Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 4

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 3

Chapter 4


Ken was not kidding; the living room looked like it was bursting at the seams.

“George!” Mom came running forward, wrapping me into a hug.

She was signifcantly shorter than me now. The top of her head was now just at my shoulder. ‘I’ve missed this. A motherly hug.’ “Hi Mom. This is my roommate, Jeremy. Dad suggested I bring him along.”

Without hesitating she stepped away from me and embraced Jeremy into a hug. ‘Haha. Jeremy looked shocked.’ He was definately not expecting the hug, but there is nothing anyone
can do about mom. Once she gets hugging it’s hard to get her off. ‘I really like that about her.’

“Hon. Let the boy go; he looks so confused,” Dad walked up to our small huddle, still by the front door.

Without thinking I walked straight to Dad a gave him a hug. It was a long awaited hug; hitting me how much I’ve missed my old man. Also, that I am almost Dad’s height; he only has about three inches on me. ‘A year and half has changed so much…’

“I missed you too son,” Dad spoke as I stepped back.

Collecting myself, “This is my roommate Jeremy.”

Dad extended his hand towards Jeremy. Jeremy recipricated, but what he didn’t expect was that Dad pulled him forward into a big bear hug. Jeremy once again looked like a deer in head lights.

“Dad let him go. He won’t ever come back if he is to expect this kind of welcome,” I attempt to pry my dad off of Jeremy.

“My bad. Go enjoy the party. I need to make a call real quick. I’ll be right back,” he directed the last part at mom, who was side glancing at him. Dad was gone.

“That man; always working. Enjoy yourself. I’m going to go check on the food,” Mom too dashed off disappearing into the kitchen.

“You good, dude?” I turned back to Jeremy.

“Yeah. Just wow!” Jeremy laughed setting his belongs down in the entry hall.

“I’ll say.” The voice came from behind us. Turning around there stood Jerry and Matthew.

“Bros!” I walked over to them and gave them fits bumps and slaps on the back. “I glad you two could make it. How was school Matthew? How’s it been, being back home Jerry? Anything new I should know?”

Silence. They were just staring at Jeremy.

I looked at Ken. As if he could read my mind, ‘Just like you earlier.’ I walked back over to Jeremy. Ken taking my place next to the guys; he started to explain.

“You good?” I asked Jeremy.

“Yeah. Just one thing after another. Your life seems to be in a whirlwind; it’s crazy,” Jeremy folded his arms in a defensive stance.

‘Ha.’ I thought my life was always pretty chill. Swim, school, eat, sleep, and repeat. Ken walked back over to Jeremy and I, bringing me back to the present.

“So…you two are friends now?…” Matthew pointed between Jeremy and me.

“Yeah,” I swung my arm over Jeremy’s shoulders. “Ken what did you tell them?” Jeremy still stood next to me; his posture still seemed to be on the defensive mode.

“I told them the gist of everything, but I didn’t know what all I could tell them,” Ken looked at Jeremy.

“So there are things kept from us; for his sake,” Jerry pointed at Jeremy.

‘Jeremy is doing a pretty good job holding back. Something I know about him and being pointed at, is it’s never a good combination; memories of his dad and old coach are probably in the forefront of his mind.’ “Ask anything,” wanting this conversation to be over.

“So. He apologized for the Jenny thing, that’s cool and all, but I can’t believe you just forgave him. He…” Jerry was all riled up. Matthew tried calm Jerry by placing a hand
on his shoulder. Ken too looked down and away.

‘What’s going on?’ “What is…” I tried to ask…

Jerry brushed off Matthew’s hand, “No. What made him into such a person? That he could say hurtful things and be forgiven easily. His life is fine, but he ruined other’s,” Jerry had taken a few steps towards Jeremy.

Jeremy’s body shiifted under my arm. I knew he was not about to hold still. Before I could do anything…

“Just stop,” Ken stepped in front of Jerry, stopping him in his place. “I left things out of the explanation because it was not my history to tell. I will say I reacted simllar to you both, but after knowing all the facts I’ve changed my opinion.” Ken paused, he looked back at Jeremy. “Can I tell them? I want to move past this.”

