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Life As A Mama #30

A typical day at church…

She has become the new unofficial greeter. She says hello to everyone, and some lucky people get hugs.
Elizabeth dashes quickly through the rows of chairs saying her hellos.
In the indoor gym area she attempts to play with the older kids. She does not care if they are playing rough; she just laughs and runs with them. 😜 The only way she can play basket ball is if the hoop is all the way down and someone lifts her up.
As worship begins…the running around giggling does too…😓😂 I find it so embarrassing to have to chase her up front. But the congregation thinks is cute and funny so they laugh; so she laughs and thinks she is acting perfectly fine.
After she runs away once, she must be held; which starts the, “Noooooos!!!” She does not like being in mama’s arms. She wants to be free…😓
So while worship is continuing, I am singing and humming along while I keep Elizabeth happy with doodling with crayons.
Then she notices her favorite buddy is sitting behind us. So she takes her crayons and shares with him by his family. I feel so bad for letting my naughty child influence the boy…😖😑
Calm down mama…what?….really!?!
Sunday school begins…
And mama’s time to relax starts…enjoy the small amount of worship left, listen intently to the sermon. Mama’s alone time in God’s house…❤️

Every Sunday is not like this…occasionally I get a well behaved baby… which scares me. Because I know that means once we get home all craziness will be unleashed.

But I can’t complain. It makes me so happy that church is her favorite place to be. She never wants to go home. The “Nooooooos!!!” happen again once I say we have to go bye bye.

Also since Elizabeth is such a social person, church is her once a week day to interact with everyone. Even people who want alone time will get a smile or a sweet, “Hello.” They have no choice.

It is Tuesday, which means Mom’s group…at the church. Elizabeth loves Mom’s group as well, she had oodles of space to be a crazy little ball of energy. Enjoy your Tuesday!! 🥰

Is it truly Complicated?

“Love is a complicated thing”…that’s what most people say.

I don’t; fake love, forced love, or even a wanted love that God indicates it’s not the right time, of course, are complicated. Believing that love is there when it’s blatantly not, is always complicated. Or forced love…forced love is almost exactly like fake love but it feels worse. Because if it has to be forced, then occasionally the other person is not faithful, or they are manipulating you for their own gain. But the one that got me countless times was the wanted love…wanting, but God implying it was not the one for you or that it is not the time. Wanting something so badly and constantly being shut down or cut off, also, if you ignore the signs given to you, you result to either fake or forced.

But don’t fret; there are many roosters in the world, but to find one that is loyal you must have outside help. For me when the right rooster came along it was easy; we were perfect. It had its ups and downs but my rooster stayed with me through the toughest of times. God helped me find my rooster and without His help, I was only finding fake or manipulating ones.

Now my rooster and I have been married almost 6 months, and we are thinking about having some miniature ones. It won’t be until we are a little more settled, but soon, we will have baby chickens or roosters running around.❤️

I know this post is a little odd, but I wanted to tie in the daily prompt to my daily drawings…I won’t do this every day, but I thought it would be fun for a while.