I have a new helper now?” She said coming towards me.

Dad grabbed Jenny’s shoulders causing her to stop. “Nope. My great son has decided to do the deed of dishes for us, allowing me to take you home. You good to go?”

“Oh…yeah Mr. Matthews. See you tomorrow George,” Jenny waved goodbye.

I acknowledged with a nod and then continued washing. Dad and Jenny left finally. I didn’t really know how I was feeling, but I needed to focus on something else. ‘Dishes. You are doing the dishes.’

Journey With Cookbooks #14

Today’s recipe was bagels…

It was from ‘Crusts: The Ultimate Baker’s Book’

Du du dunnnnnnn!!

I was in the mood to try something new. And let’s be honest bagels are awesome!!

My mixer

So I forgot to take pictures of the dough…but I used the mixer of awesomeness!!! It sadly did not like the dough though…

Our mixer is only four years old. It shouldn’t be dying.

They look good 🤩

So it actually looks okay.

I’ll layout the process I’ve already done. -mix dough in mixer until ball is formed.

-roll the ball of dough on a cutting board with a light dusting of flour.

-divide ball into 12 pieces. (I miscounted and cut 14)🤪

-roll into hotdog shapes and form bagels.

-put a light dusting of cornmeal on pan and place bagels on top. Let the bagels chill in fridge overnight.

-… imagine the corny elevator music…

-next let bagels sit in room temp for 2 hours to let puff up.

Now the next picture!

Boil them…

I didn’t realize you have to put them in boiling water for about 1 min. It makes sense, but when they came out of the water they looked really bumpy and were super slippery. I dropped them upside down a few times!

Speaking of bumpy. It reminded me of a toy we had in my childhood. I don’t remember the name but it was a figurine that had stretchy limbs…so you could make him punch himself. But his skin was similar to the bumpiness. Strange… back on topic…


I should say, at this moment I was worried. I was worried it was going to be another failure. Normally I don’t worry but when you put days into something you really hope it works well. But to stay positive…if they come out hard as rocks, like the first time I made biscuits, I will just take them outside and have a bagel fight with Elizabeth!

So pretty!

Now relax! 🙂 they came out better than I expected!!


Awesomeness!! They are a little crispy on the bottom but they are still soft enough to eat!!

If I keep this up I will never buy anything ever again. Which saves money and I gain experience. A win win. The hubby will be happy. So an extra win!


I love just plain bagels. They are delicious to me!!

The hubby’s.

Elizabeth took a bite of daddy’s and made the best disgusted face. It was priceless. Almost like her gramma experiencing lobster. So she proceeded to steal mine. At least I have 12 others to choose from.

Look like photo: 9. Just because I think I need to cook it less time. Meaning I will be trying again.

Taste: 9. Again just because I need to adjust my cooking time. By 5min? We will see.

Easiness: 7. It wasn’t too hard but just since it was a two day process you have to make sure to have space in your fridge. That might have been the hardest part, rearranging the fridge. 😂

Well enjoy your Tuesday!! Maybe have a bagel! 🥯










It is a true statement. Wait 15min and the weather should change. Well it changed 6-7 times yesterday. My headache is still with me.

I wish your Sunday to be sunny and beautiful. Whereas here we are expecting rain again.

Oh well. Rain will make the hills green. It will soon look like Ireland here.

Enjoy your Sunday! ❤️

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Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 39

Life Of Two Best Friends: High School CHPT 38


Practice was nothing. We got in and swam for about thirty minutes, and then coach stopped us. I was not complaining.

“Everyone, I hope to see you at the Matthews’ house for our annual carbo-load. I already discussed it with George’s father and he will have it all ready for us,” Coach yelled at us in the pool. “So get out, head home to change, grab your parents, and maybe grab something to drink. I don’t remember if I told Adam to get drinks,” Coach turned to me.

“This is all news to me; but yeah, maybe bring your own beverge,” I yelled over my shoulder as I climbed out of the pool. “We good to go, Coach?”

“Yeah. Get out of here. See you all at the Matthews’ by four-thirty,” Coach walked off.

“You heard Coach. Get out,” I wait as all my thrilled teammates hurry to the locker rooms.

Walking in the front door, I stop suddenly…the house looked like Party City exploded. I wandered through the party decorations looking for the culprit. There he was panickily running back and forth in the kitchen. ‘My poor dad.’ Instead of interrupting the “chicken with no head”, I decided to clean and set up the living room.

The living room was done; it was not too bad now. I did not use all the decorations that Dad had chosen. Some of them were questionable; meaning too young, not too old. As I set up, I kept an eye on the panicked one; he was somewhat better now. It was about four o’clock and I was setting up my final folding chair. ‘Wow. seventy chairs later and I am finished.’

“Son. When did you get here? You set up the living room,” Dad had come up behind me!

Turning I saw one happy Dad. I thought he might cry. “Of course. You looked like you might explode when I got home, so I decided to help you out. Is it to your liking?”

“What happed to the baby farm animals. I thought Lily would enjoy those,” Dad said as he scanned the room.

“That makes sense. I was totally confused why you got baby animals for a bunch of teenager guys. Lily will definitely like the farm animals. I’ll go get them,” before Dad could stop me I was off to the guest room to gather the farm animals. ‘Dad did choose something that Lily will probably take home with her. Sorry Coach.’ I hung them up around the designated kid area. “Good?”

“Good. Do you think you help me a bit more. I just need some help dicing some vegetables,” Dad said probably dreading having to go back to the kitchen.

“No problem Dad. While we work though, I want to hear about your date?” Shoving my Dad’s body back into the kitchen. ‘Gosh. I understand why he didn’t want to come back, the kitchen had also exploded.‘ “Wow, Dad…you really did a number in here. Hopefully whoever you end up with is a wizard in the kitchen.”

Dad just chuckled and move me in front of a cutting board; my new home for the next few minutes.

“I definitely agree with your thought of finding someone who does not know me. The woman last night was too giggly and only asked me about my fame and accomplishments. I was done within the first five minutes,” Dad said as he arranged the sandwiches on a platter.

“That sucks Dad. You will find someone. But dating without them knowing YOU will be difficult. Maybe you should look into online dating. You could just upload a profile without a photo. The woman would get a big surprise once she found out who you were though,” I chuckle, while turning to look at Dad. He was doing the sandwiches; I don’t think he heard a word I said. “What are you doing? It looks like you are murdering the sandwiches.” I walked over and looked over his shoulder, ‘He was, as I expected, murdering the food.’

“I was trying to make it look elegant. Do you not see it?”

“It looks more like an elephant ran through the food,” I ducked from the smack; reflexes… because I know my dad.

“Go get ready for the people coming. They should be here…” Ding Dong! “as I said, they have arrived. I’ll attempt to make it less like an elephant mess and more like an elegant mess.”

Dad practically threw me out of the kitchen. “No appreciation for honesty. I’ll go. I’ll go,” I laughed with my hands up, as I went to answer the door.