“Go ahead. I didn’t realize I was such a jerk in so many peoples’ eyes. Maybe I am more like him than I thought,” Jeremy huffed off my arm. But attempted to stand taller, awaiting the second attack.

Ken turned back to the guys and told them about Jeremy’s past.

I could see the understanding and realization spread across both Jerry’s and Matthew’s face. Hopefully this is the end of this. ‘Why is it so difficult for them to accept that people can change?’ Everyone changes at some point in their life; it’s called maturing. Ken was finished and backed up to us.

“Are you guys over yourselves? Everyone has some sort of crap in their life that sometimes hits them and causes them to explode. Jeremy did that day, and he has said that if he gets a chance he will apologize to her. I know things got out of hand these last two years, but it was not his fault. You can’t blame him for everything.” Ken was now actually pleading for Jeremy’s sake.

‘What?’ “What do you mean it got out of hand?” I stepped up in between everyone.

“Later. We need to pause this conversation and enjoy the party your mom has put together,” Ken stopped me; he turned to Jeremy. “They are somewhat good now. We will discuss this further tonight. Enjoy the party. Nobody,” looking at Matthew and Jerry, “will talk about this until after the party is done. Be on your best behavior,” and Ken walked off to the drink bar.

Jeremy relaxed a smidge and followed Ken.

‘I don’t know what is going on. But hopefully it will all be explained later.’

I looked to Matthew and he sighed but smiled; he came up and drapped his arm over my shoulders, “Dude, you’ve grown. You are now taller than me. Not cool. Jerry look,” Matthew angled us to Jerry. But Jerry still looked like his was fuming.

‘Why? Jeremy and him were teammates for two years, and there were no issues until he came back home.’

Jerry just walked away; he headed in the opposite direction of Ken and Jeremy. “What’s wrong with…”

“Not now, George. Or Captain Ken will chew me out. We will talk later. Let’s enjoy the party,” Matthew dragged me forward. “I’m hungry. Let’s go see if your mom’s food is done,” and we walked towards the kitchen.

‘They are all just changing the subject and not talking. I guess I find out what I am missing later.’

Word Of The Day: Nonplus 07-12-21

Synonyms: confused, bewildered, puzzled, perplexed, baffled, etc.

A word that rhymes,

A phrase that sings.

This puzzle…

Does it need to chime?

Should this be here?

And that go there?

This baffling challenge stings.

Unable to express,

I feel the suffocating muzzle,

Quite clear.

I no longer know,

And way less aware,

Creating a confusing distress.

Why is it so unclear?

Nothing flows,


So ironically I wrote a poem, about being unable to write a poem. Haha! I liked this idea. Also I was actually having trouble writing a poem about something baffling to me…so…I decided that would be my topic.

Writing a poem about being unable to write a poem. (I know I pretty much just reiterated what I said previously, but it is so funny to me that I needed to be said again.)

Have a fun, and hopefully a non confusing, baffling day! 🤩

Digital Art
by emily2jane

Pretty much what I looked like racking my brain trying to figure out what I was going to write…

Life As A Mama #44

This happened two nights ago…

Eli is finally asleep and in her own bed ❤️
Now mama’s turn…😪
Just a dream…sleep…
“Think of something happy…”

Right when I needed something happy she woke up, crawled into bed with me, and gave me a hug. 🥺 My little sweet sweet taking care of mama even while sleeping.

I can’t even recall what the nightmares were, but they were enough for me to almost decide to get up at 3:30am…

My sweet baby girl 💕

Give a hug to your sweet thing; whomever it may be! 🥰

Original by


I forgot to set an alarm today and I just woke up…😳 I’ll post tomorrow. I even had it all ready to be posted but it’s a little late today.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday 🤩

(My cover photo is a picture I took from a movie about Nature.) Just wish my day would resemble this place. Calming, busy, beautiful, peaceful….☺️

Journey With Cookbooks #20

Trying a Pinterest recipe…I wanted to try something new.

Looks delicious. However it was a little more work since I had to make the pizza dough. Whereas the recipe called for store bought.

My normal pizza dough recipe but rolled into several balls.

The meat is currently defrosting.

Chopped onions

Just keep chopping…

Pretty much a normal meatball recipe. Bread crumbs, onion, egg, salt, pepper, etc. I used my hands to mix the meat.

I don’t know what you are thinking…but I’m thinking we will be eating these for forever.

I had a cheese snipe. She was telling me she was helping.

My spaghetti sauce

I decided to use my spaghetti sauce recipe. I only made half the amount.

The dough!

I also had a dough snipe…😑

Not too bad!!

Just keep wrapping…

Just keeps going, and going. Eli was “counting” them for me.

Egg was the tops. I think I’ll only be eating two of these for dinner…

They look yummy!!

Maybe it is a good thing there are so many. I want to eat them all!! Mwahahahaha!!

Spaghetti sauce done!! I let the sauce simmer for about 40min.


What is this you say? It is for dessert…!


Except I forgot to make a vegetable… nothing healthy. Also I didn’t want the bottom of the Wellington to be soggy. So I separated the two.

It was a success! The hubby went back if a third one. Also asked for a couple extra for his lunch tomorrow.

Look like photo: 10! My first recipe in a while that looks correct.

Taste: 9. I liked them but the hubby said he wishes there was a better ratio between meat and dough. Less meat…

Easiness: 6. Because I had to make the dough. Also there were several steps involved. A long recipe but worth it.

So overall a great recipe! Will be making it again in the future. It would be a great potluck dish.

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 3

Life Of Two Best Friends: College CHPT 2


The car ride was filled with chatter and laughing; mostly done by Ken and myself. Jeremy was sitting quietly in the back seat.

‘Things have really changed these last two years.’ The old diner that the old man and I ate at for so many years was closed down and boarded up. The tallest building of downtown of LA was no longer given that title.

Every once in a while I would try and bring Jeremy into the conversation, but nine times out of ten I was just waking him up. So I decided to give up and let him be.

We were finally back in my neck of the woods. ‘This is where the high school…is…’ It was no longer the red bricked building; it was now painted a starch white, and looked more like a prison with the tall black iron fences. As Ken continued to drive, I noticed that the neighborhoods were also more luxiurious. I drove for two years in these neighborhoods, and now it seemed more like a forgein place to me.

“Dude? Where were you just now?” Ken called me back to reality. “I’ve been talking to you for maybe the last twenty minutes and I just finally noticed you weren’t even listening. You good?”

“Yeah. Sorry Bro. Just things are so different here; probably it was just a bigger shock than I thought. What were you saying?”

“Nothing much. Just that the neighborhoods have gotten a face-lift due to the schools new management. I believe it was because the city wanted the surrounding area
of the school to also give off the same vibes. What did you think of the school?” Ken turned into my neighborhood.

“Honestly. It looked more like a prison than a school. With the fences I mean.”

“Those fences have always been there. Maybe you don’t remember since the building was not starch white, but yeah the fences have been like that since our freshman year.
But yeah, now that you mention it, the school does look like a prison.”

“Oh. Maybe since in Montana it was different; I’ve just gotten accustomed to life up there.”

‘Strange. There was silence in the car. Ken was never quiet.’

“Well, can I ask about the extra passenger?” Ken said thumbing at the sleeping Jeremy in the back seat.

“Yeah. What do you want to know?” I settled back into the seat; knowing this conversation was expected.

“When did you two become friends?” Ken continued to look through the windsheild.

But I could feel an uncertainty in the air. “Well…” I told him everything. About how we first interacted. How we had to get over our past history and become a team. I explained somewhat about the Jenny situation. About how Jeremy had been chewed out by his coach; reminding Ken that we all labelled his coach as a screamer. I didn’t mention about Jeremy’s dad. It wasn’t my place to say; but that Jeremy couldn’t take it anymore and exploded. It was a wrong place, wrong time kind of moment with Jenny.

“Yeah. But it still doesn’t mean he should say what he did about Jenny. I can’t believe you just let that slide,” Ken said as he turned onto my street.

“I didn’t, Jeremy apologized to me about it. He explained and apologized for everything that needed an apology. Jeremy is actually a good guy. He just didn’t have the best role
models to follow.” Ken looked like he was about to argue again, “We had coach, our parents, us guys; we were the lucky ones.”

Ken nodded. He didn’t say anything because he knew he couldn’t refute that last statment.

“You forgot the most important detail,” Jeremy said while leaning forward hooking his hands onto the sides of our seats.

“Dude. I thought you were out?” I said startled for the sudden noise.

“What detail?” Ken asked.

“My dad. My dad is a real piece of work. Since the age of six, I have been a verbal punching bag for him. I can’t remember once hearing a nice thing, regarding me, come out of his mouth.”

‘That’s something I didn’t know. Wow. Since six years old…’

“The day with Jenny, I had just gotten an earful from my dad. About how I was an embarresment to him, and that I should just stop living,” Jeremy paused, probably recalling that day.

I looked over at Ken; Ken looked embarressed, probably because of his first intial idea of Jeremy.

“Then you need to add on what my coach had told me right after. Of course my old buds were present for that screaming match. I was so embarressed that I wanted to turn
attention away from me. And…well you know…Jenny was the first person I saw. If I get the chance I will apologize to her in person. I should have never said that to her. I felt like my old man after that day; using words to degrade someone. I wish I could erase that day from everyone’s mind.”

Ken was silent as he pulled into the driveway.

As much as I wanted to get out and see everyone, I was not about to end this.

“I also should apologize to you too, Ken. I might have never said anything to your face, but I did say things to my group. Sorry man.” Jeremy leaned back.


“Understood. But let’s move past all this sentimental crap,” Ken said turning off the engine and hopping out of the car.

‘Ken must be thinking things over.’ “Come on Jeremy. Let’s grab our gear,” I followed Ken’s pursuit.

“Sure…” He followed me to the trunk.

Ken grabbed Jeremy’s bag and handed it to him, “But thanks for the apology. Do you want to explain this to everyone inside that house,” pointing to my front door, “Or would you like me to do the honors?”

“What do you mean?” a confused Jermey took his bag from Ken.

“Well. That house is filled to the brim with people who know George. I think only Jerry and Matthew know what happened with Jenny, and they are definitely inside. Oh crap, it’s supposed to be a surprise, you have to act surprised,” Ken said towards me. “But I thought this one,” thumbing at Jeremy, “would like to know beforehand.”

‘Mom.’ “My mom loves being a hostess. Be happy it is no longer my biological mom; she would have chewed you out the moment you stepped into her house. ‘Thankfully it is not her.’

“Thanks for the heads up. Maybe you could drop me off at a hotel…” Jeremy said backing away from the house.

“Nope. Everyone is expecting George and his roommate,” Ken walked behind us and started shoving us towards the door. “But that’s why I said I could explain to the other guys
about you? Only to the ones that might know you.”

“Thanks bro,” Jeremy swung his arm over Ken’s shoulder.

Ken shrugged it off, “Not your bro yet. But knowing this guy,” smacking me on the shoulder, “it won’t be long.”

‘Ouch. Why does he keep doing that? But I can’t kill the messenger.’ “You are lucky you are helping Jeremy out, or you would be dead right now,” I side glanced at Ken.

We were almost to the front door; we were walking slow. We were waiting for the conversation between the three of us to be done, before we opened the can of craziness in front of us.

“You two are the same as before. I wonder how the other guys will feel about my presence?” Jeremy stepped backward a step to be the third person through the door.

Ken laughed, “Let’s be honest. Their reaction is going to be pretty similar to mine. Enough talk. Let’s go!” Ken pushed open the door.

Word Of The Day: Cataract 07-10-21

Synonyms: waterfall, cascade, rapids, torrent, downpour, etc.

Dark blue.

Marks the start,

Of the the chaos.

The sky blue hue,

Means all sanity departs.

The sea foam green,

Shows it’s fits of anger,

Cascading down.

The mix of grey,

Only drifts between.

The white…

Might leave a frown.

But still you stay.

To see if danger,

Entrapped another stranger.

A cascading waterfall is beautiful, but also dangerous. So many colors, but also so many unknowns. It is it’s own beautiful chaos.

Just my thoughts after writing this poem.

Have a great Sunday. 💙

Digital Art
by emoly2jane

Journey With Cookbooks #19

So I volunteered to help decorate and set up our VBS at our church. I left at 3:30pm, and didn’t get home until 7:00pm. I had thought I would either come home to an already fed baby and hubby, with a slim chance there would be food for me too…!

Nope. Neither. The hubby didn’t feed the baby until I got home. And on top of that he was going to go to McDonald’s, but because of the fluke storm he didn’t. Which I am happy about. Watching calories and eating at McDonald’s do not go hand in hand.

Get my tunes going for this long night!

So I scoured the web looking for an easy recipe that would go well with baked fries. The hubby insisted on fries. Can’t blame him. They are delicious.

Only 2 reviews and 2 ratings…let’s try it.

I decided on chicken, because when it is frozen it defrosts faster than beef. Also since I chose chicken I needed a recipe with a cast iron skillet. So naturally I typed into google, “BBQ Chicken recipe in cast iron.” This one is what I chose.

Looks yummy!

I selected it mostly for the cook time. But did you see the time it was… 8:20pm. That’s when we were eating dinner. It took me about 1 hr to have dinner done. Not something you want to do after a long afternoon.

So the chicken.

The recipe called for 4 chicken breast, but I only ever use 2. I decided to cut them in half and half again. It gave me about 8 pieces. This way they would cook faster.

You rub garlic and salt all over the chicken. I must have looked like a strange person massaging the garlic and salt into the chicken. Haha 😂

I only cooked half at a time.

I didn’t want it to be too difficult to cook them evenly. Just took a couple more minutes than planned.

Fries in the oven.

There were a few waffle fries leftover and some other kind of fry that looked more generic.

The good stuff!

The recipe called for BBQ sauce…so I used our favorite. This BBQ sauce is Eli’s meaning of life. Haha 😂


Yum, yum, yum! 🤤


It seems like some of the fries are gone… the hubby decided to test and make sure they were not poisonous. He gave the all clear.


I added a salad for a healthier look. But it is lettuce I grew from my garden! 😎

Look Like Photo: 9. I give it a nine because I didn’t have the chipotle seasoning which would turn the chicken the reddish hue. So other than the red it is similar.

Taste: The fries as always were delicious. 10 for the fries. The chicken was good, but it didn’t wow me. Maybe a 7 for the chicken. The chipotle seasoning probably would have helped. But it was healthier than McDonald’s.

Easiness: 10. The longest part was defrosting the chicken. It truly was a simplistic recipe. I know I said it took me an hour to finish dinner, but 30min of that was the defrosting part.

Overall a simple easy dinner. Which after the four hours of volunteering, that is what I needed.

Word Of The Day: Mulct 07-08-21

Synonyms: forfeit, defraud, trick, swindle, penalize, fine, deceive, punish, etc

Is this true?

How can it be?

Was I not the only one?

No; way more than two.

I was never set free,

Our life had just begun.

Did he ever try?

While I was flying high…

My love was deceived;

It was tricked, twisted,

Even swindled from my heart.

All was accepted and believed;

And yet,

It probably never existed.

I thought I was clever;

I thought I was smart.

Instead I’m left upset.

Was it not for forever?

I sit here,

My love slipping through my fingers,

The uncertainty fear,

Just lingers.

Everyone has experienced that relationship that you had full trust in and ended up being all a lie. I did.

My mom saw red flags, but I chose to believe it was right. Instead in the end, I was left questioning myself. At the time it hurt but looking back now, it was a great life lesson. Which for me, made me more picky and less gullible. Then I met the hubby! God made the hubby be the last one; so, that I knew he was perfectly made for me.

Those in the world who has experienced this. It is not the end. Everyone has that person. It will just take some time. I went through almost thirty, first dates…😳

Don’t give up. Just take it as a life lesson. Watch for the red flags. Also at least acknowledge, when you parent or friends around you makes a comment. 💙

Digital Art
by emily2jane

Journey With Cookbooks #18

I tried a new recipe. I asked the hubby…

“Any preference for dinner?”

“I really want some spicy fried chicken!! But I’ll wait for when we go pick up my parents.

“So any idea?”

Something spicy!”

So if you can tell by that statement…I choose a spicy recipe!

Spicy Mongolian Beef

The picture looks delicious! But I wonder how spicy is spicy….


I didn’t realize I was “doing a new recipe” until I was beginning the frying of the beef…so I have no photos of the process beforehand.

To sum it up: I used round steak; because that’s what I had. I thawed and sliced it in strips along the grain. I marinated it in 1 TBsp of soy sauce for 10-ish min. I then added and coated the meat with 6 TBsp of flour. It called for cornstarch, but I never have cornstarch. Then I prepared the pan for frying.

I already did the first round of meat!

I will say. I know understand why you use a wok. It’s tall, deep, and the oil that explodes won’t burn you. I got burned. Not bad, but wow did it make a mess. This was my solution…

It worked. But man did it hurt when the oil got me…!

I was pretty proud of myself coming up with this idea on the spot. I only had about 30sec to think of something. Since the meat was already cooking.

I stopped mid way to take a picture. This round I cooked less time.

With the guard, mitt, and tongs, I probably looked like I was battling the stove.

But I won in the end! 😎 Yum!

Round steak is quite tough but it looks like it cooked correctly. We will have to see when we eat it. Soy sauce and flour made a thick goop that covered the meat before I cooked it. It really does look like I fried it. It has some crunchy spots!

The sauce. And the additional spices…for the SPICY!!

The recipe called for red peppers. Which of course we don’t have and I don’t want to go to the store. Mostly because I am in my pjs already. So instead I used cayenne pepper. I only put 1/2-3/4 tsp. I didn’t really measure. I just sprinkled it; we will see how spicy I made it!

Our trusty rice cooker.

I started the rice when I was defrosting the meat. So it should be done here soon. Right around the perfect time, I might add. 😎

I added the sauce.

The sauce consisted of soy sauce, brown sugar, and oil. I believe since the spicy part needed to sauté, the sauce will just take on the flavors.

I will explain this picture.

I realize this picture looks the same as the one above but I added the watered flour mixture. (Most people use cornstarch) but if you can see those small clumps in the top center…that is flour that cooked and formed a lump. I tried to whisk it in…it wouldn’t so I… just scooped them out and then…

Look! No more white clumps and thickening up nicely.

Yep. I cheated! I decided to take out the imperfections instead of trying to make it work. Mwahahahaha!

Add the steak!

Looks really yummy. I think I should have cut the meat up thinner, but since it is not the steak it really called for I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a texture similar to shoe.

Looks yummy!

I still don’t know if it’s too spicy. I didn’t taste it.

Well I finished the food, and I will say… WOW! That was a bit spicy. Good! Definitely still delicious, but spicy. So two and half glasses of milk later…

Taste: 8.5! I think I will measure out the cayenne pepper next time. And maybe stay between 1/4-1/2tsp. Just to be on the safe side. I give it an 8.5 because it was almost too spicy. I prefer spicy to be enough where I can still enjoy it.

Look like photo: 9.5! Just because their steak looks thinner.

Easiness: 8. It wasn’t the simplest recipe to follow. Since some steps were left out and I had to improvise. Also the exploding oil; which is considered my fault because I did not have the correct pot. To understand look at the next photo…


I don’t know if you can see all the oil splatters…but I will be cleaning this stove constantly these next few days. Because the burners are probably covered in oil splatter as well. 😑


It made a decent amount of leftovers. Two servings like this.

Leftover sauce

I might use this on some chicken. I think the flavor of the sauce will taste just as good on chicken.

This watermelon is from the 4th. I feel like I’ve been eating it everyday and it never seems to be making a dent…when will it be gone?

Enjoy your Thursday!! The week is more than halfway done. 😎